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Author:   madevilsniper
Date:   Nov 15, 12 at 11:52pm (PST)
Subject:   i5-450M CPU Upgrade (Intel HM55 Chipset)
Hi all,
I posted a similar question about upgrading my cpu, however, I have done further research and wanted to start clean again. The question is still what is the highest processor I can possibly upgrade to.

System Specs:

Model: HP DV7-4070us
Processor: i5-450M (2.40GHz, socket 989 rPGA)
Chipset: Intel HM55 (or the Intel 5 series)
Storage: SSD + Secondary HD

After research more deeply, I have found this link:
Similar situation: "If it's not a BGA chip, you should be able to replace with Core i5-560M, i5-580M, or i7-640M CPUs. If you have Intel HM55, HM57, PM55 or QM57 chipset then quad-core i7-740QM / i7-840QM CPUs may also work. "

So does that mean I can get the i7 quad-core CPU then? I understand that quad core CPU requires a different mobo, but it seems to me, from that forum link and also from Intel's site that with my current setup, I can potentially upgrade to:
i7-740QM (? kinda iffy about this one)
i7-840QM (? kinda iffy about this one)
i5-580M (Almost 100 % sure)

I greatly appreciate ANY response that would help me. I apologize again if anything I have done/said sounded noobish, I can only try at something I have no experience in

P.S. Another list I found pertaining to my chipset, however there is a disclaimer stating that using the list method may not be as accurate.

P.P.S Further investigation, I have found that the only processors that use the socket g1 or 989 rPGA are: "The current CPUs to use this package are the Core i7-6x0M series, the Core i5-4x0M series, the Core i5-5x0M series, the Core i3-3x0M series, and finally the Pentium P6x00 series and Celeron P4x00 series which were released on March 28, 2010. However, not all of these are available for Socket G1, as some of them are only available in a BGA package." (

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