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Author:   Adobo-kun
Date:   Nov 6, 11 at 2:09pm (PST)
Subject:   My FF Type-0 Character Evaluation
I just want to share my initial evaluation on the characters of Final Fantasy Type-0 after my first 20 hours of play. To me this game was successful in bringing back the real final fantasy feel of the game ever since…FF9. My class-zero has an average level of 30 and I’m still on chapter 4. So I think I will still play this for a long time.

-The Gambler class.
-This guy can deliver the most number of hits at long range which seems quite wild that getting a critical kill is quite a hit-or-miss.
-His teleport is one of the best dodge action because he can escape crowds of enemies easily.
-You may already be familiar with his DECK OPEN skill. He can later learn skills which focus in drawing a specific type of card. E.g. SPIRIT CARD improves the chance of picking MP Charge, and ATTACK CARD improves chance of drawing BURST.

-The Bard class
-I don’t main her, but I always keep her in the party as support which is where she is very good at doing. Her CONCERTO is one of her distinct skills which improve the battle stats of the party. She also has a skill called WHITE SERENADE which restores the party’s HP. Her skills requires a lot of AP to learn so its hard to gain much skills with her.

-The Ranger class
-Using him feels like using a bow in Monster Hunter. You press and hold the weapon button to charge his bow.
-He has a lot of command skills. Among them which I already learned for him is SNIPE MODE which allows him to shoot in first person while gradually depleting his Ability Gauge. He also has skills like ARROW SHOWER, HIT AND SHIELD (or heat and shield) which allows him to cast a wall fire in front of him and ARROW DYNAMITE which is a straight shot and explodes after a few seconds
-Trey can easily get critical kills specially on Bipedal mechs but his mobility is not that great.

-She plays around between being a Black Mage and Gun Mage
-Like Trey she can learn SNIPE MODE and can charge her gun. The difference is her gun automatically charges by not doing any attack. I can’t help comparing her attack to Megaman.
-Cater has a skill that can shoot elemental bullets depending on the way the analog stick is tilted. E.G. Normal button press shoots slow fireball, with analog up, it shoots rapid ice bullets and with analog tilting down she can shoot scattered lightning. She can also shoot landmines and poison mist.
-For some reason when she is playing support, she dies easily. She’s quite tricky to play. She can be a decent caster but I prefer Rem over her.

-A power hitter, I think I can classify her as the Berserker class of the group minus all the rage.
-Most of her skill involves stunning enemies. She can learn a skill called KIAI which increases her attack damage. She can also learn FULL SWING which is similar to HAMMER CHARGE in Monster hunter. She also has that MACE CYCLONE which let her spin with her weapon creating a tornado damaging approaching enemies.
-I rarely main her because of very sluggish attack and it’s very hard to manually get critical kills without stunning the enemies first. So I let the game AI do the job.

-The Dark Knight class
-I use her now often, I spam her QUICK ATTACK (analog up + triangle), since this usually gets the job done specialy in dismantling crowd of quick moving enemies.
-She has several command skills but I don’t find them too useful. Except for the PSYCHO VORTEX where she cast a dark cyclone that chases the locked-on enemy.

-I can describe her as the Mystic Knight of class since she can do elemental damage with her whip with her ELEMENT WHIP skill which is very strangely similar to Squall’s Blasting Zone.
-Her other skills involves restricting enemy movements like her CATCH and BONDAGE WHIP skill (yes, that is the name of the skill)
-She dodges the farthest among the class-zero which I usually spam because her walking speed is not that great.
-For some reason I always mistake her for Lightning yet her fighting style is like Ivy from Soul Calibur

-The Monk Class
-My favorite character among class zero.
-So far, he is the only character who has command skills which doesn’t consume Ability Gauge. And these skills vary depending on the direction of the analog stick tilt.
-He attacks very fast and runs the fastest as well but his attack range is very short. Tilting the analog horizontally together with the triangle button allow him to do quick side steps
-He can learn a skill that allows him to dodge any attack as long as you’re holding the corresponding command button while very slowly depleting the Ability Gauge. I was able to defeat those pesky level 99 Dual Horns roaming around the world map with this skill.

-The Dragoon Class
-I don’t play him that much because I’m annoyed with his Orthodox Japanese School Gangster attitude. Though he has one very good support skill. The SAFETY GUARD, where he cast a force field around himself and allowing his teammates to keep fighting while having a guard state.

-The Samurai class (Samurai Jack)
-Also one of my favorites. Although he has the worst mobility when his weapon is at ready, his attacks are the quickest he is by far the easiest character to get critical kills. He can strike immediately after dodging. And even without critical kills he can deal a decent amount of damage in one blow.
- I believe I saw a FIRST STRIKE skill on him which deals critical damage when he strikes first.

-White Mage or Paladin class
-The Class Rep is a very balanced character. She can play both offensive or as a support character. Her CROSS JUDGE absorbs enemy HP and Heal allies.
- She can learn DASH skill which allows her to instantly approach enemies. Her attacks are very quick and accurate allowing easy critical kills.

-The Gunner Class
-King is usually the one who finishes boss battles for me. He has a decent defense for a ranged attacker. He doesn’t deal that much damage but he attacks quickly allowing him to get easy kills.
-I’m fond of his ENDLESS WALTZ skill which can be compared to Gunner Yuna’s Trigger Happy skill in FFX-2.
-He also has a Skill called POWERED BULLET which is similar to Trey’s Charge attack

-I don’t know class should I put him in but he has one distinct skill I always use. The ASSAULT MODE. This puts him into a Trance which boost his attack power and speed by gradually depleting the Ability Gauge.
-His normal attacks are not that accurate and have a tendency to hit differently making it hard for him to time critical kills.

-A cross between Ninja class and Black Mage
-She’s one of my best Spell caster, because she can use a skill called CONVERT, which uses up Ability Gauge to restore MP and ally’s MP.
-I spam BlizzardBOM with her allowing her to finish a battle in one single magic. BTW. Here in FFT0, You’re initial spell is always the basic spells (e.g. Fire, Blizzard, Thunder) if you want to use the “–ra” spells (blizzara, fira) or even the “-ga” spells (blizzaga, firaga). You need to press and hold the command button for the spell long enough and it will change to next level spell. The spell does’n look any different but it will deal a lot more damage.
-Rem’s attack are quite wild and all over the place. So I let her focus on casting spells.
-She also has a skill that cast Auto-Life (Reraise) to the party for a very short amount of time.

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