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Author:   amuzyka1
Date:   Jun 26, 12 at 1:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym:ultimate gym (kanto)
Name: Kurt

Ace trainer jonny:
lvl 85 steelix
iron tail
iron head
iron defense
giga impact

Ace trainer anakin:
lvl 87 skarmory
hyper beam
iron head
iron defense
iron wing

Gym leader kurt:
lvl 80 tyranitar
lvl 85 onix
lvl 90 magneton
lvl 95 charmander
lvl 1 steelix
badge: epicness
TM:iron head AND giga impact

Author:   FabledKnight
Date:   Jul 12, 12 at 3:36pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
City: Tajimpolis
Region: Hoen
Gym: Tajimpolis Gym
Type: Multi-type
Badge: Element Badge(8th Gym)
Leader : Verguine Beryl

Evee lvl 60
Pikachu lvl 62
Poliwhirl lvl 60
Charizard lvl 60
Venusaur lvl 60
Jigglypuff lvl 60

Author:   spikedking
Date:   Jul 14, 12 at 11:08am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym: Aston Gym
Name: Leo
Type: Random
Region: Kanto


Trainer Red and Leader Blue (Double Battle), Champion Lance and Champion Synthia (Double Battle),
Ace Trainer Megan and Ace Trainer Steve (Double Battle), Rich Girl Stacy and Rich Boy Jake (Double Battle)

TM Upon Victory: Iron Tail
Badge Upon Victory: Destiny Badge

Think you can beat my gym? I'll be waiting.

Author:   piplup17
Date:   Jul 19, 12 at 5:15pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym Traveil Town (Sinnoh)
Name: Mary
Specialty: Electric

Trainers: None, but an enormus puzzle

Gym Leader's Pokemon Team:
Marrep Lv:10

Flaffy Lv. 25:
Thunder bolt

Pikachu Lv.22

Electro Ball

Badge: Zap Badge
TM: Thunder

Author:   Derek Kucharski
Date:   Jul 19, 12 at 10:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym: Ultimate Gym
Leader: Ash
Badge:- Ultra Badge
Speciality: Any Type
Region-it's in the middle of the pokemon world
TM-Volt Tackle

Dragon Tamer Alvin
Garchomp LVL 78
Dragonite LVL 80
Druggion (Unova pokemon) LVL 80

Ace Trainer Timmy
Charizard LVL 67
Venasaur LVL 68
Blastiose LVL 69

Swimmer Ashley

Wailord LVL 86
Starmie LVL 88
Gyrados LVL 89

Leader Ash

Pikachu LVL 99
Volt Tackle
Quick Attack
Steel Tail

Charizard LVL 89
Fire Blast
Flame Charge (Move in Black and White)

Leaf Blade
Poison Powder
Sludge Bomb
Parylz Powder

Snorlax LVL 95
Giga Impact

Blastiose LVL 93
Hydro Pump
Hydro Cannon

Torterra LVL 88
Leaf Storm
Leaf Blade
Poison Powder
Sludge Bomb

Author:   Houndarkrai07!
Date:   Sep 9, 12 at 8:00am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
New bark town
Shock force gym
Electric gym
Thunder badge
Tm thunder
Guitarist jack
Electabuzz lv 38
Thunder punch
Thunder bolt
Light screen

Double battle twins phoebe and Alexandria
Plusle lv 37
Minun lv 37
Thunder bolt
Quick attack
Helping hand
Thunder wave

Magneton lv 39
Tri attack
Thunder bolt
Shock wave
Metal sound

Electabuzz lv 39
Thunder bolt
Thunder punch
Light screen

Luxray lv 40
Volt tackle
Thunder fang
Thunder bolt

Magnezone lv 43
Thunder bolt
Magnet bomb
Gyro ball

Electrivire lv 47 (ace)
Thunder punch
Volt tackle
Thunder bolt
Ice punch

Author:   Tales of Advent Love
Date:   Oct 17, 12 at 2:50pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym: Waterfall Cove Gym
Type: Ice/Water
Gym #6

Trainer 1: Skier Louis:
- Seel: Lv: 35: Ice Beam, Rest, Hail, Sleep Talk
- Snorunt: Lv: 32: Ice Ball, Tackle, Ice Shard, Protect
Reward: $703

Trainer 2: Tuber Miley
- Staryu: Lv: 33: Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover, Bubblebeam
- Sneasel: Lv: 36: Slash, Ice Shard, Faint Attack, Dark Pulse
- Wingull: Lv: 34: Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Stockpile, Roost
Reward: $800

Trainer 3: Fisherman Carl:
- Gyarados: Lv: 37: Ice Fang, Thrash, Water Pulse, Surf
Reward: $1035

Trainer 4: Skier Jill:
- Jynx: Lv: 37: Ice Punch, Calm Mind, Lovely Kiss, Fake Tears
- Dewgong: Lv: 37: Rest, Aurora Beam, Sleep Talk, Hail
Reward: $1200

Trainer 5: Sailor Mark:
- Goldeen: Lv: 34: Horn Attack, Water Pulse, Supersonic, Rain Dance
- Glalie: Lv: 36: Ice Ball, Gyro Sphere, Faint Attack, Hail
- Poliwhirl: Lv: 34: Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Hypnosis, Ice Beam
- Starmie: Lv: 37: Psychic, Water Pulse, Recover, Calm Mind
Reward: $1350

Trainer 6: Skier: Danielle:
- Abomnasnow: Lv: 37: Wood Hammer, Grass Whistle, Ice Beam, Grass Knot
Reward: $1500

Leader: Wendall
- Glaceon: Lv: 36: Pound, Ice Beam, Ice Ball, Last Resort
- Starmie: Lv: 39: Psybeam, Water Pulse, Calm Mind, Whirlpool
- Weavile: Lv: 39: Night Slash, Ice Beam, Shadow Sneak, Roar
- Clampearl: Lv: 37: Toxic, Bubblebeam, Protect, Water Pulse
- Lanturn: Lv: 40: Signal Beam, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
TM: Ice Beam/Water Pulse (YOU Get TWO TM's)
HM: Surf
Reward: $5092
Badge: Condensation Badge

Author:   Munnamaster
Date:   Oct 26, 12 at 2:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Pyro Gym ( Unova )
Leader ???
Quick attack
Solarbeam Ice Fang
CoolTrainer Mike
Confuse Ray
Razor leaf

Author:   sunburn2224
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 7:04pm (PST)
Subject:   Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym: Punchabeg Gym (Johto)
Name: Jack
Speciality: Fighting Types

Gym trainers

Black Belt Shane

Level 30 Toxicroak
Brick Break
Focus Punch
Bulk Up

Level 31 Gallade

Arm Thrust
Brick Break

Ace Trainer Steven

Level 30 Combusken

Fire Punch
Brick Break
Flame Charge
Focus Punch

Gym Leader Jack

Before Battle Quote: " You managed to get here. Hold on... meditation... alright! Let's do this!"

Level 36 Blaziken

Flame Charge
Rock Smash
Close Combat
Fire Punch

Level 31 Machoke

Brick Break
Bulk Up
Arm Thrust
Close Combat

Mid-Battle quote: "You fascinate me. I can't keep myself still."

Level 32 Gallade

Quote: "Last one..."

Brick Break
Rock Smash
Focus Punch

End Battle Quote: "...Alright I lost."

Badge: Belt Badge
TM: Brick Break

Author:   amuzyka1
Date:   Nov 13, 12 at 7:31pm (PST)
Subject:   Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
The Mole master:Anthony

2 trainers:
Ace trainer bob
Mountain climber Timmy

Both have a level 80 dugtrio

Anthony: level 75 dugtrio: earthquake,fissure,slash,cut
Level 80 dugtrio: earthquake,dig,rock slide,stone edge
Level 95 hippowdon earthquake, bulldoze,stone edge hyper beam

Get master badge and TM 26 earthquake plus 75000 pk money
earns right to access breeding in daycare

Author:   Infernape33
Date:   Nov 20, 12 at 10:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Frenzy Plant City
Type: Poison/Ghost
Gym #8

Trainer 1: Ace Trainer George:
- Gloom: Lv: 43: Mega Drain, Moonlight, Toxic, Bullet Seed
- Oddish: Lv: 41: Pound, Absorb, Toxic, Grass Knot
- Zubat: Lv: 41: Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Astonish
Reward: $904

Trainer 2: Biker Rodney:
- Golbat: Lv: 46: Air Cutter, Confuse Ray, Toxic, Bite
Reward: $2835

Trainer 3: Ace Trainer Marcus:
- Gulpin: Lv: 42: Swallow, Stockpile, Spit Up, Shadow Sneak
- Weepinbell: Lv: 44: Mega Drain, Poison Powder, Swallow, Toxic
Reward: $1846

Trainer 4: Lass Emily:
- Nidorina: Lv: 45: Double Kick, Attract, Iron Tail, Toxic
Reward: $1000

Trainer 5: Youngster Bill:
- Nidorino: Lv: 45: Peck, Double Kick, Scary Face, Toxic
Reward: $1000

Trainer 6: Ace Trainer Kerry:
- Tenatcool: Lv: 43: Wrap, Barrier, Sludge Bomb, Water Pulse
- Gastly: Lv: 41: Curse, Lick, Toxic, Shadow Sneak
- Haunter: Lv: 45: Shadow Punch, Curse, Mean Look, Confuse Ray
Reward: $1795

Trainer 7: Jogger Louie:
- Haunter: Lv: 44: Shadow Punch, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Destiny Bond
- Gloom: Lv: 41: Moonlight, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Leaf Storm
- Koffing: Lv: 40: Tackle, Explosion, Sludge, Smokescreen
- Stunky: Lv: 40: Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Sludge, Pursuit
Reward: $1394

Trainer 8: Ace Trainer Freida:
- Ekans: Lv: 40: Bite, Bind, Stockpile, Mud Bomb
- Skorupi: Lv: 40: Bug Bite, Pursuit, Faint Attack, Toxic
- Croagunk: Lv: 40: Faint Attack, Swagger, Mach Punch, Detect
Reward: $938

Trainer 9: Bug Catcher Anthony:
- Venonat: Lv: 44: Confusion, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Bug Buzz
- Beedrill: Lv: 47: Twinneedle, Pursuit, Bug Bite, Toxic
- Butterfree: Lv: 47: Confusion, Gust, Whirlwind, Flash
Reward: $1058

Trainer 10: Biker Dale:
- Bellsprout: Lv: 43: Vine Whip, Growth, Flash, Toxic
- Gastly: Lv: 43: Lick, Hypnosis, Spite, Curse
- Kakuna: Lv: 40: Toxic, Harden, String Shot, Bug Bite
- Koffing: Lv: 42: Tackle, Sludge, Smokescreenm Haze
Reward: $833

Leader Perry:
- Gengar: Lv: 46: Shadow Ball, Toxic, Curse, Destiny Bond
- Tentacruel: Lv: 47: Water Pulse, Poison Jab, Barrier, Rain Dance
- Drapion: Lv: 51: Earthquake, Toxic, Dark Pulse, Crunch
- Crobat: Lv: 49: Air Cutter, Toxic, Poison Fang, Confuse Ray
- Toxicroak: Lv: 46: Poison Jab, Mach Punch, Swagger, Cross Chop
- Venomoth: Lv: 49: Bug Buzz, Poison Fang, Double Team, Psybeam
TM: Gunk Shot/Shadow Ball
HM: Dive
Reward: $7923
Badge: Disease Badge

Author:   Auramaster
Date:   Dec 9, 12 at 10:58am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Name: Everwhite gym
Region: Unova
Gym leader: Carol
Pokemon type: Ice
Pokemon: Glaceon, Abomasnow, Froslass, Waevil

Author:   Auramaster
Date:   Dec 9, 12 at 11:00am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Name: Marsh gym
Region: Hoenn
Gym leader: Owen
Type: Ground type
Pokemon: Marshtomp, Hippowdown, krookodile, Claydoll

Author:   Tao Of The Machine
Date:   Dec 12, 12 at 4:34am (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Gym:Ice Chill Gym(Unova) 8th Gym
Name:Tao Of The Machine
Specialty:Ice with a second type


Karate Kid Mike:
Vanilish 47 lv.

-Ice Beam
-Weather Ball

Ice Surfer Mark:
Cubchoo 40 lv.
-Ice Beam
-Acid Armor

Snover 45 lv.
-Wood Hammer
-Ice Beam
-Giga Drain
-Rock Blast

Leader Tao Of The Machine:

Quote:You've made it that far.Wear warm clothes.This battle is gonna be freezing.

Abomasnow 57 lv. Item Water Stone
-Wood Hammer
-Ice Beam
-Stone Edge

Weavile 56 lv. Item Scope Lens
-Brick Break
-Ice Beam
-Night Slash

Froslass 55 lv. Item Razor Claw
-Shadow Ball
-Ice Beam
-Night Shade
-Water Pulse

Quote:You've been good...

Lapras 58 lv. Item Water Gem
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
Quote:Not yet...

Glaceon 59 lv. Item Ice Gem
-Ice Beam
-Freeze Shock
-Aurora Beam

Quote:The last...

Vanilluxe 60 lv. Item Lucky Egg
-Ice Beam
-Freeze Shock
-Ice Burn

Ice Beam
Allowing Surf and Waterfall
Icicle Badge

Author:   Lucario11
Date:   Jan 3, 13 at 10:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Make Your Own Pokemon Gym!
Mithril City
Gym #5
Type: Steel

Trainer 1: Hiker Mitchell
-Onix: Lv: 27: Slam, Dragon Breath, Rock Throw, Bind
-Sheildon: Lv: 25: Tackle, Metal Sound, Rock Tomb, Skull Bash
Reward: $904

Trainer 2: Black Belt Mack
-Beldum: Lv: 26: Confusion, Gyro Ball, Tackle, Magnet Rise
-Bronzor: Lv: 26: Confusion, Iron Defense, Block, Rock Throw
-Magnemite: Lv: 26: Thundershock, Sonic Boom, Iron Defense, Magnet Rise
Reward: $485

Trainer 3: Youngster Anthony
-Lairon: Lv: 31: Scary Face, Dig, Rock Slide, Iron Defense
Reward: $2846

Trainer 4: Explorer Henry
-Aron: Lv: 23: Tackle, Iron Defense, Fury Attack, Mud Slap
-Geodude: Lv: 23: Tackle, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude
-Cranidos: Lv: 26: Pursuit, Bite, Rock Tomb, Iron Defense
-Mawile: Lv: 29: Screech, Crunch, Iron Defense, Protect
Reward: $2048

Trainer 5: Camper Irvil
-Bronzor: Lv: 27: Psybeam, Imprison, Sunny Day, Block
-Graveler: Lv: 29: Rock Slide, Magnitude, Iron Defense, Rock Polish
Reward: $1563

Leader: Stannley:
-Magneton: Lv: 32: Thunder Wave, Discharge, Magnet Bomb, Lock-On
-Metang: Lv: 32: Psybeam, Rock Throw, Magnet Rise, Metal Sound
-Skarmory: Lv: 33: Air Cutter, Spikes, Steel Wing, Magnet Bomb
-Brongzong: Lv: 36: Psychic, Rock Slide, Gyro Ball, Block
TM: Magnet Bomb
HM: Rock Climb
Reward: $4972
Badge: Iodine Badge

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