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Author:   chimekolover
Date:   Jul 16, 12 at 9:04am (PST)
Subject:   If only I had some friends
I am seeking co-op assistance in Demon's Souls. Specifically in Shrine of Storms, World 4-1.

PSN: Chimekolover88
Demon's Souls character name: Chimeko
Soul Level: 22
Server: NA

Also would like help finding the magic sword Makoto.

Author:   jomoh71
Date:   Aug 9, 12 at 2:31am (PST)
Subject:   re: If only I had some friends
In order to get the Makoto you need to get pure white world tendency in 4-X. The Makoto is found a bit into 4-2, in the same place where you will find Saint Urbain.

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