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Author:   razurkiel
Date:   Jun 19, 02 at 12:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Sounds awesome felix, looks like your fortunate enough to spend time on the game. I got a walkthrough/FAQ from chibon, and I can't wait to get back to the game. It's really neat to see how others act in similar situations.

Author:   chibon
Date:   Jun 19, 02 at 1:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Freindly mod reminder
This is the intro duction thread please use the general discussions thread for further converstation.

Author:   The Phenom
Date:   Jun 19, 02 at 5:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hello, my name is The Phenom and I'm a Morrowcrack addict. The X-Box version.

My character is a nord at level 3. i mainly work for hiaallu but i also kill shopowners and steal their stuff and go sell it. thats about it.

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Author:   Skooma
Date:   Jun 20, 02 at 4:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hello all!

I've been playing Morrowind since the day it came out on X-Box and needless to say I am way addicted. I used to play Everquest for like 3 years with ubah character in da ubah guild .. etc etc... But after Luclin came out for EQ, my computer couldnt handle the game and I lost my DSL (Moved) and so I kinda involuntarily quit playing.

Anyways, so now my latest vice is Morrowind and play whenever I can.

At the moment I'm playing an Argonian caster/thief. I'm down with the mage, fighters, Blade, and thief guilds. (Mage guild mainly) I pretty much do the same thing you guys are doing, killing innocent shopkeepers, running some quests, exploring. I've gotten more partial to the mage guild cause the quests are a little easier and I like having good faction with the guys that teleport you around.

I recently made an seriously powerful spell. Does 60-100 Fire damage, 60-100 Frost Damage, and 60-100 Shock damage. Only problems with it, is that it uses ALL my magika and is touch. Touch is workable cause I have sneak in the 60's and I sneak up and get close enough and toast them with it. If at that point they are still alive I bust out the Skeleton Summoning Belt, get a skeleton agroed on them long enough to distract them to use my Demon Spear and summon and Bound Spear, Sneak up behind him whilst he's busy with skele and backstab them for critical damage. Usually by then they die!

Anyways, that's a bit about myself and my character I'm playing at the moment.


Author:   dsptool
Date:   Jun 20, 02 at 5:48pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hi all. I'm new to elder scrolls at it think it kicks. I'm getting annoyed at the people that rip it apart because it is too big, just doesn't make sense to me. Anywho, My dude is a lvl 11 Assasin named Stickyfingers. It's not what you think...It's the name of the bar down the street-they make great buff. wings. Anyway, I think sneaking around is more interesting than bashing the heck out of stuff. I'm a meany and sneak up and do my deed...hehehe. Only if warranted though. I take what I need and leave the rest for others. Right now i just walk around and explore. Ive' done several thief jobs and blades also. Looking for the assasins guild but have yet to find it. I know the area, but i'll find it. Well, nice to meet you all!

Author:   Tatania
Date:   Jun 21, 02 at 6:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
**Peeks her head in the door and slowly walks in. Finds an empty chair and sits down**

Hello.. I'm Tatania and I'm a Morrowind addict.

**group responds "Hello Tatania!"**

I started playing Morrowind about a week ago and I can't stop.

**group nods knowingly**

Anyway I'm a level 7 assassin (Wood Elf) now. I'm glad to see there's a support group here for me

Author:   virtigo85
Date:   Jun 23, 02 at 1:44am (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hi all,
I am virtigo, and I am also a M.A.A. (Morrowind Addicts Annonymous). I have been playing since a week after it came out for the PC. I have used this discussion board for a lot of help so, thanks every one who put forth the effort and time to do so.
My character is a Bosmer 28th level "Ranger". (Sneak, marksman, long blade, conjuration, athletics, acrobatics, alchemy) His name is Erryn Guldar. He is currently in the Fighters Guild as,...oh, two ranks higher than a defender, and House Hlaalu as a House Brother. All I need for the House Father is to build a strong hold. And he currently resides in the Council Club. Once again, thanks for the help all!

Author:   Stubag
Date:   Jun 26, 02 at 5:43am (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Yo, Im Stubag! I have just joined and I love the Game. It is so fun. Just checkin' in. Anywhoo please respond to my post because I love all the cool-lookin' and valuable stuff (and the good stuff) Well peace out.

Author:   verathis
Date:   Jun 26, 02 at 6:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hey everyone. Just got the game a week ago and havent much time to play but I got a paid vacation coming up (hehe I love sony) so anyways Ill be playing alot more. Im verathis here and Dragoon in the game. Right now I am a lvl 3 sorcerer. I must also admit, at first I was very overwhelmed but thanks to help from you fine folk Ive learned my way fairly easily.

Author:   Muhammed Hamed Abdul
Date:   Jun 28, 02 at 2:20pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hey Guys, just got Morrowind here in Saudi Arabia and it amazing. I really like fact that one can do whatever one wants. I am a fihgter with limited thief. Sorry if my English isn't great. Speak to you whonce I completed next fighter guild quest. Bye!!

Author:   razurkiel
Date:   Jun 28, 02 at 2:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Welcome!!!Hey Muhammed, wait untill your "can do what ever you want" gets you into trouble and someone puts a price on your head, then the game gets really fun. Nice to meet people from all over the world, I am from Canada

Author:   Jellyhead
Date:   Jul 1, 02 at 2:09pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
* Stands up, shuffles feet *
I'm Jellyhead. I'm a Limey.
I've been wandering around neoseeker for about a year now and decided to register.
I'm playing Morrowind on PC and I don't want to be here, don't see the need.
I want to be wandering around looking for the SWINE WHO DIDN'T PAY THEIR GUILD FEE'S!
*Sorry * *Sorry *
Anyway, I'm a low level Dark Elf Spellsword, member of the Blades and the Balmora Mages Guild, looking to level up soon.
I'm not an addict though, honest. <ahem>
* Sits back down again *

Author:   darkfuturegod
Date:   Jul 1, 02 at 5:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Hey. I am darkfuturegod and I don't have this game yet, but I am planning to get it soon. I have my reasons. Just wanted to say hello!

Author:   Aalias
Date:   Jul 5, 02 at 5:24am (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
Howdy howdy....uhhh you can call me Aalias after my EQ character. Long time RPG fan, particularly MMORPGs...played ultima for a bit...lame....played everquest from the time it came out until 2 1/2 years later. Played a little Asheron's Call...not for me. Morrowind is awesome. If it was an MMORPG it'd be the ultimate MMORPG in the world.

Uhh anyway yea I'm currently playing an Imperial custom classed character (named the class Shadow Stalker). Combat specialized, uses illusion and destruction magic to sneak around and wipe people out. I'm working the Thieve's Guild and Mage's Guild for now. Eventually will join the Assassin's guild. Putting off joining the Blades and following that main quest line until I hit level 8 (arbitrarily picked). Right now I'm 5 and will be 6 with 1 more skill point increase.

Author:   Neras
Date:   Jul 8, 02 at 10:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Morrowind Board :: Introduce Yourselves
I've got the game! I've got the game! I've got the game!
I er... I just got the game... I've got a level 2 Dark Elf Assassin. Member of the Blades and the Fighters Guild.
See you around!

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