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Author:   shadowdx123
Date:   Feb 19, 09 at 7:29pm (PST)
Subject:   TroCity Recruitment Topic
Hey this is ShadowDx proud and loyal Leader/Member of TroCity Cod Waw Ds Division. TC is a new community that we have opened up we are looking for good skilled players to join our divisions. I am the only tester for cod atm but I'm sure that after a few members added to the clan ill put some others to test certain recs. The division consist of 3 recs which are the following:

1st Rec Semi-Auto

2nd Rec Machine Gun

3rd Final Rec 2v2 ( This will allow us to see how well you communicate without talking, also we will have squads(groups) and it will be easier to place you with members you know how to play with )

What I'm looking for is skills. Good map control and good gun use! Our clan is not divided by two groups of TC or TCx, we will have our top 5 hopefully still working on that but once your in any division the tag is TC.

Main rule of TroCity:

1. We are a one clan rule. If you are in a current clan you must drop the clan before trying out in order to join. We do not allow any alts. If you are found alting in the clan trying to be someone else you will be kicked out from the clan and your tryout request will be denied.

To get a test you must fill out the following copy paste it and post a thread in our site with the proper title [[ Cod Waw Ds Tryout ]]

Name Online:
Fav Weapons:
Fav Side:
Former Clan:
How did you hear from us?

Just as showed above you must make your topic and our testers will reply to the topic as soon as possible!


1.ShadowDx (Leader) - All Around Tester

*List will get updated once we have more members*

Rules of Testing:

2/3 Match
20 Kills
7 Min
1st Map Pick (Tester)
2nd Map Pick (Person getting tested)
3rd Map Pick (Tester)
No Hacks (If caught hacking the test will be over and you'll get kicked out as well)
No Glitching (Same with the hacking penalty)

Once you get all 3 recs I'm proud to welcome you to the clan! If anyone is intrested in getting tested our site link is at the bottom. Thank you ~₮Ç.ShadowDx~

TC Site Link: Link Has been removed because site rules! (Thanks for the warning, won't happen again).

*Note: To contact me it would be easier to find me in Mph or TC site by PMing for a test! Other ways are my aim,msn,or yahoo which you can find in my TC account profile since Cod Waw Ds has no lobby or mic to talk.... Fc is at sig for Mph.*

Author:   Arietta
Date:   Feb 19, 09 at 8:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: TroCity Recruitment Topic
If you want to have your clan on Neoseeker, you will base it on Neoseeker and not in other websites.


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