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Author:   Lizz
Date:   Jul 16, 11 at 5:14am (PST)
Subject:   Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss

Welcome to my Fanfiction project, Manifest Destiny.
Review|Pokefiction Awards 2011


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Chapter One - Preparation
Chapter Two - The Final Night
Chapter Three - Gyra-Rock River
Chapter Four- Farewells
Chapter Five - A New Beginning
Chapter Six - Abby
Chapter Seven - The Open Road
Chapter Eight - Rockwall Camp
Chapter Nine - The First Encounter
Chapter Ten - Rubika City
Chapter Eleven - The Alley
Chapter Twelve - Answers
Chapter Thirteen - Not Quite Ready
Chapter Fourteen - Training
Chapter Fifteen - Strategy?
Chapter Sixteen - The Steel Terror
Chapter Seventeen - Road to Moran
Chapter Eighteen - Ghosts in the Forest
Chapter Nineteen - The Trees of Moran
Chapter Twenty - Moran
Chapter Twenty-One - The Great Moran Fire (Part 1)
Chapter Twenty-Two - The Great Moran Fire (Part 2)
Chapter Twenty-Three - The Chase
Chapter Twenty-Four - The Apartment
Chapter Twenty-Five - Rachel's Confession
Chapter Twenty-Six - Salia Park
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Hysterics
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Salia Tower
Chapter Twenty-Nine - 'Twas Told in Sound
Chapter Thirty - Alone in Salia

Chapter Thirty-One - To Shikan!
Chapter Thirty-Two - Safehouse in Shikan
Chapter Thirty-Three - Ascent
Chapter Thirty-Four - Stealth and Siege (Part 1)
Chapter Thirty-Five - Stealth and Siege (Part 2)
Chapter Thirty-Six - Stealth and Siege (Part 3)
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Escape
Chapter Thirty-Eight - The Rangers
Chapter Thirty-Nine - New Salia
Chapter Forty - Whales
Chapter Forty-One - Paladus
Chapter Forty-Two - Farewells
Chapter Forty-Three - The Clinic
Chapter Forty-Four - Rachel
Chapter Forty-Five - Back to the Valley
Chapter Forty-Six - The Silver Tears
Bonus - Leinsha
Chapter Forty-Seven - A Second Perspective
Chapter Forty-Eight - A Choking Mist
Chapter Forty-Nine - Rabid Rubika?
Chapter Fifty - The Wild
Chapter Fifty-One - Attack
Chapter Fifty-Two - Poisons and Problems
Chapter Fifty-Three - Memorizing Memories
Chapter Fifty-Four - Awakening
Chapter Fifty-Five - A Missing Spirit
Chapter Fifty-Six - Flying?
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Assembly
Chapter Fifty-Eight - A Plan at Last
Chapter Fifty-Nine - The Old Hideout
Chapter Sixty- Rise of the Shadow
Chapter Sixty-One - Coming Home
Chapter Sixty-Two - Severed Ties
Chapter Sixty-Three - The Abyss
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From the Valley

Joanne "Joey" Parker

She is the main protagonist of the story. She gets attached to the people close to her in her life, such as her friends and family. Although having a strained relationship with her mother, she still cares for her mother deeply. She also tends to put a lot of pressure on herself, in an effort for her parents to be proud of her. To make sure she could be ready for a journey, she has spent a lot of time studying Pokemon Reference Books. Despite living close to Gyra-Rock River for most of her life, she is not a strong swimmer.

Leslie Lee Jones
Leslie is one of Joey's close childhood friends. They grew up in Windrush Valley together. Her parents haven't let her leave on an adventure, so she is rather restless and feels trapped in the Valley. So, she frequently sneaks out of the house. Leslie is also very dramatic, and afraid of heights.

Abby Brown
Abby was diagnosed with Leukimia when she was seven years old. For two years after she was diagnosed, she continued to play outside with her friends. After her mother confined her to her house, she continued to sneak out of the house. This stopped very quickly. She died at the age of thirteen. Joey's Buizel is named after Abby.

Astar King
Astar left Windrush Valley to start his adventure at the age of ten. Although he has been traveling for three years, he still holds his friends and family very close. He picks up on others feelings sometimes better then they do. He would never do anything to hurt other people.

Rachel Little

A childhood friend of Joey's. Rachel left Windrush Valley with Leinsha when they were both eleven years old. Rachel prefers to battle, and has spent the majority of her two years traveling with Leinsha, battling while she prepped for contests. With her prized Zebraika, she has done very well in the battling world, but due to her desire to stick with Leinsha, hasn't cleared many milestones. She has a strong will, and tends not to tell people when things are wrong, preferring to handle them herself. It's a habit she got as a child, after suffering under her mother's anger.

[Picture not yet available]
Leinsha "Lena" Mejia

A childhood friend of Joey's. Leinsha left Windrush Valley with Rachel when they were both eleven years old. Leinsha, later taking the nickname "Lena" has become memorized with contests, and has traveled across the Region with Rachel, competing in contests wherever they are. She is quite ambitious, and has never grown too attached to anyone except Rachel. She comes from a very large family, with siblings who are disabled, so she used the contests as her chance to shine.

[Picture not yet Available]
Laya Mejia

Laya is the eldest child in the Mejia family. After setting out on her own, she got involved with the International Secret Poliece. She has been chasing Magenta for months. No matter how involved she gets in her work however, she still cherishes a bond (that may not always be mutual) with her family.

From the Journeys

[Picture not yet available]
Sensei Yukiya
Sensei Yukiya runs a fighting studio in Rubika City. Although the studio is not mainstream, some of the best battlers are regulars there. He is notorious for being very hard on the people he trains, but those who don't give up benefit greatly. His main princilpe of fighting is for the trainer to understand their Pokemon, and for the Pokemon to understand the trainer.

[Picture not yet available]
Sean Jackson

Sean is the Gym Leader in Rubika City, and specializes in Steel Types. He tends to be a "first Gym challenge" for many trainers, and has gotten into a habit into playing with his challengers to pull out their best rather than actually fight to win. Usually he still manages to win these matches. His fighting becomes more intense the more skill he senses his opponent to have. He is known as "The Steel Terror".

[Picture not yet Available]
Erika Daley
Erika is a fairly new Ranger, stationed at the Moran Forest Ranger Base. She used to live in Moran City, and learned the surrounding forest very well. She has worked tirelessly to prove herself as a ranger, and is eager to please her superiors.

Zowie Sunden

A young girl of prolific skill, she rules over the Salia Pokemon Gym. As a child, her Pokemon learned not to fight, but to defend, as Zowie could never see any attacks coming as they roamed the countryside. Before the girl turned thirteen, she and her Pokemon had been discovered, and been given the job of Gym Leaders. Accepting the job initially as an honor, the gym slowly became her prison.

[Picure not yet Available]

Quite the Loner, not much is known about him yet. He seems to specialize in fire type Pokemon.

[Picture not yet Available]

The kindhearted man who runs the healing house in the mountains. Somehow, he seems to know more about Kataya than he lets on.

The Baddies


Magenta appears to be the picture of evil. From her genuine disrespect of fellow human life, to her horrible treatment of her enemies and inferiors, she has become one of the most infamous characters in Kataya. Along with her Mismagius, and hoards of Misdreavus, she is difficult to catch or corner.


Aquanetta is much more cunning than fierce. In a pinch, she will fight to her last breath, but in general, she prefers to trap an enemy with a battle of wit and cunning. Fighting with her Jellicent, she takes a strong advantage in any water environment.

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Windrush Valley

Windrush Valley is a small town nestled in the valley in the Rippling Cliffs. Due to the shape of the mountains and the connection to Gyra-Rock River, there is almost always a constant wind in the town. Legend has it, the only time the wind stops here is the period between someone of the Valley dies and when they are returned to Mother Nature.

Rockwall Camp

Rockwall Camp is located about halfway between Windrush Valley and Rubika City. The camp is located in an unusual rock structure, which shields it from wind. The camp is usually occupied by people passing through, although a few people choose to live there full time. The camp is not an official city, and does not have a Pokemon Center or a PokeMart, but does have a few trainers highly skilled in medicine who live there full time.

Rubika City

One of the largest cities in Kataya, Rukiba City dominates its surroundings by its incredible industry. Utilizing the wind power that is ever-present in the Rippling Cliffs, the city was able to grow. The building here are rumored to be both the strongest in the region, to withstand the wind, and the tallest, rumoring to touch the clouds. This city produces the bulk of factory-produced goods that are used throughout Kataya, as well as the supplies for PokeMarts across the region.

Moran Forest

Moran Forest is one of the most beautiful places in the entire Kataya Region. It is also a place of great mythology in the Region. Legend has it that the three large trees of Moran Forest were the first to grow in the Region, and brought life to the land. Their roots had spread, and more and more trees began to grow from the original three. Over many years, the trees had spread over many miles, every tree connected to the original three. Without their protection, the inhabitants of the forest and Moran City wouldn't stand a chance. When the energy is taken away from one of Moran Forest's Great Tree's, it falls out of balance, starting the Great Moran Fire.

Moran City

Located in the heart of Moran Forest. The citizens of this forest greatly respect their forest. All the buildings in the forest are made from logs from fallen trees in the forest. The city is rather small, but still has a Pokemon Gym.

Salia City

Truly the festive heart of Kataya, Salia is usually the place to be. Between its abundant apartments and hotels and the world-famous Salia Tower, there is still plenty of room at the Practice Hall, or the Park to brush up on Coordinator and Trainer skills alike. Several times a year, Salia Tower is all but alive, packed with people and Pokemon alike, for the Elite Four Challenges, and the Grand Festival. The Tower also hosts the City's Gym.

[Image Coming Soon]
Shikan Port

A somewhat prosperous city based on the rocky coast of the Kanya Ocean. The city is very tightly packed together, no houses have yards, and they are mostly built in rows. The most prosperous part of the city is closest to the port, while the outskirts are basically in poverty. There is a safe house for the International Secret Police in the city.

[Image Coming Soon]
Lincoln Town

Well known for a good its good camping, Lincoln is based on the small Northern Peninsula. There are very few full-year residents in this town, but it is filled with many seasonal residences and tourists.

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Author:   Kubrick
Date:   Jul 16, 11 at 5:49am (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss

Author:   caligulasAquarium
Date:   Jul 16, 11 at 3:18pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
I love it! I've been wanting a good fanfic to read. I think I have found it. Let me know when the next chapter is done.

Author:   Raddster
Date:   Jul 16, 11 at 5:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Very interesting story. You did a great job adding in the emotional scene.

Oh, and one thing I noticed is you missed a 't'.
5th line from the bottom the first word should be "the" not "he".

Sorry, just felt I should point that out though it's just a minor thing.

Author:   Lizz
Date:   Jul 16, 11 at 9:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss

Second Chapter vaporeongirl2010

Author:   caligulasAquarium
Date:   Jul 16, 11 at 11:04pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Yay, you remembered. I liked it. You have good grammar and the like, and that is what bugs me most is when a good idea is ruined by bad grammar. Keep writing. And I noticed an empty fan list earlier, and would like to know if I could make it not empty.

Author:   Raddster
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 12:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Okay, now that I have gotten a feel for your writing I would like to be your second fan.

Some of the fics inspire me to try my hand at writing, but alas I have terrible grammar and tend to lose inspiration once I start.

Author:   Lizz
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 4:14pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Chapter Three

Author:   Raddster
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 5:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Wow, that is kinda neat. I always enjoy having a secret hideout in my works. So it is nice to see others include them too. just one question though. if they had to swing on a branch and jump in how did they get back out?
your main character has quite a close relationship with her dad.

Author:   Kubrick
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 5:50pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss

Author:   Lizz
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 6:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Glad you guys like it. As for getting out, all I'll say for now is "very carefully" (;

Author:   Zeezow
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 8:11pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
You got yourself a fourth fan o:
The plot is amazing and the actions flow together smoothly, Good Job!

Author:   caligulasAquarium
Date:   Jul 17, 11 at 9:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
I am still liking it. Great work. You really make me feel for the main character. As I said earlier, keep writing! You are giving me motivation to finish my camp nanowrimo for this month.

Author:   Lizz
Date:   Jul 18, 11 at 12:18pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
Chapter Four! It's a little shorter, but I'm listening to Gaga and working on a craft.

Author:   Zeezow
Date:   Jul 18, 11 at 12:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Manifest Destiny - Into the Abyss
It was amazing I really love the fan fic well done and keep on writing Lizz ;3

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