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Author:   super saiyan dan 1
Date:   Jan 2, 03 at 3:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
if this game comes out i dont think it should go to ss4 just up to the end of the buu saga(obvious)which is ss3 for goku and gotenks
heres a thought they could make the game that when u need ki u could fly miles away to power up and the com or p2 could chase u and depending on the speed of the player and who they are and wot transformation they are at(if they are at any)the quicker one would win.(like ss3 goku being chased by kid buu or mystic gohan,that would be one hell of a chase)
also they should have a fusion mode where u pick any 2 players to fusion then u could play as them,and they should have a dragonball mode where u pick a character like kid gohan and krillin can help u with he having the dragon radar and it being in the top hand side of the screen and u have to track them

my ideas done

oh,and sorry again to u gotenx

Author:   super saiyan ledgen
Date:   Jan 2, 03 at 10:27am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
-kaioken x5
-kaioken x10
-kaioken x20
-Super Saiyan
-Super Saiyan 2
-Super Saiyan 3
Death move: Chou spirit bomb
Ultimate Moves: Chou Kamehameha, spirit bomb
special move: Kamehameha, super kamehameha

-revenge 1
-revenge 2
-Super Saiyan
-Super Saiyan 2
Death Move: chou kamehameha
Ultimate Move: super kamehameha
special moves: kamehameha, masenko

-Super Saiyan
-Super Saiyan 2
-Super Saiyan 3
Death Moves: Renzokou Shine Shine Missile
Ultimate Move: Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 10 ghosts, special moves: Galactic Donut, super ghost kamikaze attack

-pride 1
-pride 2
-Super Saiyan
-Super Saiyan 2
Death Move: ultimate final flash!
Ultimate Moves: big bang attack, final flash
special moves: galick gun, renzoku energy dan

-Sync w/ Kami
-Fuse w/ Nail
-Fuse w/ Kami
Death Move: super special beam cannon
Ultimate Moves: regenerate
special moves: special beam cannon, masenko

Fat Buu
-rage 1
-rage 2
Death Move: blast ball
Ultimate Move: mental wave, kamehameha
special moves: renzoku energy dan, mouth blast

Evil Buu
-taste of destruction
Death Move: super ki wave
Ultimate Move: blowing wind
special moves: kamehameha

Kid Buu
-rage 1
-rage 2
-rage 3
-Full Power
Death Move: apocalypse bomb
Ultimate Move: kamehameha, super ki wave
special moves: ki wave, finger blast

super bu
-Namek Buu (Piccolo)
-fused Buu (Gotenks)
-Ultimate super Buu (Mystic Gohan)
Death Moves: buu's special beam cannon
Ultimate moves: Super Ghost Kamikaze attack
special moves: kamehameha, cosmic halo

-portara fusion power
-warm up
-Super Saiyan
Death Moves: final kamehameha
Ultimate Move: ki-sword, final flash
special moves: kamehameha, big bang attack

-Rage 1
-rage 2
Death Move: stone spit
Ultimate Move: breath fire, super fire blast!
special move: fire blast, twin blast

-adrenaline rush
-adrenaline rush x2
Death Moves: preasant for you
Ultimate moves: super megaton punch, delay punch
special move: megaton punch, dynamite kick

Supreme Kai
-kai wisdom
Death Moves: kai disk
Ultimate Moves: super blast ball
special move: mental wave

-adrenaline rush
Death Move: Dynamite Kick
Ultimate Move: super throw
special move: double knee

-revenge 1
-revenge 2
-Super Saiyan
Death Moves: Kamehameha
Ultimate Move: charging bomb
special move: slam

-rage 1
-rage 2
-Super Saiyan
Death Move: saiyan wave
Ultimate Moves: light big bang attack
special move: energy rush

-rage 1
-rage 2
-will to succeed
Death Move: Energy Ray
Ultimate Move: super wave
special move: Ki Boom

-super vision
-four witches
Death Move: super tri beam cannon
Ultimate Move: do don ray
special move: solar flare, shin cannon

-non wheighted clothes
-full Power
Death Moves: super thunder flash
Ultimate Move: Thunder Flash
special move: hyper tornado

Author:   thunderkatss
Date:   Jan 3, 03 at 2:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
Hi All,

I just wanted to add my two cents.
I think the main focus of the next dragonballZ game should be character development.
What is the point of having power ups if only the signature move and a bit of the power is increased? If a character powers up then speed, agility strength, and ki energy should also be increased exponentially, and it should be noticeable. This way if a character transforms/powers up it makes it a lot more difficult for the opponent to win
Also, there should be a full power mode, when the character energy bar reaches the red zone, each character should be able to perform a final move or go into an invincibility mode for a few seconds. This full power mode will use up all the remaining energy, but will cause extreme damage if connected.
In the dual mode you should also be able to obtain dragonballs that have certain skills you can use in battle, i.e. Dragon star one ball is increased speed, Dragon star two ball is tri-formation attack etcÂ….once all seven dragonballs are collected you can push different button combinations to activate certain skills i.e. increased energy, move copy, infinite full power mode..etc.. Also note that you can lose a dragonball if hit with a special/power move.

Author:   super saiyan dan 1
Date:   Jan 4, 03 at 4:38pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
i dont think it should be cel shaded,also they could keep the edit skills the same except they could make it so when shenrong is wished upon you can pick the player and you can pick a skill out of a big list

Author:   The Dark Aeon Anima
Date:   Jan 4, 03 at 9:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
i agree, the game should not be cell shaded , i think it should stay the way it is (the graphics i mean) i think they did an amazing job , the characters looks VERY much identical to the series and its 3D!!!!! Excelent work

Author:   Gotenx
Date:   Jan 4, 03 at 11:49pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
hey ledgen got enuff transformations there?

Author:   Kevman924
Date:   Jan 5, 03 at 1:07am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
Hi guys,
sorry to change the subject a bit but i have a quick question about the PS2 DBZ Budokai game ...
I've been all over asking for help with this, with no luck.
do any of you know how to unlock SS4 Goku and actally have it work. i've done everything that's supposed to be done but it still isn't working.
could someone e-mail me back if they know how to do it??

Author:   Gotenx
Date:   Jan 5, 03 at 1:49am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
dude this has been answered countless times, and its really getting annoying, HE DOESN'T FREAKIN EXIST! sry to curse but all ive been hearing in this forum lately is about SSJ4 Goku. plus this isn't the thread to put it in.

Author:   bazthegreatest
Date:   Jan 6, 03 at 9:09am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
ok here are my views

more ssj levels

fight underwater, beat character through more things

more moves, tag mode, ability to fly

more stages planet vegita etc

characters from movies brolly,janmeba,cooler etc.


Author:   Gotenx
Date:   Jan 9, 03 at 1:46am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
good thoughts, but i think theyll keep the regular american voices tho...

Author:   the demon king
Date:   Jan 9, 03 at 11:09am (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
I would also like to see a tag mode and have tag moves like in dead or alive 2 not like Tekken tag (only had two charicters on the screen at the same time). Also create a custom charecter choose the race, Namekan or sayain etc, and use the person in story mode to gain new moves and transformations.

They would have to have the Buu saga and the movies if they don't want to touch DBGT, but it would be good to include it.

Author:   armangua
Date:   Jan 9, 03 at 9:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
An important feature that has to be included is the power struggle. Here are two ideas I came up with.

1)Both players can do an energy move like a kamehameha, galick gun, masenko, ect... at the same time, they both hit somewhere between the players, the screen could stop a second like the burst zone to give a bit of time to get your hand on the analog stick and make cirlces.Depending on whos doing better the core of both blasts will move to the slower person and blow them away when it's over after a certain time.(shooting the blast will use up energy,but not during the the struggle)

2)Another option two players could either shoot a regular ki blast to ki blast or something like a normal kamehameha to a similar kamehameha at each other, the screen wouldn't stop, but you can keep you finger on the energy button as long as you can or want to continue the blast.The player with either the most energy or a stronger transformation increases chances of winning and pushes back the blast into the other players face.Also depending on the amount energy you have during the struggle you could use any transformations available to you.You will then see the core of the blast drarasticly move closer to the opponent or even hit him smack dab in the face.(energy will be consumed when shooting the blast and during the struggle)

you guys can tell me what option sounds more interesting and maybe vote on it.Also we could try emailing these ideas to the producers or who ever uses ideas for the game.

Thanx for you time.

Author:   The Dark Aeon Anima
Date:   Jan 9, 03 at 10:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
Yeah , there should definatly be Power Struggles. and they better keep the Burst Zone! , more characters, more moves , More costumes per character.

Author:   Sunblazer
Date:   Jan 9, 03 at 10:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
I think ther should be a buildup mode where you can pick a fighter, pick from training spots like Bulmas training Center that Vegeta trained in or the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and battle a seies of random opponents. With each adversary you defeat, you gain more Ki, more power, more agility, less ki gauges used to transform or do a special attack, and the more you last in your transformed state, the rate at which the Ki decreases becomes slower and slower.

Author:   The Dark Aeon Anima
Date:   Jan 9, 03 at 10:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Budokai 2
you mean like the one in DragonBall GT: Final Bout?

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