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Author:   Carlyon
Date:   May 22, 08 at 10:35pm (PST)
Subject:   Mario Kart Wii :: Ultimate Guide

Mario Kart Wii: Ultimate Walkthrough
By Carlyon

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Sections Introduction :: What's New? :: Controls :: Snaking/Drifting Explained :: Driving Tips :: Items :: Characters, Karts and Bikes :: Courses :: Battle Mode :: Wifi :: Time Trial Mode :: Conclusion

Introduction Top ^ Mario Kart Wii is a kart racing video game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo for the Wii console. It is the sixth installment in the Mario Kart series excluding the two arcade games and the second Mario Kart to use Nintendo's free online service. The game was released in the four main regions throughout April 2008. Every copy of the game is packaged with the Wii Wheel accessory, which is designed to house the Wii Remote to allow more intuitive and conventional steering.

Mario Kart Wii is the successor to Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS, and changes from the predecessor include motorbikes and support for up to twelve racers. Like other games in the Mario Kart series, it involves various characters from various Mario games racing each other on tracks themed from locations in the Mario series. Support for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows racing against other players from around the world, and featured is also the option of installing the Mario Kart Channel to the Wii Menu with online competitions and results.

Mario Kart Wii was first shown at E3 2007. It has been received positively by both critics and fans. While not revolutionary, the online capability and the large number of tracks, characters and karts has been praised. It has had a very successful launch in every region.

Whats new? Top ^

Sub Links New Tracks :: Motorbikes :: Stunts :: Control Schemes :: Automatic and Manual Drifting :: Characters :: Staff/Expert Ghosts :: Items :: Online Play

The sixth console version of this game can only mean new ideas are introduced, here are the main ones:

» New Tracks
16 new tracks have been introduced.

» Motorbikes
Characters can now ride on Motorbikes as well as Karts.

» Stunts
You can now perform stunts in the air to gain a speed boost when you hit the ground.

» Control Schemes
There are now 4 different control schemes, all with their different practicalities.

» Automatic and Manual Drifting
The driver can chose whether drift is performed manually or automatically.

» Characters
New, never seen before characters.

» Staff/Expert Ghosts
There are now two types of ghosts in time trial mode to push you to your limits.

» Items
Three new items; POW Block, Big Mushroom and Thundercloud.

» Online Play
Major changes to the online play system.

Controls Top ^

Sub Links Wii Wheel :: Wiimote and Nunchuck :: Classic Controller :: GameCube Controller

There are 4 control methods to this game, all with their own practicalities.

» Wii Wheel
» Wiimote and Nunchuck
» Classic Controller
» GameCube Controller

Snaking/Drifting Explained Top ^

Sub Links Automatic/Manual Drift :: Drift :: Mini-Turbo :: Snaking

» Automatic/Manual Drift
Upon choosing your character you will also notice the option of manual and automatic, and you may be wondering exactly what these are and the advantages and disadvantages to each. » Drift
Generally drift allows the user to take sharper corners without loss of speed. To start press the appropriate button and hold, to finish simply release or jump out of the drift.

» Mini-Turbo
A feature which is disabled on automatic drift. When drifting, and holding the drift for a certain amount of time blue sparks will begin to appear, upon release this will give you a short boost. If you hold on for slightly longer then you will notice orangey-red sparks begin to appear, this gives you a longer boost. However it should be noted that when using the bikes, it is only possible to achieve blue sparks.

» Snaking
Snaking was a concept introduced in Mario Kart DS, it was widely debated whether it was cheating or not to snake. I am of the personal opinion that this is not cheating, however others will disagree.

Snaking is the method of drifting from side to side and gaining Mini-Turbo around the whole track, including straights. It gives a massive speed advantage if performed correctly, but is very hard to master.

To put it simply, snaking is only available on Mario Kart Wii to a small extent. Depending on the kart or bike used it is sometimes possible to do this on wider tracks, however is not generally advised. Best leave alone.

Driving Tips Top ^

Sub Links Rocket Start :: Throwing Items :: Dangling Items :: Slip Streaming :: Stunts :: Wheelies :: Recovery :: Avoiding the POW Block

» Rocket Start
This performs a boost at the start of the race and can be achieved using any character and any controller method. To do it is pretty simple and should only take a few attempts to master, as once you have it, it is hard to forget. At the start of the countdown (3, 2, 1), hold down A as the number 2 begins to fade away. If done too early, you will skid and black smoke will appear and if done too late a boost will not be obtained. You will know if you have done it, if you cannot get it, I would advice going on Time Trial mode and practicing as it is a useful technique to know.

» Throwing Items
Items cannot only be thrown backwards, but they can also be thrown forwards. This is a useful tip to know if you are just behind a racer or just ahead as it can bring them to a nasty halt. It can be achieved by holding backwards or forwards as the item is released.

» Dangling Items
If you are first or second, and find you are only getting bananas or shells then this is a useful trick. Dangling items can act as a shield to your kart and avoid being hit by shells coming your way. It is a very useful tip to help hold a lead in a close race. However, it cannot protect you from the dreaded blue shell. It can be achieved by holding the item button down, and the item will drag behind. However, please note the Fake Box does not act as a shield, as of previous versions, so if you have this it is best to drop it.

» Slip Streaming
By following the kart just ahead of you along straights you can slip stream them. As you trail a kart you will start to see lines appear, and if done for long enough you will get a ring of lines around your kart. This gives you a big speed boost and will take you past the racer in front. However, be vary of the kart in front dangling items, as if you get to close and hit the item you will be brought to a stop.

» Stunts
This is a new technique introduced to Mario Kart Wii and one which can be useful. By pressing the correct button, depending on which control method used, just before you take off a ramp the driver will perform a trick in midair, and when lands a boost will be obtained. The trick performed is seemingly random however, the boost is always the same.

It is advised on some tracks, such as Rainbow Road, you do not perform tricks as the extra air time needed to perform the trick can sometimes be a disadvantage and it will be quicker not to perform the trick.

» Wheelies
This is a technique which can only be performed on Bikes, however it does give a big speed boost. It also makes up for the fact that Bikes can achieve red sparks upon drift. To perform, simply press the correct button and you will instantly wheelie, the wheelie will end automatically after a while, however can also be escaped by pressing the jump button. This is a more advanced technique and is generally not advised on windy tracks, unless you are a more skilled driver. But this is also the reason most of the world records are performed on Bikes because of the general advantage gained.

» Recovery
On some tracks it is possible to fall off, the most common one is certainly Rainbow Road. When falling off it is also possible to get a small boost to gain full speed quickly, this can be done as the instant you hit the ground to hold accelerate. Again it is a tip which may require practice, but it is extremely useful, especially for online play and Grand Prix. Use Time Trial Mode to practice.

» Avoiding the POW block
This is one of my most hated items on the game, but luckily there is a way to avoid it. As the item is used you will hear and see three POW's, as you hear the first two get ready, because just before the third you need to perform a mini stunt. You will spin, like every other driver, however remain at full speed and carry on as normal upon landing. You will also know it is done because as you perform it a small ring will appear under your kart. Again, a vital tip to know, but it will take practice.

Items Top ^

Sub Links Banana :: Triple Banana :: Green Shell :: Red Shell :: Triple Red/Green Shell :: Blue Shell :: Fake Item :: Mushroom :: Triple Mushroom :: Golden Mushroom :: Bob-omb :: Bullet Bill :: Blooper :: Thunderbolt :: Star :: Thunder Cloud :: POW Block :: Big Mushroom

Picking up any real item box in a race will get you an item to be used no matter what position you are in, items are now one of the biggest parts of the game and can take a racer from last to first or from first to last.

» Banana
Position Received; 1st - 3rd » Triple Banana
Position Received; 1st - 3rd » Green Shell
Position Received; 1st - 3rd » Red Shell
Position Received; 2nd - 8th » Triple Red/Green Shell
Position Received; 2nd - 8th » Blue Shell
Position Received; 4th - 8th » Fake Item
Position Received; 1st - 3rd » Mushroom
Position Received; 2nd - 8th » Triple Mushroom
Position Received; 2nd - 8th » Golden Mushroom
Position Received; 6th - 12th » Bob-omb
Position Received; 4th - 8th » Bullet Bill
Position Received; 6th - 12th » Blooper
Position Received; 3rd - 8th » Thunderbolt
Position Received; 6th - 12th » Star
Position Received; 6th - 12th » Thundercloud
Position Received; 4th - 8th » POW Block
Position Received; 4th - 8th » Big Mushroom
Position Received; 4th - 8th

Characters, Karts and Bikes Top ^

Sub Links Characters :: Bikes :: Vehicle Characteristics :: Kart List :: Bike List

» Characters
There are three groups of characters in the game; Light, Medium and Heavy. Whoever you go as all depends on your playing style, however for beginners I would recommend medium characters as they are more all rounders. You should note however that characters within the same weight class all have similar characteristics. » Bikes
These are a new addition to Mario Kart Wii and one which should definitely be looked at if you want to get good at the game. Although they cannot achieve Red Sparks like Karts, they can Wheelie, which you will come to realise give the better advantage on most circuits.

» Vehicle Characteristics
Wondering exactly what the little bars down the right side of the screen mean? I will explain all. » Kart List
Again, whichever kart you chose depends on your playing style. I prefer Bikes, though. » Bike List
My prefered choice of vehicle, others will disagree.

Courses Top ^

Sub Links Mushroom Cup :: Flower Cup :: Star Cup :: Special Cup :: Shell Cup :: Banana Cup :: Leaf Cup :: Lightning Cup

» Mushroom Cup » Flower Cup » Star Cup » Special Cup » Shell Cup » Banana Cup » Leaf Cup » Lightning Cup

Battle Mode Top ^

Sub Links Balloon Battle :: Coin Runners :: Wii Stages :: Retro Stages

Battle mode is back, and online, but it has changed. I will explain the changes, and how the battle mode now works.

» Balloon Battle
In this mode, balloons represent lives. Items are used to try and take away others lives, but don't hit other obstacles laying around the track.

» Coin Runners
Collect as many coins as you can before the time is up. Items act as distractions to other races, so use them wisely.

» Wii Stages
There are a total of 5 Wii Stages to be played. » Retro Stages
There are also 5 retro stages playable.

Wifi Top ^

Sub Links Getting Started :: Nintendo WFC :: Ranking :: Mario Kart Channel :: Star Rankings :: Gold Wheel

Online is where I feel this game really excels. After getting used to it you will see what I mean, some hate it because of the amount of items. But trust me if you have skill then you will win 80% of the time.

» Getting started
Make sure you Wii is configured to connect to the internet, once this is done you are ready to go.

» Nintendo WFC
Once you are connected to the Wifi home screen there will be three options; Continental, Worldwide and Friends. » Ranking
Every racer starts at 5000 points and will either lose or gain points depending on where they finish. The higher your ranking, the better you are but it also becomes harder to get points as you get higher. You can win points more easily if you are a lower ranking, but this generally shows you have no 'skill'. Having a high ranking and maintaining is the hard part.

» Mario Kart Channel
The channel is split into different options. The main use is to check rankings against friends and world wide for Time Trials, check here to see how you really rate against the rest of the world. But be warned, the world records are improving all the time so it will take practice and dedication to beat. You can also download ghosts to see how they do so well and learn strategies, this is a recommended method for improving time trials learning the best place to boost and shortcuts to take.

» Star Ranks
In each Grand Prix you do you will gain a ranking at the end based on your driving skill and technique. In order to get star ranks, which show when you play on Wifi, you will have to finish first in every race on the offline Grand Prix, a good way ahead of the others and avoid hitting walls and coming off the track.

» Gold Wheel
The Gold Wheel appears for consistently using the Wheel online, and doing well. There is no exact description of how to get it so just be patient.

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Author:   Carlyon
Date:   May 22, 08 at 10:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Mario Kart Wii :: Ultimate Guide
Time Trial Mode Top ^

Time trial mode is where you access each individual course, and play it over and over to improve you technique and time. It is a highly competitive scene and the best players are exceptionally good. Becoming good will take practice, so watch the World Records online and download ghosts for tips and strategies.

» Staff/Expert Ghost Times
Staff ghosts are normal ghosts which will be automatically unlocked. Beat each staff ghost by a set time to unlock the harder expert ghosts. Below are all the times.

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup

Conclusion Top ^

This has taken a good few days to write, markup was what took the longest, the content was pretty straight forward. I hope the content can be of great benefit for everyone, even if you already know a good deal about the game maybe this can help you some more.

I know this is like really long, so you don't have to read it all at once, but it will be a helpful resource never the less, maybe it could even be stickied.

Anyway, thanks and enjoy playing Mario Kart Wii.

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Author:   Guugley
Date:   May 22, 08 at 11:58pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Mario Kart Wii :: Ultimate Guide
Thanks for the amazingly detailed guide Ben, it's clear you put an awful lot of effort into it and as such it will forever be a sticky. If anybody notices any changes that need applying to it then feel free to send a PM to myself or Carlyon. If you do have any concerns and do plan on sending either of us a message, please look at the "Last logged in:" line in the profile to ensure that we're still active. In the event that neither of us have been online recently, PM a Super.

Guugley » Carlyon

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