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Author:   Xeros the Slayer
Date:   Sep 1, 12 at 8:46pm (PST)
Subject:   Some little problems in The Last Story
Let me start off by saying that this game has done a lot right and I'd love to see Mistwalker continue their work, I've bought every game they've made that released out here and would love to see more. Anyway, I just wanted to post my little nit-pickings about the game.

First is the voice work, not that it's particularly bad or anything there's just a few things that struck me as a bit off. The mercs are from all across the empire and Calista and everyone else of Lazulis are from a different region altogether, why do they all have the same dialect excluding maybe Syrenne? It just kinda pulls me out whenever Calista talks, don't know if anyone else got this but I just felt they could do with a bit of vocal diversity.

Second is some minor aesthetics, largely with the general and Zael, they look like they want to not follow the anime stylings of other games but then tossed in the feathered hair from it just because. Hell, half the mercs literally do have feathers in their hair for no particular purpose and Calista looks like she'd be more at home in the world of FF9.

Lastly comes the story and I guess character dynamic. The more I play The Last Story, the more I wish it took off with the soldiers for hire direction, they talk a lot about having to claw their way up to fulfill their wish of becoming knights but it's not too long into the game when you get the "you're the chosen one" power that drives the plot.
I think its because of Black Company and WotS that I'm thinking this, but I wish that the obvious romance subplot was less Zidane and Garnet and more Croaker and the Lady, that the company does more than one monster cleaning duty before being promoted to backups for the royal guard. I also wish there were more minor people in the merc group, people who die off on a regular basis to show how tough their work can be, when you infiltrate the Gurak stronghold Calista gets chewed out for needless heroics that got other people killed... and then you proceed with a fairly normal set of battles.

The shining moments of the game for me have been when the mercs are just shootin the shit, just have talks and winding down from a fight at the local bar and I'd just love to see more of that and that mood in general. They mention how bad it is being a mercenary but they don't really drive it in as hard as they could, it just comes across as an excuse to have an otherwise fairly standard jrpg team that knows how to use their weapons from the start. It's hard to put a lot of stock into "most of us lost our parents because war" when that's a pretty common jrpg hero background, and I think it could have been handled better.

Anyone else have thoughts they'd like to share?

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