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Author:   Darkest_Lord
Date:   Jul 26, 07 at 8:57pm (PST)
Subject:   Missing monsters in Chamber of Secrets for GBC?
I did technically everything in human way possible but I still can't find those pesky creatures (dark goblin,emerald firecrab and doxy queen)...I've even went as far as restarting (Creating new game on completed slot, and creating games on other slots) the game when I had level 99 jus to find those creatures...with no results. It would help if anyone could even point out area where they appear or conditions under which they appear cuz it took me so long and I can't find them... I've did everything (full Folio Magi,full Folio Triplicus, won the dueling club trophy, beat the game, achieve highest level possible, got all the spells) and each time I just can't seem to find those guys...Anyone please help And it's worst that I played the game before and then I had no problem completing the Folio Bruti or Folio Magi (this time I had some difficuties)...Remind me to never restart a game when I will have it completed;)

Ps. Other Harry Potter games for GBA and GBC are much easier in completing Folio Bruti, I've completed them all, and now I'm just waiting to get my hands on Order of Phoenix

Author:   supershadow64ds
Date:   Dec 12, 12 at 8:46am (PST)
Subject:   re: Missing monsters in Chamber of Secrets for GBC?
I am not sure. I am having a similar problem with the same monsters. My only theory is that they were fully coded, attack patterns, Folio Bruti data and all, but the developers just simply forgot to put them some where.

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