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Author:   Flyingfcm
Date:   Jan 3, 06 at 4:11am (PST)
Subject:   9700 Pro crashes computer (I think)
I had a power supply go bad today and now games (WarCraft, BHD and others) that worked perfectly only last about 10-15 minutes then the computer crashes. In addition, I ran AquaMark (sim to Mark3d) and it also brought down the computer. Seems that anything with a high graphics load brings the computer down. Card's fan is running fine and it's clean of dust. I've updated to Catalyst 5.13.
Nothing apears to help.
BTW - Dell 2.66 w/ 512 Ram. New power supply is 300W, old was 250W.

Author:   Flyingfcm
Date:   Jan 9, 06 at 2:05am (PST)
Subject:   re: 9700 Pro crashes computer (I think)
Anybody have any ideas?
I've never had a video card "go bad"
Is there a software or test I can run to confirm it is in fact the video card that is causing the crashes?
Can a power supply failure cause a problem like this?
Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Author:   Redrock*bleep*
Date:   Apr 21, 06 at 5:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: 9700 Pro crashes computer (I think)
The same thing is happening to me... I think its the power supply... Im going to upgrade my PSU to greater then 300w.. Im having no luck finding any help in this matter either... SOmetimes I get glitchy streaks in elder scrolls oblivion.sometimes corrupt looking menus.. Crashes that I cant ctrl alt del out of. total system locks... Sux....

Author:   Flyingfcm
Date:   Apr 21, 06 at 6:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: 9700 Pro crashes computer (I think)
So are you saying the new PS is what causes the crashes??
That is strange...but could be true. I bought an off-the shelf CompUSA 250W replacement for the orginal Dell 250W.
I deduced that it was the graphics card that went bad after the PS swap so I bought a new card and 450W PS to run the new card. Everything is working great now.
I still have the old 9700 and will try it in one of my other machines to see if it works.
Thanks for the thoughts!

Author:   ritz_bitz
Date:   Jan 4, 07 at 7:57pm (PST)
Subject:   re: 9700 Pro crashes computer (I think)
Hey everybody,

I have a 9700 pro and it works fine most of the time. I have a 550 watt psu and updated drivers from ATI's website. It gave me a ton of trouble almost a month ago. I opened up the case and inspected all of my hardware and realized the fan on the heatsink wasn't spinning. I got onto a website and found the fan that i thought looked like the one already on there. It came in the mail about 4 days later and it didn't fit like the other one. It was too small, but my dad and I stretched it and put the screws in for the mean time. He then spliced the cables to the power connector on the old fan. It works fine, but it doesn't look smooth like the old one did. He found a website recently that had replacement fans for the video card, but i don't know if he is going to order one for me.

I hope this helps whoever reads this.

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