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Author:   ShinobiDyne
Date:   Mar 17, 10 at 5:29pm (PST)
Subject:   Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Forum Rules & Guidelines
Forum Moderators:



Send me a PM!



Send me a PM!


Spamming – Spamming is making threads or exchanging messages that are basically off-topic. The forum has an off-topic General Discussion and it would be much appreciated if off-topic discussions are posted in there. Or take advantage of the PM System for a one on one conversation.

Flaming – Flaming is insulting another member clean and clear. Please take your arguments to the PM System and try so solve it civilly and in a mature way. No one likes flaming and to make sure the forum stays clean on flaming there will be a consequences for breaking this rule

Double Posting – Double posting is common and happens to all of us. If you feel the need to post again after just posting a message then just edit your original message.

Bypassing – Please don't take advantage of multiple accounts. Staff can tell if your bypassing a ban and by doing so may lead to more serious consequences, don't even try it.

Advertising –Advertising is not allowed. Any exchange in websites must be sent using the PM System or placed in your signature. If you are unsure about what the full advertising rules are then hit me up with a PM

Memberating –If a rule is broken then the best way to deal with it is to report it so we can handle the situation. It's as simple as that. There is also no problem with helping out new members but telling people to stop spamming, flaming or to stop breaking any of the rules is our job. Thats why were here!

Game Threads - If you have an idea about a game thread PLEASE PM ETHER ONE OF US FIRST! We'll have to check out your idea first and decide if it should be implemented into the forum. Any game threads which are created without permission will be locked.

For a stronger overview I recommend reading the Neoseeker Sitewide Code of Conduct

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