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Author:   Sakura
Date:   Sep 16, 09 at 1:32am (PST)
Subject:   Forum Rules and Thread Index

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No Spamming
Spamming consists of a lot of things, but it is basically a post that doesn't add to the discussion value of the thread. I am going to break up Spamming into different categories, so you can have a better understanding of what it is.

No Flaming
Flaming is basically yelling at someone or saying something to make them mad or hurt their feelings. Yelling can be considered typing in all caps, so please try not to do so. Cussing at someone also falls under this category. If you are mad or don't agree with someone then PM them.

No Memberating
Memberating is acting like a moderator when you are not one. Instead of telling someone that they are doing something wrong, just report them.

No Advertising
Advertising is posting a website and telling people to go to it. It is not allowed on Neoseeker, so if you want people to go to a website put it in your signature or profile. If you see someone advertising then please report it and take the message out of view.

Don't Bypass Bans
Do not create another User Account to get out of a ban. You will definitely be caught and it will only result in a longer ban.

Don't Discuss Illegal Material
Discussion about ROMs, Emulators, and other illegal material is not allowed on Neoseeker. This is because it is illegal. If you see anyone post a link to a ROM or emulator, then please report them and take their message out of view.

Don't Put the Moderator on Your Ignore List
If for some reason the moderator of this forum, the section moderator, or a super moderator needs to contact you then you need to make sure they can. Not following this rule will result in an automatic ban.

No Adult Content
There are a lot of younger members that frequent this site, since it has to do with the Gaming Industry, and they should not be exposed to adult material. This includes linking to the pornographic material, or the posting of pornographic text or imagery.

Forum Moderators

Send A Private Message

Send A Private Message

Sitewide Rules

Author:   Sakura
Date:   Oct 4, 09 at 3:35am (PST)
Subject:   Thread Index
To navigate this thread index you can do one of two things:
  • Go to the category you want and search for a thread you're looking for
  • Use Control(Ctrl) + F to search for key words in the description of each thread

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    Help Threads
    Can you transfer pokemon from Diamond and Pearl? - Yes, you can! Read inside to find out more!
    Dratini - Where can I catch one?
    Kanto - How do I get there?
    Latios and Groudon - How do you get them?
    Lugia - Where's Lugia at?
    Misty - Where is Misty at?
    Pokeflute - How do I get it?
    Poliwag - Where can you catch one?
    Special Event Pokemon - What do they do?
    Team Rocket - How can I get into their base?
    Thunderstone - Where do you get one?

    Post-Release Discussion Threads
    3D Pokemon Game - What could the creators do in a new sort of Pokemon game?
    Battle Frontier - What do you think of it?
    Best Version - Is it Silver, Soul Silver, or something else?
    Celebi and Giovanni - What do you think about this addition to the storyline?
    Commemorative Photos - What do you think about this cute, little feature?
    Events - Which Daily and Weekly events will you participate in?
    Favorite Soul Silver Legendary - Which one is your favorite that you can get in this game?
    Favorite Second Generation Pokemon - Which one do you like the most?
    Fire Types - Which fire type is your favorite?
    Forms - Will you be getting any of the new forms for these pokemon?
    Gift Pokemon - Which ones do you like? Which ones will you get? Which will you use?
    Gold and Silver - Has anyone not played either Gold, Silver, or Crystal before these games?
    Grass Pokemon - Do you use them?
    Gyms - What do you think about the new team sets for the Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and Red? Do you like that you can rebattle them?
    Hardest Legendary to Catch - Which Legendary is the hardest to catch ever?
    Have I been playing for that long? - What's your longest play time on any Pokemon game?
    Headbutting - What Pokemon do you want to get from headbutting?
    High Encounter Rate - How do you feel about the rumors of a higher encounter rate?
    How long? - How long will it take to beat the game?
    "I got the game!" - Share the news with the forum!
    In-Game Trades - Which ones are worth your while?
    Items - A list of all the items in the game! Do you see anything unexpected or interesting?
    Legendary Pokemon - Which ones are you excited about?
    Metagame - What do you think about how strategy will be used in this game?
    Move Tutor - Will you use him? For which moves?
    Movepool Changes - What do you think of the Pokemon that had their Movepools changed?
    Music - What do you think of the new Music?
    National Park - How do you feel about the National Park and Bug Catching contests?
    New Areas - Which one do you like? Which ones are silly?
    New Sprites - What do you think of the new images for this game?
    New Tutor Moves - How can so many pokemon learn Headbutt? And whirlpool?
    Pokethlon - Do you think it will be fun? Perhaps better than contests?
    Pokegear - What do you like about it? How do you feel about the changes?
    Pokewalker - Will you use it? What do you like about it?
    Rocket Admin - Some things were changed this time around, what do you think?
    Rock Smash - You can do all sorts of stuff with it this time around!
    Ruins of Alph - What do you think of the new changes?
    Safari Zone - What do you think of the changes? Will you use it?
    Savings - Will you want your mom to save money for you?
    Stopping Evolutions - Do you ever keep your pokemon from evolving?
    Swarms - Which ones will you go after?
    Team Rocket/Plot - What do you think about Team Rocket and their evil plan?
    TMs and HMs - A list of all the ones you can get in this game! Do you collect all the TMs?
    Unobtainable - A list of the unobtainable Pokemon in Heart Gold and Soul Silver!
    Versions Exclusives - Which game has the best Version exclusives?
    What if you had to start over for each region? - Well, what do you think? Would that be difficult, fun, not so fun?
    What new feature are you most excited about? - Well, which one is it? Pokemon following you perhaps?
    When I get this game... - What are you going to do when you get this game?
    Whiscash - Could whiscash be the next surprise of the metagame?
    Who will you choose? - Which starters will you choose?
    Your First Playthrough - Give us your Pros and Cons list on how it went!

    Pre-Release Discussion Threads
    5th Generation Cameos - Will we start hearing news and seeing new pokemon from the fifth generation?
    Arceus - Which of the three legendary pokemon will you pick if you get Arceus?
    Battle Frontier - Will they put the Battle Frontier into these games? Will it be fun?
    Battle Tower - Do you think they'll keep Crystal's battle tower?
    Best Moves for Johto Starters - What is the best moveset for your starter pokemon?
    Breeding - Will we be able to breed early on? Will we be able to get 4th generation pokemon like Bonsly?
    Celebi - Will Celebi finally be making its United States debut?
    Cinnabar Island and Safari Zone - Not completely in the originals, but will they be in these games in full?
    Competitive - Who plays just to have fun? To catch your favorites and have a good time and not to play competitively?
    CoroCoro May 2009 - What do you expect to see from the news article? Screen shots? Information?
    Crystal - Why don't they remake Yellow and Crystal version?
    Differences - What do you want to see?
    Double Battles - How do you think this feature will work? Where will it occur?
    Dragon's Den - What do you think about the Dragon's Den? Would you like to see it revamped?
    DSi Functions - Will this game make use of the DSi's abilities? Like the camera?
    Events Every Day! - What daily/weekly events do you want to see? Which are your favorites?
    Exclusives - Do you think the exclusives will be the same? Which new pokemon do you want to see?
    Flashbacks - Talk about your memories from the original games!
    Fly to Other Region - Do you hope they let you fly from Johto to Kanto and vice versa?
    Follow You Around - What do you think about this feature? Who do you want to follow you around?
    Fuchsia City Safari Zone - Will it be in this game?
    Glaceon and Leafeon - How will Eevee evolve into them in this game?
    Grass Types - What's a good Grass Pokemon to have on your team?
    Gyarados in Lake of Rage - Do you think they will keep it in the game?
    How Strong? - How tough will the Gym Leaders be this time around?
    Is there the need for it? - What's the point of this remake? Why are you buying it?
    I'm playing Silver! - Are you replaying Silver and Gold before the remakes come out?
    It's about time! - Yay! They finally made the remakes of Gold and Silver!
    Japanese - How many people get this game in Japanese so they don't have to wait?
    Johto League Discussion - What will the gyms and Elite 4 be like?
    Johto Pokedex - What do you think it will be like? Updated? Do you want to see more second generation pokemon?
    Kanto - Do you think Kanto will still be in the game?
    Kanto Simplification - Will parts of Kanto be made revamped to be better?
    Kanto Storyline and Event Ideas - What would make Kanto more interesting?
    Kimono Girls - What role should they play in this game?
    Kris - Could there be a good reason why she's not in the game? Could you maybe fight her?
    Kurt's Balls - Which pokeballs will be available in this game?
    Legendary Dogs - What do you think they'll do with the Legendary Dogs in this game?
    Long Wait Ahead - How will you pass the time until the game is released?
    Lugia - Will you catch Lugia as soon as possible? What technique will you use?
    Map - Which map of Johto do you prefer?
    Menu Moves Down - How do you feel about the touch screen being the new menu?
    Move Tutors Underground - Do you think they will put in move tutors?
    Multiplayer - What kind of Multiplayer possibilities, games, and challenges do you want to see?
    Music - What music did you like? What music should be changed?
    Mystery Gift - Will it still be in the game? How will it work?
    Name - What are you naming your character?
    National Parl - What do you think will change? Do you like the Bug Catching contests?
    New Features - What new features are you looking forward to seeing? WiFi? Graphics? Touch Screen?
    Obtaining Pokemon from Game Corner - Do you want to? Will we be able to?
    Orange Islands - Will they be in this game?
    Physical Traits - Would you like the pokemon to have more individuality?
    Plot - What will be the story to this game? What about Team Rocket?
    Pokegear - What new features/additions do you want to see? What did you like about it?
    Pokemon League - What team will you be using to fight them?
    Pokemon Radio - What do you want to see done with the radio? Did you like it before?
    Pokemon Walker - What do you think of this new piece of hardware?
    Raikou, Suicune, and Entei - Which is your favorite? Which is the strongest?
    Recycling Legendaries - Do you think they've ruined the awe and fun of legendaries by putting them in multiple games?
    Red - Do you want Red to have Level 100 pokemon? Do you want him to be harder to beat?
    Red Gyarados - What are your thoughts on this shiny pokemon?
    References - Do you expect to see references to the other regions in this game?
    Regions - Do you think you'll have access to Sinnoh instead of just Johto and Kanto?
    Rival - What do you want and not want your rival to be like?
    Rival Name - What will you name your Rival?
    Safari Zone - Will you customize it?
    Secret Bases - What should happen with Secret Bases in this game?
    Sending Money to Your Mom - Do you use this feature? Do you like the gifts you get? What do you want to see changed?
    Sevii Islands - Do you think they'll put the Sevii Islands in the game?
    Shaymin Rock - Do you think it will be in this game?
    Shoes - Will the Running Shoes be in this game?
    Soul vs. Kris - Which heroine do you prefer?
    Speculation - What new features and additions do you expect to see?
    Stones - Do you think you will be able to buy stones or have to hunt for them?
    Story - Will this game have a more in-depth story? What do you think?
    Sudowoodu - Do you think we'll still only have one chance to catch him?
    Suicine - Do you think you'll be able to catch Suicine in Tin Tower? Will it follow Crystal's storyline?
    Success - How Successful will these games be? How many copies will be sold?
    This will be the best thing since sliced bread! - What are you looking forward to the most? Why do you want this the most?
    Time Capusule vs. Migration - How do you want trading to be done with older games?
    Trade with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Later - Do you think you'll have to wait to trade with the new games?
    Unown Messages - What do you think this means?
    What do you hope stays? - With all the updates and changes going on, what should remain the same?
    What do you not want to see? - What are some things you don't want to see in Soul Silver?
    What's next? - What Pokemon Project do you think they'll do next? What kind of new games?
    What made generation two so successful? - Well, what do you think?
    What will you do differently? - How will you play the game differently in the remake than in the originals?
    What will your team be? - What will your team look like?
    Which one will you be getting? - Soul Silver or Heart Gold?
    Which Starter? - Who will you choose? Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile?
    Whirpool - Do you think it will be in this game as an HM or a TM?
    Will the remakes be better than the originals? - Or will the originals always be number one?
    Will you import? - Will you get this game early from Japan?
    Your Hardest Catch - What Pokemon have you spent the most time and effort trying to catch?

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