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Author:   Julzy
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 1:15am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~

"We have TWO kids! 8D"

That would have been my answerrr x3 My mom was all "Good maybe it will teach you how to be a good wife one day |:" to which I responded "I would kill to live in a Harvest Moon game D: That would be like. the AWESOMEST thing EVAR of ALL TIME." and she laughed at me ;; In the spring, we were tilling our gardens and stuff and I was all "LOL YAY IRL HM!" but my back injury was still there soooo I didn't get to harvest moon very much and everything died ):

Anyway, why don't you join this site? You could become a member, and have friends and a profile and everything :3

Author:   Xenophilia
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 1:25am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
quote Julzy
Also, I don't like Toby ): I asked my mom who I should marry, coz I couldn't pick, and she was all "ew he looks boring" and i lol'd. hard.

But I like him, and I married him in ToT... 3:

Anyway guys, right now you’re sorta spamming. XD You should take this to PM if RadishQueen makes an account.

Author:   Julzy
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 3:05am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~

Nuhuh, not reeeally spamming D: We're still kinda talking about who you should court 8D


Kinda.. -spamonham- ):

Author:   RainbowRancher
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 3:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
Lol I'm probably gunna go for the Wizard or the Harvest King <3
He lives in a huuuge rock xD lol I've always liked Toby though...but I married him in ToT xD Maybe..I'll go for Chase .w. I dunno xD I'll make friend with them ALL!

Author:   iluvHM
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 4:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
quote Julzy
[): Do not want. Can you imagine how abusive he might be if he had a pile of rocks accumulating in the living room? D8 "GET IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A SAMMICH WOMAN! -THROWS ROCKS AT-" "DDD8"

quote Game_Grl_199
[b][size=3]@[color=#9B9B9B]Julzy: XD I loved your interpretation of being married to Calvin!
and luke is plain ugly to me.
That wasn't called for.
Everyone is titled to their own opinions, but you shouldn't go all hater on one of the bachelors some other people might like. my opinion is that luke is ugly. other's say chase isn't manly. is saying someone is unattractive going all hater. sheesh.

if y'all want manly, go for the harvest king....check out his six pack and those arms of his. plus he's taller than the other guys.

anyway, no matter who you marry, after awhile they'll get boring. marry a different guy on every file. get three of the boys you like most up to 7 hearts and then save the files...then marry them one by one. when you get bored with one guy, play the game with the next guy.

Author:   ilovenintendo
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 7:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
I have the same problem, Lexi!! >.<

Want to hear my bachelor pet-peeve?
I actually walk around with my camera, so if I come in contact with a bachelor, I set the timer and take a picture of the two of us.
Later, I go back over the pictures and find out who's taller than me! XD
I can't stand it if a guy is shorter than me!!

I haven't met Ignis, but I'm kind of ticked he's too good to live with me and his children. >:/

Chase is a sweety pie, and I think I'm going after him this time around! ^.^

Luke is super awesome and perfect, but I already married him in ToT and I want a whole new game, you know?

Gill is also super awesome, so I want to 'shop around' a bit more before I decide.

I soooo coined the term!!
Owen flaps his arms like a chicken, and it drives me BONKERS!!!
I haven't seen it yet in this game, so THERE IS HOPE!!
He also shrunk in this game, did you guys notice?

Calvin is short.

I can't marry Toby.
I just can't.
(He looks like my grandfather.)
Don't make me do it!! DX

I never consider Jin.

Julius is lots better in this game, but he's still not masculine enough for me.
(The long purple hair is sort of a turn off.)

I was considering the wizard until I met him.
Yes, he IS different. ^.^

I just spilled out all my bachelor opinions on ya, didn't I? '^.^

Good luck!

(Chase shall be my super awesome culinary hubby who is wearing barettes because he cares if hair is kept out of his excellent food!! : D)

EDIT:: Chase also has a super cute/romantic date spot that is all his own!! 8D *fangirl scream*

Author:   Xenophilia
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 8:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
Haha, thanks for your opinions, Lucy! And everyone else, of course.
Heh... I’m a sucker for fishermen, so of course I’m going to marry Toby in at least one of my files. <3

I’m still debating between Calvin, Chase, Luke, and Owen.

And I’ll be sure to report if Owen still flaps his arms like a chicken in this game! *salutes*

My opinions on the bachelors I’m thinking of marrying:

Calvin // Meep. The Indiana Jones miner explorer rock-person... I don’t really have a reasoning on why I’m going to marry him, but I just feel like there’s something in him that I like. :3
Chase // The pro chef who has peach pink hair and wears barrettes! He has personality and potential, and I think he looks cool with his barrettes and all. Although he may look just a tad bit girly, I still think he’s really cool! He seems hard to court, though...
Luke // The very energetic carpenter! I saw his marriage and proposal and honeymoon on youtube, and I thought it was really cute. He can be very romantic, and it balances out with his child-like personality. I think he would make a nice dad.
Owen // No, I’m not attracted to his muscles too much. But I think he is really, really nice and brotherly. He can be sometimes pretty childish, too, but that’s okay. I’m just worried about him having an overload with cocktails... But I think he’ll make a great dad, too.

Author:   ilovenintendo
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 8:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
Oh, I agree! ^.^
Luke is a super father!! : D
His boy Ralph is soooo cute!
(Yesh, I named him Ralph!! 8D)

To help you eliminate, you said Owen was brotherly.
Perhaps that's not the best quality for a husband?

Luke and Owen will be my best friends in my game!! ^.^

Author:   Xenophilia
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 9:44pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~

Author:   pokekid
Date:   Dec 29, 09 at 11:14pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
quote Julzy

Even a bandana or a hat ): But berettes + personality = feminine

*eye twitches* Berets are awesome!!!!!!!

Author:   RainbowRancher
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 2:44am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
xD I think I'm going to Marry Chase on another file >w>
See the thing is im going to have 2 female games and 1 male :3
Just cuz...THE GIRLS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!! -squee-
but yah...I think this is what im choosing .o.

1) Wizard/ He's new and he seems pretty nice :3
Gill/ Cuz he's shy and romantic xD I know some people think he's a snob but not mee~
2)If I don't marry Gill on #1....marry him on 2 xD or Jin 8D
3)Candace/ Supa cute and shy <3
Luna/ Because she's a fiesty Lolita XD

Author:   scorpiogrrl95
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 3:17am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
I'm a creature of habit and tend to marry the same bachelor multiple times, even if I want to marry someone else. ._.'

Luke is just plain sweet, I can't help but want to marry him.
Chase is awesome, I like his hair which is actually more orange than pink to me.
Gill has a personality similar to mine, and I just didn't like him from the start. D:
Toby I think of as a friend, and Jin looks too much like me. ;-;
I think Calvin's nice, but he's too old for my tastes.
I think Julius is nice, but...
Ignis and Gale are out of the question; they're not really in list of favorite.

Author:   CrossHound
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 3:41am (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
I say that it depends on yer personality! I am already too hyper and scatterbrained, so adding Luke to the mix is like quadrupling the scatterbrainedness...ness....

I decided on Gill in ToT because he balances me perfectly. And he has a secret sweet side.

In AP I decided on Wizard, but until he becomes available (aka finishing ringing the green bell) I'm courting Chase to pass the time. Chase is okay, but I still kind of like Julius. He may be girly, but just imagine~ you're never going to go to a festival in a shabby outfit when you're married to Julius.

GILL IS AWSOMENESS!!!! I say go for him, but that's just my opinion. You should still take your own personality into consideration.

Author:   Not A Puzzle Piece
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 3:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
quote Julzy

Maybe because almost every girl fanticizes and fangirls over men that like other men nowadays |: idk.

I totally laughed at this when I first saw it (it's SO true at my school). I tried going for Julius but then I read about what he loves and was like, wow... Now, back on topic. I have liked Owen since ToT mainly because he's one of the more idk... Likeable from the start guys? I totally get the appeal of the more mysterious guys, don't be wrong; but when I'm down to my last G it's nice to have an all-around nice guy to talk to. About the drinking, I don't really care 'bout that; it's too small for me to get fed up about especially if it's just in a game.

Author:   vicky27_1
Date:   Dec 30, 09 at 6:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [Discussion] Bachelor Discussion // Who to Marry... ~
I just married Owen/ He's really easy because you just need to buy a boiler and eggs and boil them . It's really easy. I was going to marry the Wizard, but that would have take a really long time

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