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Author:   vicky27_1
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 6:26pm (PST)
Subject:   How to Get Easy Money Fast
I am currently married to Owen (just got married last night) and I really want the level 3 house so I can have kids . Are there any really fast or helpful ways to get money fast? Just very curious

Author:   Julzy
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 6:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast

Only thing I can suggest is:
-Buy fertilizer and plant the highest (most expensive selling) crop you can get in the fertilized soil.
-Go fishing. Alot.
-Mine a lot and get all the wonderfuls refined
-Forage for lots of things. If you're in the mines, on certain floors you'll find a /ton/ of mushrooms and toadstools. Ship those.
-Keep animals on your farm and sell their products. Don't forget, Sheep give wool AND milk!

Congrats on the marriage and hopefully that helps. I can't think of much else - I'm only on Spring 17 :c - so hopefully that helps and maybe someone else can come along and suggest <3

Author:   gillgirl113
Date:   Dec 31, 09 at 7:18am (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
Well Harvest Moon isn't exactly about fast money, but if you want to speed things up, here's what I recommend:

Fit as MANY animals as you can afford in your barn and coop (chickens in the coop, not ducks, and cows or goats in the barn). Get the produce every day. Fill your field with the highest profitable crop of the season and use as much fertilizer as you can afford. Then gather mushrooms and herbs outside the mine and MINE HARD the rest of the day, only hitting the gems. Do this until you become tired and then head home and repeat. Refine the ores collected the next morning, before mining. This will take you on the right track.

Author:   Kittykratz
Date:   Jan 1, 10 at 4:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
crops are a big money maker. what i did was in the summer, i took 2 cherries off of each of the 5 cherry trees that were already there. i also have a cow with lots of hearts and a butter maker. i made over 30,000 G in the season summer alone. Take advantage of what was provided

Author:   Xenophilia
Date:   Jan 1, 10 at 9:33pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
You should grow lots and lots of crops.

Till all of the land you have, even around the cherry trees, until you can only run over tilled land. Then buy seeds from Marimba Farm (not Taylor's seeds) and spread them all over your tilled land. In spring, grow cabbages, lettuce, and strawberries. In summer, grow watermelons, tomatoes, and cucumbers. In fall, grow rice, carrots, and spinach, and in winter, grow buckwheat. They all sell for quite a price.

In your barn, you should have cows and sheep. If you want more money, have a goat. If you want easier traveling, get a horse as your third barn animal. Get a cheese and butter maker, but no yarn maker. In your chicken coop, keep two chickens and one duck.

When you're done with your morning chores, pick up all of the items you find. If you want, you can also fish or mine, but foraging is more reliable and is guaranteed to make you quick and easy money.

Good luck! ^__^

Author:   Deandre
Date:   Mar 2, 10 at 10:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast

Author:   Illgivudeath
Date:   May 24, 10 at 2:02am (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
Congratulations!!!! Owen is a beast lol, I'm a guy though so I'm working on both Selena and Candace (I can't decide who to drop yet lol).

It's really easy to accumulate money quickly in this game. Over one summer alone I made over $150,000 leaving tons of extra time. I'm going to give you the steps to make the most money possible, but you don't have to work 24/7; I didn't lol. First, till all of your available farm land. Then fill it 3/4 with crops that regrow, and 1/4 with random other crops like flowers, which can also give you honey. I didn't really use any fertilizer so that's not a big problem. Make sure you water EVERYDAY. It only takes about 3/2 of an hour of game time each day. Then, spend the rest of the day either foraging or mining (I chose mining watery cave, make sure you upgrade your hammer). During the last 4 or so days of summer you can stop watering your crops because they might not grow before the next season. During these last few days you can either relax or keep mining. I chose to fish during most of this time making $10,000 over three days fishing off of toucan island with a silver pole.

Author:   Julzy
Date:   May 25, 10 at 9:38pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast

Not to offend anyone, but I think it's funny that you guys say that foraging is the best way to go xD it isn't really.

If you go into the mines (Hopefully the Upper Garmon) and go up passed floor 20 and keep going up, you'll get more and more ores to refine. I'd do all my crops and animals before I went, and I'd spend most of the day there. I would make like. 20k a day by doing that o-o By just mining ores, getting to Mira before 22:00 and refining them so they could ship that night.

But yeah, farming & mining is MUCH better than just foraging or fishing. I mean, you can do that on top of everything else, but still. There are alot of mushrooms in the mines you can grab while you're mining, and in Watery Cave, there are two floors that you can get mostly green or blue wonderfuls on.

quote Fogu
You can pick up various mushrooms on every floor of the mines, and some floors are more plentiful than others. Check out floor 22 of the Garmon Lower Mine, 12, 26, and 36 of Garmon Upper Mine, and floors 19, 29, and 43 of the Watery Cave. You'll find plenty of mushrooms for shipping.

In the Watery Cave, you can find an abundance of a specific-color Wonderful on certain floors of the mine:

* Floor 40 - Green Wonderfuls
* Floor 45 - Blue Wonderfuls
Anyway, yeah. I just had to add in an extra more two cents. The farm (Animals & Veggies) as well as mining will give you the best profit. Foraging and fishing is an added bonus, but won't give you alot of money if you chose to rely on just those.

quote Illgivudeath
I'm a guy though so I'm working on both Selena and Candace (I can't decide who to drop yet lol).
Definatley keep Candace and just drop Selena right now because she's a sweet, shy, adorable girl and you want to spend the rest of forever with her ;w; -nodnod-

Author:   piv
Date:   Jun 10, 10 at 2:46am (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
well in the spring you should grow strawberries, because there renuable. so that they will make more money without spending it on more seeds(if you dont want to waste money that is) in summer you should grow tomato, because again, it's renuable.for fall grow pumkin because it renewable. winter grow buckwhet so you can make buckwheat flour. for animals you should keep cows, sheep and goats, because you can easily get the animal taxi to travel around the place, and goats are faster than cows and sheep, you may want an ostrige instead of a goat, because it produces eggs and is reely fast. although most of this is just from looking on quite a few websites, i havent done this myself.

if someone just wants crops.
spring: strawberry, lettice
summer: honeydew, tomato, corn
fall:moondrop flower, pumkin
winter: buckwheat.
plus grass can be used to make a small income, make fodder and sell fodder for 10 gold, and use it to feed livestock

also buy the watermill to save time when makeing cornmeal and such, because its can grind anything that can be grinded, and saves time, in both the game and real life.

if you want a pet that gives you money, get the turtle. if you do you get herb's every 20 minutes, game time, so thats about ten seconds in real life! although its betteer to buy lifestalk insted of getting a turtle.

Author:   Paigey1010
Date:   Jun 13, 10 at 8:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
Haha i asked that EXACT question on yahoo awnsers! for the same reason to exept I am married to LUKE! any way wat I do I pick up any thing that can be sold like mushrooms, shells, herbs.ect. and I only own a cow and a duck so I dont but alot of animal ( To me that is wasting money ) and the only thing in my field right now is a strawberry plant but wat I do is I get luke to fish all day and I go mining! I got to the watery cave and get wounderfuls and ores and sell them I also get pearls and got to the 25 and 44 floor to get black pearls! I make about 4000 to 5000 a day so it ownt take me long!I have been doing this for a few weeks and I have 48,732 dollars I hope you can get fast money like I did and have kids! Hope it helped ~ Lukes girl!

Author:   Moonlight_Shadow13
Date:   Aug 27, 10 at 2:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
you will need some money to get it done the things you need are ...
if you have all the items then just go to the Marimba Farm and buy 100 eggs (100gold each) go back home and turn 50 eggs into mayonnaise and boil the other 50, you now have 50 mayonnaise and 50 boiled go to the cutting board and mix the two together this makes EGG SALAD. egg salad sells for roughly 525 each and if you sell 50 EGG SALADS that's 26250 total if you sell a 100 EGG SALAD that's 52500 total!

Its a spend money to earn money scenario. Takes A long time but fast and easy results. hopes this helps.

Author:   Anime Gurl
Date:   Aug 27, 10 at 8:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
Usually what i do is i just pick up whatever i see and ship it at the end of the day.

Author:   Awesometoast
Date:   Jun 12, 11 at 11:58pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
You are married already? Lucky! Anyway- mining and fishing at toucan Island always gives me a bunch of money. Upgrade any item if you can- ex- Milk- Butter, Cheese, Hot Milk, Save 4 Cakes. Eggs- Moa, Boiled eggs, fried eggs, goes in incubater, Egg soup- stuff like that. Remember- don't stress out at first, just work towards it and You'll get there eventually!

Author:   skyeze
Date:   Jul 11, 11 at 4:39am (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
Help! Im about 2 get harvest mooon animal parade i orderd it and i was wondering how 2 get heaps of money Cause u always start with 0G and i want lots of money so i can marry someone and get a huge house. Plz Help ;(

Author:   RayEatsRainbows
Date:   Jul 26, 11 at 7:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How to Get Easy Money Fast
You start out with 1000G. What I did was; I bought the Strawberry and Milk right away, next thing I bought was matches. On rainy days when I don't water my crops, I brush, pet, and feed my cow, pet, carry, and feed my duck, then I head to the beach on the way to Flute Fields bringing my matches and pole and have a fish-out. Once you get low on energy, cook the Goby and if you really need to, sardines work too. Sell everything else. You can do this for as long as you want, I've done fish-outs from 9.00 to about 18.00 with an iron pole and gotten 5000G or more. It's an easy way to make some decent money, but mining and refining doesn't always work. Foraging on the side, and crops. Strawberries work well for the first spring. I just started yesterday. I'm on Spring 16 and I've earned a total of around... 16,000G or so. I've also rung the Yellow and Red bells. Hope this helped/helps someone!

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