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Author:   DeadAssassin
Date:   Nov 21, 08 at 8:31pm (PST)
Subject:   [DeadAssassin] REVIEW {RaW}
Single Player Summary:
Good graphics as far as gun fire and movement. Navigateable maps make the game challenging, yet at the same time it is easy. Plenty of action, fun mini-games. These mini-games include: Morse Code (telegraph and radio), bomb defusing, saving injured soldiers, mine disarming, mortar firing, and taking out enemy ships. Also, with the goal of getting all of the collectables, you must work at the game. Great maps, pleanty of support from squad members and allies, plus the challenges make World at War one of the best games in the Call of Duty yet.

Campaign Review:
With many levels and challenges, World at War is one of the best Call of Duty games yet. Enemies are endless, and so are the objectives. With the collectables that you can obtain within the levels, this game definetly expands the CoD series horizon.
The DS version allows a lifelike experience for players, as well as a range of weapons. These weapons are the exact ones used in World War II. With three factions, Russian, British, and American, the possibilities for ways to win are endless.
Overall, WaW keeps the classic realisticness of Call of Duty that is known so well by fans of the series. And with the always-present threat of death, WaW is a great game, already owned by many gamers worldwide.

graphics: 8.28/10
challenging: 7.75/10
realisticness: 8.23/10
TOTAL: 24.26/30


Author:   Frost
Date:   Nov 21, 08 at 8:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [DeadAssassin] REVIEW {RaW}
This really isn't a review. More like a summary of what you like about the game...

Author:   DeadAssassin
Date:   Nov 21, 08 at 8:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: [DeadAssassin] REVIEW {RaW}
Single Player CHALLENGE:
Great graphics, as to be expected. The challenges give you a time limit, which makes it even more fun to achieve your goals. This add-on to the game makes the CoD series even more interesting, and enhances the quality of World At War.

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