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Author:   darthmavrik
Date:   Jan 30, 07 at 11:37pm (PST)
Subject:   discworld noir
i just got discworld noir for ps1 and it will not work in my ps2 it says please insert playstation format disc i did get it from UK does anyone know if it makes a difference because im in USA or if anyone had the same problems please some one shed light on my problem

Author:   Mishtram
Date:   Jan 30, 07 at 11:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: discworld noir
While this is the PC forum, no reason not to answer. Yes, the games on the playstation 2 are region locked. PAL and NA regions, for example, can't trade games because they don't work correctly on the other consoles. You have to have a North American copy to play in the US.

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