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Author:   Sakura
Date:   Sep 22, 07 at 2:11pm (PST)
Subject:   Information Thread
Scenes of the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 flash by on the screen, and two phrases are seen clearly onscreen. One reads "Deep Past" and the other "Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate."

We are then confronted by a young boy who looks like Roxas conversing with another young boy with black hair. Their surroundings seem to resemble Hallow Bastion (Radiant Garden). The name "Ven" is thrown outward, referring to the boy who looks like Roxas.

The scene change various times before stopping at an image of the Old Man from the Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ Secret Ending. He is called "Master Xehanort" by Terra. Soon after, Terra summons his keyblade and the screen changes.

Various worlds are shown, and one of which is familiar to us all. "Olympus Coliseum" is making another comeback, followed by a brand new world, that of which resembles Sleeping Beauty.

The video then changes back to Terra battling against a dark figure, whom you can tell is male. This is the same man from the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ that the Old Man creates. Terra is able to forcably get the man's helmet off, but his face is concealed.

King Mickey is shown summoning his keyblade, and then the scene changes very quickly to Terra on a beach. He seems to be watching two boys play in the ocean. After he rests his weapon into the ground, the two boys he was watching are clearer and they look like Sora and Riku. Soon after, Terra says "Please don't depend on me, just erase me… friend." The phrase "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep" arises, and it is revealed this game is for the PSP.
-Kingdom Hearts 3

Author:   kingdomhearts77
Date:   Sep 22, 07 at 6:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Information Thread
The legendary Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power.
Some legends say that long ago, its wielder saved the world, while some say that he brought chaos and ruin upon it.
(Ansem Report 8)

Before Sora gained the Keyblade, there were many "Keyblade Masters" in the world.
One of those Masters, Master Xehanort, and his only disciple suddenly disappears, an omen of the great disaster that would subsequently erupt.
And as soon as one Master realises this, he tells his three disciples that they must track down Master Xehanort at all costs...

This is a story of awakening, one which connects to the grand beginning of the Kingdom Hearts story.

The PSP's high-level graphics ability is taken to its very limits.
A new set of three protagonists compose three different scenarios.
The controls, system and graphics follow those of the series so far, while at the same time bringing a whole new feeling to the system!
Directed by Tetsuya Nomura & Tomohiro Hasegawa

Author:   ITANI
Date:   Sep 23, 07 at 7:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Information Thread
  • New Information From Trailer Summary!

    -The beginning scene is from the ending of Kingdom Hearts to its opening.
    -"Sleep gives birth to the concealed fate in the far past."
    -A boy with the same face as Roxas, but different clothes, is talking to the person known as Terra who has dark hair. The boy who looks like Roxas is called "Ven" by Terra.
    -"Are you the one who, at one time, saved me?"
    -"Ah, promise." (FF&KH user notes that this conversation is very vague.)
    -Terra is shown facing the elderly man who appeared in the Secret Movie of KHII:FM+ in the wilderness. (Although the voice and appearance of this man is quite different from Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts, the elderly man is also called "Xehanort".)
    -Terra calls out the keyblade in his right hand, similar to the man in armor that appeared in KHII:FM+. [KH2: FM+ Secret Boss?] Same person?
    -Though Terra is hostile towards the elderly person, (Xehanort) he spoke in the defense of Roxas. (FF&KH blog user does not recall the exact words though.)
    -Xehanort meets Ven (Roxas?) in the Olympus Coliseum. (Additionally, the forest from Sleeping Beauty's world is confirmed!)
    -(It is considerably vague of what the elderly man's final words say.)
    Ven: "Who? I don't know you."
    Elderly man: "Only soon, will you know, and you are asleep."
    Elderly man: "The one that was lost was to lose, and the one to be obtained was obtained."
    Elderly man: "You must grab and take it now." The elderly man waves his hands as if to summon magic.
    Ven (Roxas?) watches with an expression that becomes confused and fearful.
    -Afterwards, the world of the wilderness appears again.
    -The person wearing a black helmet and black clothes (person who appeared in KHII:FM+'s Secret Movie) encounters Ven.
    -The person of mystery fights off Ven.
    -The King summons and uses the keyblade to momentarily protect a fallen Ven. It appears the King is wearing new clothing.
    -The scene has changed completely to the wilderness, and this time, the elderly man starts to appeal for something.
    Elderly man: "Please, I ask of you to correct my mistake!" (FF&KH user can't remember what else the elderly man says.)
    -Terra is watching the coast. (Coast of Destiny Islands?)
    -There are two boys who are playing using wooden swords and Terra watches from a grove. (Sora, and perhaps, Riku?)
    -Ven is watching from a similar coast. This place isn't Destiny Islands. It is Twilight Town.
    "Because he's my friend, please erase me."


    Author:   Sakura
    Date:   Sep 23, 07 at 3:06pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Information Thread
    Next up is an all-new Kingdom Hearts PSP game, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, it is also the first time the series will be hitting Sony's Playstation Portable. It will tell the story of three all-new characters who are all Keyblade apprentices searching for their missing Keyblade master. Co-directing this title will be Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue.

    Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show presentation is currently going down in Japan and we've got the first details on the trio of new Kingdom Hearts titles.
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP looks to be a single-player adventure in the vein of the PlayStation 2 iterations, though not "Kingdom Hearts III." Birth by Sleep's protagonist was not explicitly named in the presentation, but he looked an awful lot like Zack of Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core fame.

    Despite the entire Internet collectively wagering that Square Enix would be announcing the long-rumored remake of Final Fantasy VII, no such thing has happened. But the Kingdom Hearts rumors? Totally on the mark. In fact, no less than three new KH titles are in the works and were revealed today at Tokyo Game Show, for PSP, DS phones. OK, so the "Kingdom Hearts on PS3" rumors were a little off.

    The PSP title, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, seems most likely to resonate with fans of the series -- and not just because they tend to be PlayStation fans. Of the three games shown today, Birth seems to be most in keeping with the series standards. It's a single-player action RPG with plenty of combo-driven melee action... and the hero is a dead ringer for Zack, the leading man of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core whose life Cloud Strife decided to imitate (in every category from clothing to girlfriends). It's hard to say if it really is Zack -- the name is never given, and characters by designer Tetsuya Nomura tend to look alike -- but he absolutely looks like a Kingdom Hearts-style rendition of the FFVII character. The spiky black hair, the bright blue eyes, the dark clothing with dark red suspenders, the armor over his left shoulder -- it's all Zack.

    There is one difference, though: The lead character in Birth is a Keyblade warrior, an honor never afforded to previous Final Fantasy-to-Kingdom Hearts transplants like Cloud and "Leon" (aka Squall). So who knows what it means?

    Very little gameplay was demonstrated, but plenty of in-game story was shown, with the unnamed hero speaking to a boy who appeared to be Kingdom Hearts II's Roxas. Much of the video presentation was dominated by an old man with eerie yellow eyes and a formal military jacket, who spoke in what appeared to be a somewhat stern (if not quite threatening) manner to maybe-Zack and maybe-Roxas in a dusty, windswept valley.

    At one point, a wicked-looking warrior in black and red armor and an opaque black helmet confronted the hero, only to be thwarted by the timely arrival of King Mickey. Equally tantalizing were flashes of what appeared to be young Tidus and Rikku playing on the beach.

    The little gameplay revealed appears to fall very much in the Kingdom Hearts mold. Is-it-Zack lays into foes with his Keyblade, leaping over obstacles like tree trunks as he battles through a dark forest setting and collecting various orbs as he fights his way up the steps of a pristine palace.

    Though the trailer says the game is set in "the distant past," Birth By Sleep probably won't be showing up at retail until the distant future -- no date was given for this prequel.
    Walking around the Tokyo Game Show this morning, I witnessed firsthand just how crazy Japanese gamers are about Square Enix.
    The show officially opens at 10:00, but they start slowly letting people in at 9:00. I snapped this photo right before 10:00 to show you just how nuts it had gotten at the Square Enix booth within that time. This is the line to get into the Square Enix closed theater, where there were new trailers for such titles as Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts. It stretched all around the entire booth -- several hundred people, easy. Yeah. Not going anywhere near this booth today.

    Author:   ITANI
    Date:   Sep 26, 07 at 12:55pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Information Thread
  • New Information!

    · Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    - Developed by the KH Re:CoM (PS2) team at the Osaka branch of S-E.
    - 3 scenarios, 3 main characters, play in any order.
    - Battle system is a mix of KH CoM (deck of abilities/skills) and KH's normal controls.
    - The random elements and the timing based gameplay is Nomura's evolution of what he used in CoM and IAWW.

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    Author:   Omega_Zero_XP
    Date:   Jan 29, 10 at 9:02pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Information Thread
    Weird that voice actors arent mentioned here. Heres two:

    Ventus: Jessie McCartney (Duh.)
    Mickey Mouse: Bret Iwan

    Iwan's MM voice is extremely similar to Wayne Allwine's. You can hear it in Disney on Ice: Celebrations. Youtube has videos on it.

    Author:   kingdomhearts77
    Date:   Jan 29, 10 at 10:00pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Information Thread
    Have you noticed that this thread is 2 years old?

    And the voice actors for the English version have not been comfirmed yet.

    Author:   Omega_Zero_XP
    Date:   Jan 29, 10 at 11:36pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Information Thread
    Yes I did notice. And some VAs have been announced, like these two.

    Author:   Rabla
    Date:   May 18, 10 at 7:08am (PST)
    Subject:   re: Information Thread

    quote Tetsuya Nomura
    “We hate to keep fans waiting, but we’ve added some brand-new features for the North American version, so even those who have been following the Japanese version are sure to find a few surprises. In addition, we’ve put together an outstanding voice cast. We can’t wait for everyone to experience this game!”
    European Release: 10/9/2010
    North American Release: 7/9/2010

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