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Author:   Daedric Prince
Date:   Dec 3, 08 at 11:38pm (PST)
Subject:   Forum Regulations and Information
Welcome to the Halo Social Forum! Before participating in discussion, please take the time to review the forum's rules and regulations.

The following is a list of all those with moderator abilities in the Halo Social Forum. If you have something to report, please contact the Halo Social Forum Moderators first. If they are not online and there is a matter of some urgency, please contact the Section Moderator. If there is an incident which requires immediate attention and neither the Forum Moderators or Section Moderator are online, contact a Super Moderator.

Halo Social Forum Moderator
Daedric Prince

Section Moderator

Super Moderators
Daisy | Ren of Heavens | Sonic Flash | Keiichi | Mishtram | Steel Magnolia

Author:   Daedric Prince
Date:   Dec 4, 08 at 3:05am (PST)
Subject:   re: Forum Regulations and Information
The following is a list of rules which must be followed at all times. The rules are here to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience and things run smoothly.

What is a social forum?
A social forum is a place where a community can have discussions outside of a specific game. If you have anything about your life, politics, other games, need some advice, etc. feel free to create a thread about it. This is a Lounge which means almost all types of discussion can take place. If you read an interesting news article, or have anything that is discussion-worthy, this is the place to post it. Remember, this is not a "Spam Forum". The rules will be strictly enforced to prevent abuse.

Do Not Spam
Do not have conversations exclusive to two individuals in a thread, as that is what Private Messages are for. One liners are simply not acceptable. If you are going to reply in a thread, make sure it is worth the time of someone else to read. Posting nonsense will not be tolerated. This is a social forum, not a spam forum. Use discretion when creating a new thread. This rule is strictly enforced.

Do Not Go Off Topic
This is an off-topic forum. If you wish to go off topic in a thread, simply create a new thread.

No Flaming
Under no circumstances is it acceptable to attack another member of the forum. We should all pull together as a community, not tear each other down. If we want to have a successful community, flaming each other will certainly ensure that that won't happen.

Use Proper Grammar
Nothing is more annoying that trying to decipher a post full of "1337 speak" or "txt abbreviations". Please try to use the English language properly and effectively.

No Advertising
Do not post links to other websites for the purpose of attracting visitors, purchasing items, or obtaining information. Linking to scams or sites with sniffers will result in an immediate ban. You may post links to news articles or updates about Halo 3: Recon.

No Pornography
Any pornographic material linked to or posted in a thread will result in an immediate ban, no exceptions.

No Illegal or Pirated Content
There will be no discussion whatsoever of Roms, Emulators, or any other type of pirated content. Violating copyrights by posting scans of full pages of documents is also not acceptable. Neoseeker will not endorse any kind of illegal activity.

Regarding Game and Sexually Themed Threads
If you wish to create a game thread, you must get the permission of a Moderator before creating the thread. Sexual related threads are to be kept at a minimum and must not cross that fine line of inappropriate. If you are unsure of a thread being "inappropriate" it probably is. Feel free to send a Moderator your idea for approval.

Do Not Bypass a Ban
If you are banned from the Halo Social Forum, do not post as a guest, make a new account, or any other method of bypassing a ban. Doing so will result in the contacting of a Super Moderator and a longer ban from the forum.

Obey Specific Thread Rules and Moderator Warnings
Some threads may have specific rules attached to them. To participate in the thread, you must follow the rules. If a moderator gives a warning or makes an announcement, that warning and or announcement must be given heed to.

Comply with the Forum-Wide Rules and Regulations
Please obey the Forum-Wide Rules. Also, make sure to comply with the Terms of Use. Any violation of the site wide rules is also a violation here. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with these rules before participating in the forum.

Author:   Daedric Prince
Date:   Dec 4, 08 at 3:44am (PST)
Subject:   re: Forum Regulations and Information
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