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Author:   Mnmfan
Date:   Aug 31, 08 at 10:20pm (PST)
Subject:   Garden Maps
These maps might come in handy:

They stretch the page so I'll put them in a Spoiler Tag instead:

Garden 7

Garden 8

Garden 9

Garden 10

Credit to whoever made them.
Hopefully he'll make maps for the rest of the gardens too.

I was really surprised to see how basic Garden 8 is. It feels a lot more complicated ingame.

Author:   Krunal
Date:   Aug 31, 08 at 10:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Garden Maps
Thanks for that mnmfan, I've been trying to have them added to Neoseeker as FAQ's. I believe Wolfwood sent the email to the creator a couple of days ago, will have to see if he's gotten permission and if so we may see them in the FAQ's/Guides section. Just to note that I DID use the maps for Gardens 7 - 9 to get the relevant trophies for them. And I'm still in the process of using the Garden 10 map for that all seeds trophy

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