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Author:   titus1104
Date:   Apr 26, 12 at 2:59am (PST)
Subject:   What's the best CFW for MHP3rd??
hi peeps, not sure if this part of the forum is still kicking coz the last touched thread was still in april but anyways...

i have a psp 2000 with cfw of 5.00 m33 i want to play mhp3rd but it wont run, and connot start the game, i have tried to download new files from different links and compressed the file just to test if it work. so.. the last resort would be to upgrade my firmware, is 5.50 enough? or i would need others? if so can you post me the link where i can get the firmware? imma really itching to kill some of them monsters again! hehe thanks much!

Author:   Warzone900
Date:   Apr 26, 12 at 9:33am (PST)
Subject:   re: What's the best CFW for MHP3rd??
I'm running PRO-B10 with MPH3rd English patched ISO.

Probably shouldn't be talking about it in a public forum, but it works for me.

All links are in the description, the tutorial is actually for PRO-B9, but its the same process and the link in the description has been updated to PRO-B10.

For the ISO just search it on the PSP ISO website.

^ How to play ISO and CSO files.

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