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Author:   Fallen Royalty
Date:   Feb 27, 13 at 9:42pm (PST)
Subject:   k so total noob here
I'm living in a dorm; I've got my TV, laptop, and Wii. Laptop is hooked up to the TV with an HDMI cable, the Wii with component cables. I like to play Wii and I also like to listen to music through the TV because the speakers are better than my laptop's. The question is, can I do both at the same time? Can I somehow stream sound from the laptop and video from the Wii into the TV at once?

I was thinking just unplug the red-and-white audio cables from the Wii out of the back of the TV and replace them with red-and-white cables coming out of the laptop. Except how do I get red-and-white audio cables coming out of the laptop? Can I use this -

and hook it up to this -

and then plug the red-and-white from those obsolete composite cables into the component slots on the back of the television?

I know I wouldn't be able to hear the game but idgaf.

Author:   ashantiqua
Date:   Feb 28, 13 at 12:51pm (PST)
Subject:   re: k so total noob here
getting red and white cables (audio) from hdmi would be a somewhat complicated process - youd be converting digital to analog.

best bet is to connect the wii via component, and connect the laptop via 3.5" jack-to-rca... looks like this:

one part connects to your laptops headphone port, the other to the TV. youd get video from the wii, and audio from the laptop.

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