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Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 4, 09 at 10:20pm (PST)
Subject:   Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Lately, I have found an interest in writing user reviews for games/movies I have played/seen. It certainly kills the boredom, especially when listening to some music and it's a lot more enjoyable than I would have thought. I haven't got that many reviews as it stands, but I'll try and get more done as time passes by.

User Reviews

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Alan Wake
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Dead Island
Dead Rising
Dead Space
Dead Space 2
Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fifa 2009
Fifa 2010
Forza Motorsport 4
Gears of War 2
Guitar Hero: Metallica
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Hitman: Absolution
Mass Effect
Metro 2033
Portal 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Race Driver: GRID
Resident Evil 5
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Paranormal Activity
Saw II

Insomnia (Stephen King)
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson)



As you may have noticed, I haven't got that many reviews so far. But I'll try and get some work done in the near future and start racking up on user reviews, as they are pretty fun to do. If you ever have the time, feel free to comment on my reviews, or say whether it was helpful or not.

Oh and of course, enjoy your read if you get to it.

Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Aug 6, 09 at 8:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Must you type in size 1 in your reviews? ._.

Going off your Gears 2 review, your sections seem a bit disorganized. Group similar sections together. Anything directly tied to gameplay should be next to each other. Plot and Tying Into a Series should go together. So on and so forth. It will flow a lot better and make it easier for the reader to understand your full opinion.

You've provided a lot of details and explained yourself well enough. Use of media is a nice touch. Might want to include some things like available weapons and enemy behaviour, but otherwise good job.

Going off the Saw movie review, I feel there's room for improvement. The plot section is a good start to set the scene and the Attention Keepers section (should be next to the plot bit) leads on from it, but you can cover more there.

Inparticularly with the characters of the movie. Quite honestly, your current characters section right now is pointless. Giving me the cast list isn't telling me a thing about how good or bad the film is. I don't just want to know who's playing the roles but I want to know - in your opinion - how effective they are in those roles. Let's face it, a movie can have a wonderful backstory and be completely ruined by mediocre acting, so this really should be the key focus of your review.

You don't need to cover everyone (might be boring if you did). At the least discuss the main characters. Are the actors in these roles convincing? Do they put emotion into their roles? Do they match the tone of the scenes? Was there any particular scene that stood out, for good or bad? Was body language appropriate? These are the kinds of things you're looking for and the kinds of things that will get your point across.

Audio needs extending too. No errors? OK, and? It's not a silent movie so I assume some music is used. Even atmospheric background melodies that heighten the tension are worth covering here. Admittedly, covering audio in reviews is hardly a strong point of mine either but you should be able to mention something here. If you don't remember the music then you could just mention that it all works as background sounds that didn't really strike you as memorable. Also, sound effects? Voice work is really up to you. Probably better to keep that to the characters section, but you could include something generalized here if you wanted.

Graphics section isn't bad (I wouldn't personally call it graphics though as I associate that with created visuals rather than non-animated filmwork). You could extend this to include the camerawork, like if it lingers on certain elements for added emphasis, moves about well enough, maintains appropriate zoom levels on the scenes etc.

You ended the review well. Straight to the point, so I like that.

Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 7, 09 at 12:57pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Oh, I only ordered them the way they are order in the sticky thread (the first post where it tells you what to discuss in each review. I just find that size 1 is neater. ._.

Anyway, thanks for updating my reviews, I'll get them on the first post now.

Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Aug 7, 09 at 5:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
quote EricF
Oh, I only ordered them the way they are order in the sticky thread (the first post where it tells you what to discuss in each review.
Ah, so they are. Bit strange really.

Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 7, 09 at 8:09pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Just finished another review.

I decided to write with a default style instead of using size 1. It actually does look pretty good when you use default for reviews. Anyway, I worked hard on that review so I hope it's better than my previous ones.

Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Aug 8, 09 at 8:25am (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
That is a significant improve over your previous movie reviews. By properly explaining the cast of characters you're giving me a much deeper insight into how the film plays out, and your review benefits from it. Graphics and audio are much better here too. Default font as well. <3 Excellent review.

You don't need to include the translations section if the film doesn't use it though.

Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 8, 09 at 5:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Thanks IP, glad you enjoyed the read.

I'll make sure from now on to only add the translations section if there are actual translations needed.

Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 13, 09 at 4:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Woah, that was extremely quick!

I submitted a review for Race Driver: GRID about 20 minutes ago, and it has already been accepted. I'd love if all my entries were submitted and approved this quickly.

Anyway, here it is for anyone interested in reading or finding out stuff about the game.

Edit: Done another review. This time for Fifa 2009.

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Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Aug 14, 09 at 9:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Yeah, great work once again. Nice use of media and plenty of information provided. Glad to see that you've dropped any categories that would have been redundant.

I feel you might be sticking to rigidly to those review guideline categories though in other ways. Again I have to come back to the ordering of the categories. Even if the guidelines thread is set up like that, don't feel like you should be mimicing the layout as such.

As a bonus, varying the structure of reviews, such as tackling issues in a different order, is going to be a nice touch.
quote EricF
Woah, that was extremely quick!
I just happened to be in the crs area at the time.

Edit: Haha, just noticed your Dead Rising review and it actually has the plot section first. XD I still don't think you're getting the section grouped right though.

Edit2: Speaking of which, your DR plot section is really boring. Don't give a step by step story runthrough like that, even if it's just the beginning part. I'm sure you could write up a shorter summary that still explains the gist of things just as well. Make this section a bit more opinionated as well like your other sections, because you haven't really told me what you think of the plot but just gave me a summary of it.

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Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 14, 09 at 9:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Latest: GRID & Fifa 2009
Haha, I'll try to order it a little more correctly in my next review, I promise.

I decided to put the plot first as I guess it was most important to discuss that first, rather than gameplay. And I didn't have one on Fifa because there really isn't a plot I suppose! And I should have done it on GRID too. Thanks for the comments IP.

Author:   Vergil Ties
Date:   Aug 15, 09 at 2:34am (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Dead Rising soundtrack
1. "Blame It On The Cold One" - 2:04 – Carlton Moody
2. "Fly Routine" – 2:31 - Hostile Groove
3. "Slave" - 3:45 - The Evolutionaries
4. "Heaven's Creepin' In" – 3:57 - Supernova Syndicate
5. "Bored Again" - 3:30 – Lockjaw
6. "On A Mission" - 3:18 – Hostile Groove
7. "Justified" - 4:05 – Drea (band) (Eric Gorfain Mix)
8. "Dead Rising" – 0:58 - Marika Suzuki
9. "Frank West" – 1:52 - Hideki Okugawa
10. "Zombie" – 1:35 - Hideki Okugawa
11. "Carlito" – 2:23 - Hideki Okugawa
12. "Adam (Crazy Clown)" – 1:50 - Hideki Okugawa
13. "Cletus (Gun Shop Owner)" – 2:18 - Hideki Okugawa
14. "Brad" – 1:57 - Marika Suzuki
15. "Kick The Pedal" – 1:47 - Hideki Okugawa
16. "Kent (Rival Photographer) " – 2:08 - Hideki Okugawa
17. "Paul (Arsonist) " – 1:40 - Hideki Okugawa
18. "Army" – 1:20 - Hideki Okugawa
19. "Brock (Commander) " – 2:27 - Hideki Okugawa
20. "Mall Music 1" – 1:11 - Hideki Okugawa
21. "Mall Music 2" – 1:31 - Hideki Okugawa
22. "Mall Music 3" – 1:34 - Hideki Okugawa
23. "Mall Music 4" – 1:50 - Hideki Okugawa
24. "Mall Music 5" – 1:16 - Hideki Okugawa
25. "Mall Music 6" – 1:23 - Hideki Okugawa
26. "Stuck In The Car" – 1:37 - Hideki Okugawa
27. "Entrance Plaza" – 1:14 - Marika Suzuki
28. "Dr. Barnaby" – 0:51 - Marika Suzuki
29. "Disquiet" – 1:16 - Marika Suzuki
30. "Isabela 1" – 0:53 - Marika Suzuki
31. "Cliff" – 0:56 - Marika Suzuki
32. "Isabela 2" – 2:41 - Marika Suzuki
33. "Sean" – 0:35 - Marika Suzuki
34. "Police Officer" – 1:33 - Hideki Okugawa
35. "No Time To Lose" – 1:33 - Marika Suzuki
36. "Santa Cabeza (Carlito's Locket) " – 2:40 - Hideki Okugawa
37. "Day 4 12:00" – 0:59 - Hideki Okugawa
38. "Escape" – 0:36 - Marika Suzuki
39. "Method To Prevent Infection" – 1:06 -Unknown
40. "Irritation" – 1:07 - Marika Suzuki
41. "Undercover Scheme" – 1:18 - Hideki Okugawa
42. "What Was Solved?" – 0:45 - Hideki Okugawa
43. "The Last Moment" – 0:58 - Marika Suzuki
Why did you feel obligated to put this in a review? Obvious filler to make a review seem bigger, thus lowering the overall quality of it.

It's already been stated that there will be a Dead Rising 2, and there has been a trailer and everything. Here it is if you'd like to check it out:

It certainly looks like it has taken an improvement from number 1. You are a different character in this one, and there are better graphics and weaponry judging from that short video.
The problem here is that you're reviewing the first game. The second game has no business here. This section is therefore useless.

Good review, but those two parts (and the plot, which IP pointed out) really dragged down the quality.

Something worth pointing out:

You can argue that the game is over two years old, but I still think the graphics are a little disappointing for a next generation console game. To me, at times it looks like I'm playing the PS2 or the Xbox when I play Dead Rising.
Considering it was one of the first games out for the 360, it's no wonder TBH.

Author:   EricF
Date:   Aug 15, 09 at 7:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
It was big enough as it is, I don't write my reviews for quantity anyway.

It was under audio, so I put all of the songs from the game on it. As stated before, I use what is said to be used in the guidelines thread.

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Author:   EricF
Date:   Oct 2, 09 at 11:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Latest: Dead Rising
It's been a little while since I've gotten a review done, but I've finished one now. I'll get another one done after a little while because FIFA 10 has released today. Anyway here it is.

Author:   InsanityS
Date:   Oct 3, 09 at 6:57pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
I'm going to reinforce my bitching in that I really think gameplay sections should be grouped together. Other than that it's a great review with nice formatting and the image included is a nice bonus.

Author:   EricF
Date:   Dec 3, 09 at 5:39pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Eric's Reviews - Hitman: Absolution
Could someone on the CRS team check out my Paranormal Activity review please? The movie reviews tend to get neglected.

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