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Author:   Avalith
Date:   May 9, 09 at 2:47pm (PST)
Subject:   Forum Rules and Management (Updated 10/6/2009)
With this forum's popularity increasing rapidly, I think it's about time some ground rules were laid out here.

1. No spamming. This is pretty simple. I don't mind going slightly off-topic in a thread, but don't post a bunch of nonsense that nobody can understand or is totally out of place.

2. No flaming. This is another easy one. Don't insult others. I don't care oif everybody thinks one person's theory is stupid; disprove it with discussion and don't resort to name calling.

3. No memberating. Reenee is the moderator here. Not you. Let us do our jobs the way we see fit.

4. No cross-posting. Don't post the same topic you post here in Soul Silver. You're only aggravating those who visit both forums and you're just making yourself look like you're doing it for the extra tally on your post count.

5. No advertising. Simple. Don't just drop a link to Smogon, Serebii, or another site to help someone out. Explain what the link is so we'll know how it's supposed to be beneficial.

6. Keep your language mild. This game is going to be E-rated, so make sure your language reflects an environment that's acceptable for younger visitors. I don't mind one or two little things slipping past every once in a while, but don't make a regular habit of it.

Note that these rules are in addition to the forumwide rules and terms of service.

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Author:   Reenee
Date:   Sep 27, 09 at 10:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Forum Rules and Management (Updated 10/6/2009)
And here's my additions to the above:

-Please remember your posts are being read by human people. Everyone here is set to help out or discuss the game. Type up your posts with your best grammar possible so we know exactly what you're talking about. Don't use ALL CAPS. Use those fancy squiggles called punctuation marks. You don't have to be fancy so just use a casual tone.

Oh, and don't bump your thread every five minutes expecting an answer. We have lives outside of using our computer. Be patient or do a Google search in the meantime.

-Newbies, be nice to the forum regulars. We've got rules to follow here and we want to keep the place orderly so please don't do the internet equivalent of running up screaming into our faces and demanding all attention toward yourself.

-Regulars, be nice to the newbies. We want to bring in users, not drive them away. =p

-Do not discuss where to acquire ROMs, hacks, etc. Neoseeker does not condone piracy.

-Don't bump old threads unless you absolutely have to or have something new to contribute. For some odd reason, boredom seems to be the number one reason to bump a thread after the last time anybody's responded was over a month ago or longer. There's a reason why this happens: THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO CONTRIBUTE/TALK ABOUT. Please don't do it.

October 6th Append:

-Advertise with your signature. Sites, images, YouTube Let's Plays/game playthroughs, anything you want to share with the userbase, use your signature to link to them. And don't link to something inappropriate as well.

More rules will be added as I deem fit.

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