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Author:   dragonite
Date:   Feb 10, 10 at 4:49pm (PST)
Subject:   glitch: killing colonel barnsby without having a showdown.
so, i was on chapter XV playing as thomas on top of the stairs fighting against the hordes of incoming confederate soldiers, i shot a few enemies down with the rifle and my gauge was full so i was able to perform the multiple kill thing with the sidearm which i did, i shot around 8 times on the same target with my golden vulcano gun which i presumed were just miss because he was almost entirely concealed behind a faraway pillar and when he was down i shot down another soldier more in the front.

suddenly the screen turned black and continued with the end film and credits which was unhearable due to multiple soundtracks playing at the same time, after that i received my trohpy for thomas's story and i got the old west legend trophy, did anyone else had this?

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