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Author:   talltex50
Date:   Jul 27, 09 at 7:14pm (PST)
Subject:   Call of Duty World at War Final Front
Need help. Can't get through the door at Braummn an Inn in order to blow up the V2 rocket!!

Date:   Dec 19, 09 at 12:43am (PST)
Subject:   re: Call of Duty World at War Final Front
Get behind cover,kill germans opposite,get the mg gunner above in house.move in house,kill germans.move to end,next kill germans in courtyard and those above,then move to the door opposite,go upstairs
and get on the right hand mg gun,kill remaining germans down below and those in house opposite to right.once done assault the house after smoke grenade.once in house go down stairs then up just follow it through all the underground bunkers killing germans.
once you get outside a cutscene,turn to the right follow squad they will throw a grenade in a hole,once gone off get in it and then kill the germans in this bunker system till you get to the v2 launch bay.
theres 2 snipers in this courtyard one to the right on the wall and one forward just past the v2 rocket high to the left.then those germans in the courtyard protecting the v2 rocket.
place the charge and run back to the open bay doors where you entered the courtyard.cutscene ends level.

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