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Author:   conall mcgreevy
Date:   Jul 17, 09 at 10:40pm (PST)
Subject:   ps2 nazi zombies
can someone tell me if there is a cheat to get nazi zombies if there is can you tell me how to do it i have da code

Author:   leon the wolf
Date:   Sep 20, 09 at 12:53am (PST)
Subject:   re: ps2 nazi zombies
Hate to burst that 'hope' bubble...Wait, no im not. Thats my job... Love to burst your hope bubble, but if you ANYWHERE on the case see Final Fronts, It's the wrong game. It doens't have Nazi Zombies. you need to spend $300 to buy an xbox 360, and $40-$50 to buy the game, as well as even more money to get the nessecary equipment so you dont fry the XBox unless its an elite. then be ready to spend $500 or $400, i cant remember at the moment. So... If your gonna cry or something, go away. If you learned to actaully PREVIEW a game before buying it because of this, PM and tell me what you think of me now, cause i'd love to hear it.

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