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Author:   Cw2jtr
Date:   May 5, 12 at 7:43pm (PST)
Subject:   Breeding & Power Items
So I've been breeding pokemon since FireRed, now with the introduction of the power items you can pass an IV down to a baby. I thought I had a crystal clear understanding of this until I tried breeding a Gastly to get 31 IV's in Speed and Special Attk. The process goes as follows and tell me where I went wrong here because I somehow DO NOT have 31 Special Attk IV's, however I DO HAVE 31 Speed IV's...

Gastly #1+ Ditto(31 Speed IV) holding Power Anklet= Gastly #2(presumably with 31 Speed IV)

Gastly #2(holding Power anklet)+Ditto(31 Special Attk IV) holding Power Lens= Gastly #3 with perfect Speed IV according to the "IV Rater Guy" at the Battle Frontier, but he doesn't say anything else about Gastly #3's Special Attk after many times of talking to him.

Please explain because I have now done this multiple times and checked the IV Rater multiple times to ensure I didn't mess this one up. Heated because I just assumed that the Gastly I have been training aka Gastly #3 has perfect stats in Special Attk and Speed and I have already spent 40 BP on Toxic and used my SludgeBomb TM on this thing...the kicker? It's Female.

On a side note I have passed 2 different IV's down doing this multiple times, Feraligatr, Eevee, Arcanine, Dragonite (Lucked out and got perfect IV's in Attk, Defense, Speed).

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