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Author:   yamete888
Date:   Aug 26, 12 at 9:04am (PST)
Subject:   Little My Maid eroge on Apple Mac OSX
Most, if not all the English-localized eroge games from major publishers are PC only, but that doesn't stop OSX users from playing eroge on their Mac.
Many, not all eroge nowadays can be played using Wine/Wineskin on OSX...! There's only 1 site, called Mac Eroge that is dedicated to this endeavour...

the site has links to porting pc/eroge games to Mac OSX, eroge reviews, vendors, and a list of ported games to OSX. Litta My Maid is one of the games that can be "ported" to OSX with Wineskin. Hopefully more to come...! So, if eroge publishers, like jastusa and the likes are reading this, hope they can sponsor this unofficlal site, which has helped me run eroge games on the Mac...more Macs running eroge, means more people buying games from it's a win-win situation...!

Of course, we Mac users wouldn't e expecting any "official" support, since the games themselves are Windows games, and Mac users are running them in Wineskin...that would be best left to public forums...

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