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Author:   hed charge
Date:   Jan 19, 05 at 1:40am (PST)
Subject:   stuck on the demo :(
iv downloaded the demo from and it looks like a really good game to me , but im stuck on it. im in a hotel room which in it has, a note from someone you know,5 spooky photos,a drawing of a man doing something,some business cards, half a key from the door lock, a radio, a safe and the key to the safe. iv used the lamp and safe key on the safe to show the 3 digit bars for the combination. the note sed that you need to look at the old art catalog or somthing to find out the code. the guy on the radio ses a few numbers but i cant see the connection. also in the drawing of the guy i can make out what looks like the digits ( IV ) in the background upsidedown. maybe im just going mad though. any help would be grate. thank you.

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