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Author:   Ech0ez
Date:   Aug 29, 09 at 2:30pm (PST)
Subject:   [RMT] I haz a Penguin

Well after a several month long break, I'm back into competetive Pokemon, and wielding a new team. The record has been positive, but it's far from perfect. Needless to say aside from brushing up on battling skill my team building needs touching up as well, which is where you lot come in =P

The Team at a Glance

Pokemon Set-Up and Purpose

Gallade @Focus Sash
Trait: Steadfast
Adamant Nature
EVs: 6 Hp, 252 Atk, 252 Speed
~Close Combat
~Shadow Sneak
~Thunder Wave

Gallade is a great anti-lead, capable of killing a great deal of leads I'm going to run into, and with clever prediction it can cause my opponent a great deal of difficulty. Close Combat serves as his primary means offense, doing plenty of damage to most leads and been a great offensive move all-around. Shadow Sneak can follow up CC, finishing off Focus Sash leads and Azelf, as well hitting Ghosts and Latias. Taunt prevents slower Pokemon from attempting to set up, and T-wave serves as a crippling status move that ruins sweepers that attempt to come in and set-up (DDmence and DDos in particular) and it's just all around annoying. If played right, Gallade can force my opponent into revealing a great of their team, and can further more cause a great deal of damage to their team as a whole. Furthermore if I can keep entry-hazards away, it can later be used to deal with things such as Blissey or Heatran (If it still has Sash).

I'm an Egg
Blissey @Leftovers
Trait: Natural Cure
Calm Nature
EVs: 6 Hp, 252 Def, 252 Sp.Def
~Seismic Toss
~Thunder Wave

There's a reason everyone and there mother hates this thing. Blissey is one of those things that comes into the match and makes you scream and violently bang onto your keyboard, before realising you can just switch in Scizor/Lucario/Tyrannitar, only to then watch them get Paralyzed and make you repeat step one. The EV spread here lets you all of Special attacks like there's no tommorow, and it enables you to withstand some Physical damage, namely from Pursuit. The EV spread can be adjusted if need be, but at the moment this is working quite nicely. Anyway, Blissey serves as the Special Wall and Cleric of the team, it makes Latias cry and then it proceeds to annoy people. Aromatherapy obviously enables me to cure of the status issues of my entire team, which prevents my opponent crippling my team. Softboiled is obviously my healing move, I initially used Wish but that didn't work out. Thunder Wave enables me to cripple sweeper who think they'll come in on Blissey and set-up or kill it, and it's just fun to throw about in general. The final move is offensive, I originalyl use Ice Beam from Ground types attempting to take T-Wave and Dragons, but after testing found it pretty ineffective. At aboslutely best you're hitting a Salamence or Gliscor, the former hates T-Wave and the latter can be dealt with by most other things, and at worst it's a BPer, which can be handled. As such I went with Seismic Toss, it lets me take a chunk out of a variety of things, and it also lets me fend off Subtran, which have been causing me a great deal of trouble.

The Little Toaster
Rotom-h @Leftovers
Trait: Levitate
Bold Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 168 Def, 88 Speed
~Shadow Ball

Named after one of the greatest films ever, and for good reason. Rotom-h is capable of handling several Physical threats in ways few other Pokemom can quite as well, namely in it's amazing use as a Scizor counter. Aside from dealing with Scizor, it screws over plenty of other Physical Pokemon, and it can bait CBand Ttar into coming into a WoW. Overheat is my method of killing Scizor and pretty much any Steel type supid enough to come into Rotom. Shadow Ball lets me hit other Ghosts (Namely fellow Rotom) and serves as a decent offensive move. Thunderbolt makes Gyarados cry rivers and it's always amusing to hit a Heatran switching in for a chunk and then swapping to Blissey. Finally Will-O-Wisp effectively screws over every non Guts/Fire type sweeper in the game, damages opposing walls and is just all around cool.

Jirachi @Choice Scarf
Trait: Serene Grace
Jolly Nature
EVs: 76 Hp, 252 Atk, 180 Speed
~Fire Punch
~Ice Punch
~Iron Head

Twinkle twinkle little star, killing Pokes near and far.
With your Choice Scarf you have loads of speed, and with your Hax you make things bleed.
Twinkle twinkle littler star, killing Pokes near and far.
Jirachi is the Revenge Killer of this team, smacking all sorts in the face like the little sod that it is, and then switching into something that can laugh at the poor fools. Choice Scarf lets it outrun a lot of things, and it can generally kill most of things that threaten my team. Iron Head coupled with Serene Grace is a move from the gods of hax, slapping Tyrannitar in the face and making walls everywhere cry. Fire Punch lets me hit Scizor and Lucario, whom can potentially overcome Rotom if they're of the SD variety, and it lets me hit other Jirachi. Ice Punch obviously hits Dragons, namely Salamence and Flygon, and Trick is just a massive *bleep* you to nearly every wall in the game, and it hurts certain sweepers as well.
I have been considering going with max speed on Jirachi, so I can tie with Naive DDmence and JollyScarfgon and hit them with Ice Punch, but atm I'm unsure.

Watch Out it's a Dragon!
Salamence @Life Orb
Trait: Intimidate
Naive Nature
EVs: 232 Atk, 26 Sp.Atk, 252 Speed
~Dragon Dance
~Fire Blast

Salamence always has been one of the most feared Pokemon in all the Metagame's it has been in, even with the dawn of Stealth Rock, Ice Shard and Garchomp it remained deadly, and it still is today. Max speed along with DDance enables it outrun most things that usually try to revenge kill, as well as giving it an edge against slower Salamence and Flygon. Unofrtunately it still won't outpace a Scarfed Latias, but that's why Blissey is here. As long as Stealth Rock isn't up, this thing is always a threat. DDance obviously serves as Mence's method of gaining speed and attack, after just one it can outpace pretty much everything I'm too worried about, with the exception of Latias and Jolly Scarfgon, but I can switchout against them, or predict the switch in. Earthquake lets me hit Steels, particuarly ones attempt to predict Outrage. Fire Blast is there to handle Skarmory, Bronzong and Scizor. Outrage kills things, lots of things. I have considered swapping Outrage for Dragon Claw, to prevent getting locked in but I'm not all too happy about the loss of sheer offensive power that's result in. I've also considered using different Mence sets, but at present I'm undecided. As it stands though, this thing is a force to be reckoned with when played right, especially once counters have been dealt with.

Captain Pingu
Empoleon @Petaya Berry
Trait: Torrent
Modest Nature
EVs: 12 Hp, 12 Def, 252 Sp.Atk, 232 Speed
~Ice Beam

Empoleon is like the quiet guy in a competition. He's always the guy who sits back unnoticed, until he comes out of nowhere and wins, and you're never quite sure how it happened. Pingu here serves as the team's Special Sweeper, and he generally ends games. Coming out mid-late game after Blissey and Suicune have been brutally maimed by another member of my team, Empoleon proceeds to set-up and cackle like a stereotypical villain as he murders everything that opposes him. Agility doubles his speed and serves the key to outrunning any opposition. Substitute laughs at status while absorbing an attack, and furthermore allows Empoleon to lower his health to the 25% range, which is where the Salac Berry kicks in and carnage is unleashed. My offensive moves of choice are Surf and Ice Beam, the former has STAB and kills loads of things after the Petaya boost (It kills things before as well on occasion) and Ice Beam kills Dragons and Grass types. Unofrtunately Empoleon is walled by his fellow Water types, which are hopefully dead by the team he goes on a rampage.

Final Thoughts

The team was inspired by a team a friend of mine made, although his was centered entirely around Empoleon, where as mine has less of a focus on anyone Pokemon, as opposed ot how the whole team itself meshed together. It's been positive in regards to the Win:Loss, but overall it could be improved. Although that may be more down to me been rusty than anything else. Anyway, play nice, contrusctive criticism is appreciated but soul crushing pummeling into the earth isn't


Arkeis - Pokemon Artwork
Bulbapedia - Pokemon Sprites

Aquarys - Blissey
The_Chaser - Jirachi

Author:   Aquarys
Date:   Aug 29, 09 at 5:14pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
It's a nicely balanced team. You should run Adaptability instead of Download on Porygon-Z, though. Download is way too unpredictable.

I have run Porygon 2 many times and while it is pretty bulky it may not be able to survive continuous special attacks. Empoleon covers many of your team's special weaknesses so I'm not so sure how concerned you are about those.

I don't know. You should really get a cleric for your team just in case something goes wrong. Rotom-h doesn't have any way to heal itself besides Leftovers so you should really get a Wish passer instead of Porygon 2, who can be replaced pretty easily since it just looks like it's there to fill up space. I hate to say this but Blissey looks like it could fit well on your team, as long as you keep Rotom-h alive.

~ Aromatherapy
~ Ice Beam
~ Thunder Wave / Toxic
~ Wish

You should also know that Aerodactyl is very popular as a lead. You won't be able to do anything about it setting up Stealth Rock with Gallade.

Author:   Ech0ez
Date:   Aug 29, 09 at 5:51pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
Aero may prove somewhat annoying, although SR doesn't seem to have too big of an impact on the team, Salamence aside. The way the team forces people into showing things early means, provided my prediction skills don't falter, I can make use of resistances to get in without SR ever adding up significantly. Although that may change as testing goes on, perhaps I've just had a lucky streak.

As for Adaptability vs Download, I find most of the things I'm usng PZ against tend to give me the Sp.Atk boost, which generally winds up been more useful. It's more luck-based granted, but the pay-off is generally better in the long from my experience. This may change overtime but at present I'm find DL useful, but I'll definately test Adapt.

I'll test Blissey over P2, the lack of Special Defence has been somewhat of an issue, especially against MixMence and Latias.

Thanks for the help

Author:   Aquarys
Date:   Aug 29, 09 at 5:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
No problem. If you need anymore help just ask.

Author:   Ech0ez
Date:   Aug 29, 09 at 9:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
Well after testing Latias no longer presents a serious threat, but Salamence is proving surprisingly difficult to deal with without P2. Rotom can't handle mix versions, and doesn't like boosted ones, Blissey can only deal with the Special attacks. And repeated switching wears the walls down too much.

Tyrannitar has also proven ridiculously annoying, Rotom can't handle it unless it comes into WoW, Blissey obviously can't, PZ can't switch into it, Gallade is generally gone by said point, Empoleon still takes a pretty nasty hit from it, and Salamence can only switch into certain attacks, and generally gets dealt with shortly after.

Granted, I still need to touch up on my play skill after my break, but getting around these problems would be beneficial. The lack of a SR also seems to be somewhat of an issue, could help the team a fair bit.

Author:   The_Chaser
Date:   Aug 29, 09 at 11:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
To deal with those threats I'd suggest replacing Porygonz with a jolly choice scarf Serene Grace Jirachi:

76 HP/ 252 Attack/ 180 Speed

-Iron Head (60% Flinch Rate and hits Tyranitar)
-Thunder Punch (DD Gyarados counter/ Opposing Sub Petaya Empoleon Counter)
-Fire Punch (Scizor/ Lucario)/ Ice Punch (Salamence/Gliscor)
-Trick (Shutting down walls)/ Ice Punch/ U-turn (if you like scouting)

This set is an excellant counter to many top threats and the 60% flinch rate can save you from tight places. I usually take my luck and not use Ice Punch and hope for a flinch chain against Salamence.

Author:   Aquarys
Date:   Aug 30, 09 at 12:43am (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
I figured Porygon Z would be able to revenge kill most of those threats.

Author:   The_Chaser
Date:   Aug 30, 09 at 12:51am (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
He can, I just prefer Jirachi because he's mor bulky. If he wants to keep Porygonz he has to change it to timid to beat DD Salamence. He also only has 2 Physical Attackers and one of which is a suicide lead. Jirachi would give another Physical Attacker for his team.

Author:   Aquarys
Date:   Aug 30, 09 at 12:53am (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
Flinch Jirachi makes God hang kittens, though.

Author:   The_Chaser
Date:   Aug 30, 09 at 1:19am (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
I prefer dogs, so meh.

Author:   Ech0ez
Date:   Aug 30, 09 at 4:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin

Anyway, after testing, both Blissey and Jirachi have been working great so thanks guys, although Blissey wound up not using Wish but nonetheless.
Made some other edits to the team, namely giving Gallade T-Wave over D-Bond and making Salamence faster.

Author:   pokeman118
Date:   Aug 30, 09 at 10:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [RMT] I haz a Penguin
hmm not a bad team in my opinion
enemy rotoms might be a problem later on in the game
if its running charge beam boost set even blissey cant stop it
and tyranitar does kinda beat you up
althogh it aint perfect its a good team

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