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Author:   NeoSeeker91
Date:   Apr 7, 12 at 2:04pm (PST)
Subject:   Bug with the Morag Tong quest "GrandMaster"
Hi everyone!I'm new here,and I need help with this quest.I've finished all the previous quests of Eno Hlaalu,even the "Thread of the Webspinner",and I'm going to become the GrandMaster of the Morag Tong,but there's a problem.If I decide to spare Eno's life,I receive the journal entry that says I become the GM of the Morag,but if I decide to kill him,I become the GM but I do not receive any journal entry;so the quest cannot finish.How can I fix this bug?I've already installed the unofficial patch,but seems that nothing changed.

PS:sorry for my grammatical errors..I'm italian

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