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Author:   Icekickseverything
Date:   Dec 14, 11 at 9:19am (PST)
Subject:   ♞Moveset Competition V♞

Moveset Competition


This was an idea that was made in the pearl forum by Origin and Nightwing thought it would be a good idea to bring it to the strategy forum. This thread is all about creativity, the aim of the game is that there will be a theme set, ie a fire pokemon or a trick moveset, you then choose any pokemon that fits the theme and create a moveset following RMT guidelines. You will be then judged by a judge that will change every theme, for your creativity, description on how it works and the effectiviness of the moveset. It's really no fun if everybody just gives standard smogon movesets, so creativity is nice, but at the same time Choice Band Luvdisc would never work so we also judge on how effective it appears to be. We also judge on the description, a good description would explain why everything is the way it is. Why did you choose that nature, why those EV's, why those moves, what does it perform well against, what will you need to cover with other members on the same team. Rounds will last a certain length of time if it's popular enough maybe a week, if it seems to take people awhile to get everything done then maybe 2 weeks or so. Then the winner's moveset will be placed in a Hall-of-Fame. This would function to serve as good examples, as well as possibly provide viewers with movesets they might like to try out and of course bragging rights. When judged you will recieve a score out of ten.


*The Forum Rules apply, they are found here
*No Flaming, None, it will not be tolerated.
*No Spamming, if your not posting a moveset or commenting on someone else's moveset don't post.
*Do not crictise other people's movesets.
*Use RMT guidelines, it is a lot easier to grade.
*Ubers are now legal, and I made MagnetBoy type this because it would burn my flesh
*Gen 5 is now available to use.

Author:   Hearts
Date:   Dec 14, 11 at 10:47am (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞

Just kidding. Really? I really get to pick? D'aww you're so nice.

I'd like Crimson #DC143C text and White-ish #F5F5F5 for the "lighter" background and Light-ish pink #FFE4E1 for the "darker" background.

If that's OK with people who use the thread..

Author:   dylar-03
Date:   Dec 14, 11 at 7:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞
what are we suppose to do? sorry i can't read what you wrote because i have a problem focusing and i can't really read it because it's alot.i am serious. Icekickseverything

Author:   Toast
Date:   Dec 14, 11 at 10:33pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞
quote Dylar-03
what are we suppose to do? sorry i can't read what you wrote because i have a problem focusing and i can't really read it because it's alot.i am serious. Icekickseverything
We dont do anything yet. There's no theme.

Once there is a theme, anyone who wants to has to submit a moveset that fits said theme and give a description. This should be done before the deadline posted, but if Ice is judging, you can expect to get an extra few days on top of that deadline.

Author:   MegaBassMan
Date:   Dec 14, 11 at 11:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞
quote Toast
quote Dylar-03
what are we suppose to do? sorry i can't read what you wrote because i have a problem focusing and i can't really read it because it's alot.i am serious. Icekickseverything
We dont do anything yet. There's no theme.

Once there is a theme, anyone who wants to has to submit a moveset that fits said theme and give a description. This should be done before the deadline posted, but if Ice is judging, you can expect to get an extra few days on top of that deadline.


Author:   acetrainershaun
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 12:19am (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞
quote MegaBassMan
quote Toast
quote Dylar-03
what are we suppose to do? sorry i can't read what you wrote because i have a problem focusing and i can't really read it because it's alot.i am serious. Icekickseverything
We dont do anything yet. There's no theme.

Once there is a theme, anyone who wants to has to submit a moveset that fits said theme and give a description. This should be done before the deadline posted, but if Ice is judging, you can expect to get an extra few days on top of that deadline.


Or a month

Author:   Eon80
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 7:17am (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞
Regardless, there's usually at least an extra day or two added to the deadline Dylar-03. We just need to wait for Ice to give us a theme to run with.

EonEdit: wow, notifs. fail when you use hyphens in your username. I had no idea

Author:   Icekickseverything
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 8:29am (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
Hearts This is the coolest colour scheme ever <:

Bitches be watch what they say about my judging, cause Ice smash...your grades to be lower

Theme- Meme (Relate it to a Meme, pretty self explanatory)
Judge- Ice
Due Date- 22nd of December

Author:   Eon80
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 9:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
@ Expert Belt / Life Orb
Trait: Vital Spirit
EVs: 24 HP / 252 SAtk / 232 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Fire Blast
- Thunderbolt
- Focus Blast
- HP Grass / HP Ice / Substitute

Introduction/Theme Relation:
If you couldn't already tell, Magmortar has cannon-like arms. When it has one pointed at you, it'll be firin' off a lazor made of fire, lightning, great focus, or unknown powers. Thus, the meme IMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR! is certainly able to be applied to Magmortar. Aside from the theme, Magmortar is ultra cool in NU with it's great coverage and high base 125 Special Attack stat. Trolly base 83 Speed can also let it apply the meme, "UMAD BRO?", to the entire base 80 Speed tier. 2 memes in one?!

Magmortar has awesome coverage with 4 moves. Fire Blast(Lfire lazor) is stupid strong and will power through most things that don't resist it. Thunderbolt(lightning lazor) screws over bulky Waters attempting to take Fire Blasts.Focus Blast(heavily focused lazor) tears apart stuff like Rhydon and Regirock who are bold enough to try and stay in. Your last moveslot is reserved for unknown powers...until it hits your target that is. HP Grass OHKOes Quagsire. Altaria, who would otherwise tank hits from this set, is destroyed by HP Ice. Feel free to use Substitute to avoid status that may keep you from firin' off lazorz if you have answers to Altaria and Quagsire.

The EVs seem strange, but are actually very simple. Max Special Attack gives Magmortar big time firepower. 232 Speed EVs allows you to apply the "UMAD BRO?" meme to the base 80 Speed tier by outspeeding them. The rest are thrown into HP. Timid nature is used to outspeed positive base 80s and neutral base 90s. As Magmortar has such good super effective coverage, Expert Belt is the main item choice since Magmortar can typically tank a strong neutral special attack. Vital Spirit is a great ability on Magmortar. It makes Tangela, one of the premier physical walls in NU, absolutely useless. Blocks Sleep Powder, resists Grass STABs, has special Fire STAB. Yeah, Magmortar can literally tell Tangela to "come at me bro!".

Other Options
Magmortar isn't short on movepool options as it has plenty. As already mentioned, HP Ice destroys Altaria who otherwise can take any attack Magmortar can muster. Though not listed, Flame Charge is a cool move that Magmortar can make great use of. If you go this route, use Naive nature and shift leftover EVs to Attack as Magmortar does have a usable Attack stat. Speaking of that Attack stat, Earthquake cleanly 2HKOs Lanturn if you are in dire need of stopping it. If you want a consistent power boost, Life Orb is perfectly viable, but do keep in mind that Magmortar does have usable special bulk for a sweeper.

Team Options
This Magmortar is a wallbreaker, so your teammates need to finish what Magmortar starts. Klingklang and Swellow love having Magmortar remove opposing Steel types. Rock Polish Torterra can easily come in on Ground and Rock moves aimed at Magmortar and clean up after a boost. A Scarfed Sawk, can come in on an Absol trying to OHKO Mag with Sucker Punch and just spam CC on a weakened team. Otherwise, pack teammates that stop what Mag's HP doesn't cover. When running HP Grass, Altaria can beat Mag. Slowking shares good synergy with Magmortar and can KO Altaria with Ice Beam while also dealing with Specially Defensive Flareon and Scarfed Sawks. When using HP Ice, Quagsire and Lanturn are issues. Tangela can defeat them with ease. Torterra is also cool. Rapid Spinners are hard to come by in NU, but Wartortle gets good synergy with Magmortar. Mesprit and Misdreavus are immune to Ground moves and also deal with Sawk easily. Sash Dugtrio is a bitch. It can trap Mag and KO with EQ. SR can limit its chances to come in safely as all of Mag's moves outside of TBolt OHKO Dugtrio.

Author:   Megamaster37
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 10:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
Meme? Damn man, I got this sh*t.

My meme; I lift things up, and put them down. My Pokemon; none other than my favorite Toxic Staller in existance, Sky Drop Skarmory.

Skarmory @ Leftovers
Impish: 248 HP/252 Def/8 SpDef
- Whirlwind
- Toxic
- Sky Drop
- Protect/Roost

How it relates to the Theme
How? How DOESN'T it relate to the theme. The main thing the set does is, wait for it, pick things up and put them down with Sky Drop (although it puts them down rather rough).

OK, so the explanation. I'm fairly sure that most of you fiured out what this thing will do right after reading its moveset, but regardless, I shall explain. First, Skarmory has Toxic, which will be used just like any other wall would use Toxic, to poison the opponent, and chip away at their HP Bar until it runs out. Sky Drop is where things get interesting. It does 60 damage, not very powerful, but the effect is what makes it useful: that being that Sky Drop makes the opponent immobile for one turn, increasing Toxic Damage and activating a turn of Leftovers healing. When paired with Protect, this gives the opposing Pokemon a chance to hit the already hard to kill Skarmory Once every 3 turns. (Roost can be used in place of Protect for regaining HP, but when I tested I preferred Protect for help against faster Special Attackers and allows me to scout moves). Whirlwind is, well, whirlwind. Use it to abuse damage from any hazards you have down, and force pokemon attempting to set up boosts to switch out.

The EV's are going to give Skarmory 333/416 Defenses, making it get maximum use out of its Leftovers, and making Skarmory one great Physical Wall. It's Special Defense remains low at 178, but no-one ever knew Skarmory as a Special Wall anyway (although, for a more blanaced-defensively Wall, you can run Careful Nature 248 HP/252 SpD/8 Def. This makes Skarm better able to take some non-STAB Special hits, while still having a fairly high Defense stat.

Team Options
Skarmory appreciates the company of anything that can take Special Hits, specifically Electricand Fire attacks. This one, however, is slightly different. Due to it not being able to hurt Poison or Steel types effectively, and Sky Drop not being effective on flying-types, its also helpful to have something able to hit these types. Rash Raikou (WTF, HE MENTIONED RAIKOU? NEVER WOULD'VE SEN THAT COMING, NOT FROM A MIE AWAY) makes a decent partner, being able to super-effect Steels with Aura Sphere and flying types with Thunderbolt. Even with timid nature and Volt Absorb it does fairly well at dealing with steels with 135 Base power t-bolt, and the nature change lwets it outspeed and KO Gengar (which Skarmory can't touch at all). Heatran (HE MENTIONED A STEEL TYPE TOO, THIS GUT IS SO UNPREDICTABLE) makes a great absorber of Fire moves, and has its greatest weakness covered by Skarmory, so they make a good pair.

A Rapid Spinner helps slightly, allowing Skarmory to take advantage of Sturdy, making it possible to Whirlwind out Pokemon that have added up several boosts and threaten to sweep your entire team.

EDIT:: Is the Size 2 Amusing Icekickseverything? Now my post takes up the whole screen

Author:   Toast
Date:   Dec 15, 11 at 11:18pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
Behold, the oddest tie-in you'll ever see.

Pikachu @ Light Ball
252 Sp.A/252 Spe/6 Hp
Nasty Plot

Behold, my yandere pikachu This pikachu relates to this meme because it will make you fall in love with it, then proceed to destroy you.

Attract -- Absolutely necessary for a yandere. With this, Pikachu will make you fall in love with it, forcing switches and easy(er) setup. Note that your pikachu should be a girl so this will work more often.
Substitute -- For setup. Put up a sub and get up a Nasty Plot.
Thunderbolt -- Your only attack. Great for STAB, but it will require that opposing electric and ground types re out of the way, but more on that later.
Nasty Plot -- Like all yanderes, Pikachu here has a plan. An evil plan. An evil plan that involves many other pokemon dieing. Clearly a Nasty Plot, and raising your Special Attack will surely help.

Purrty self explainitory here. Max Sp.A and Speed for best sweeping chances, and 6 in Hp just because.

Other Moves
Not many really. Thunder can go over Thunderbolt for more power, and HP Ice can go over Sub if you want more coverage and are very very insane.

Team Options
You'll be needing something to beat Grass, Dragon, Electric, and Ground types. Scarfed Nidoking with Ice Beam and Earth Power can get the job done fairly well. Mamoswine with STAB Icicle Crash and EQ can also do this job.

EDIT -- Size 2, just for you Icekickseverything. It makes my post look much shittier, size 1 is way better EL EDIT 2-- Wait, un-bolding makes it look passable.

Author:   MagnetBoy
Date:   Dec 16, 11 at 12:01am (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
Nyan Cat (Ho-Oh)
@ Flame Plate
(Regenerator will overshadow this when released)


Description tonight while I’m up.

Theme Tie-in
Well, obviously it’s already been put forward by the NN, but this is meant to relate to Nyan Cat. Look it up, one of the more annoying memes but also one of the more addicting. Anywho, it’s a Pop-Tart cat releasing an infinite rainbow out of its patoot as it sails across a starry night. Ho-Oh is a rainbow bird that flies across the sky and is spoken of in legend. Carry on.

So I use this on my Ubers Drought team. Basically, just get in safely on some walled special attacker and use FlameCharge on the switch-out. Or if they attack, you tank the hit and then KO them with the appropriate STAB move. You could also bring it in on something weak to Fire-type attacks, something along the lines of a weakened Arceus-Steel, any Scizor, etc. SacredFire lacks PP, but it’s your best bet for a physical Fire STAB and has a pimpin’ 50% burn rate for the physical attackers you aren’t quite as sturdy against. BraveBird is secondary STAB, and provides good general coverage. The main issue is that Fire is resisted by Rock-, Water-, Fire-, and Dragon-type Pokémon while Ho-Oh has no super-effective attack on any of these besides the somewhat redundant Earthquake. Recover works wonders for Ho-Oh, making it into a fearsome tank with power, speed, defenses, and staying power. Helps if you’re forced to switch in with SR in play, as well as fighting BB recoil.

Nature, EVs, and Item
With this spread, you achieve a Speed stat of 264 while maintaining your maximum Attack stat of 394. Meanwhile, your defenses reach an incredible 369/216/344 to sponge all sorts of hits ranging from neutral physical attacks to super-effective special ones. Now you do have a backup option if you wish to sacrifice a bit of power for more bulk. With a Jolly nature, you only need 96 Speed EVs leaving 160 points for bulk as opposed to 64. Or, you could run an Impish nature with the same EV spread but the extra 64 into Def for even more rounded 353/255/344 defenses. Finally, you can run a Calm nature with the extra points into Sp.Def for insane special walling ability, but again lowering your Atk to 359 instead of 394. No matter what, 264 is used as a Speed benchmark to outpace base 130s after one boost. Flame Plate is used to give extra oomph to your STABs, making FlameCharge actually fairly powerful and bringing no additional recoil as a Life Orb would well Recover keeps you in top condition.

Checks and Counters
Well, both of your STABs are resisted by Rock-types. By that logic, you’re also 4x weak to said Rock-type moves. So Scarf Garchomp can StoneEdge you into oblivion, and the rare Arceus-Rock can massacre you at will. Heatran can come in on one of your Fire STABs and force you out with the Steel-typing negating BB’s power, and it can Toxic the switch-in or just rip off a massively powerful Fire attack like LavaPlume or Eruption with the FF boost. Kyogre makes your sweep difficult, but BraveBird can dent less defensive versions so if it’s weakened and you have a boost, you can finish it off and try to power through the rest with Flying-type STAB since few types resist it anyway.

Groudon is your best friend here, as it can power up your Fire STABs even further to make even FlameCharge a 169BP move. SacredFire, then becomes an absolute murder weapon at 337.5BP when neutral. With or without Groudon, you’ll need a dedicated Kyogre counter. Of course, every Ubers team needs a solid way to deal with the thing, but sun teams like mine in particular must dedicate an entire member to it. I personally find that Adamant Scarf Zekrom works very nicely, completing a solid physical offense core with Ho-Oh and Groudon as far as coverage and weaknesses/resistances go. Reshiram makes a very nice special partner, having an absurdly powerful BlueFlare even without weather of any kind. Also, a consistent RapidSpinner is an absolute necessity when using Ho-Oh, and since I happen to combine it with Reshiram I tend to over-rely on mine personally. Forretress is what I use, as it complements Ho-Oh’s natural special bulk rather nicely and can ease the pressure on the rainbow bird with hazards of its own. Finally, a general Darkrai counter is nice to have in case you can’t get the boost before it DarkVoids you. Any ChestoRest set does this job well enough, especially on anything with Justified.

Author:   Zeezow
Date:   Dec 16, 11 at 2:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
Next theme should be the internet rules

Anyways, I will get my entry soon :3
Socially Awkward Penguin

Empoleon @ Leftovers
Calm (+S.Def, -Atk)
252 HP/ 4 Def/ 252 Sp.Def
-Stealth Rock
-Aqua Ring/Iron Defense

How it fits the theme:
How to relate Empoleon with Socially Awkward Penguin? Well first of all it is a penguin obviously. Out of all pokemon Empoleon is the only one to have the water/steel typing. Empoleon pre-evos are the only pure water type pokemon with access to Stealth Rock, and Empoleon is the only part water and other typing being not rock or ground (the two closest type to rock) with access to Stealth Rock. The looks of Empoleon is weird, compare it with other water types, a bit different than others I must say. Toxic can also be considered awkward coming from a water/steel type pinguin, now how would he poison other pokemon? A penguin that throws rocks, non-shard typing, able to toxic other pokemon, and looks weird.... Socially Awkward much?

Set Description:
Specially defensive empoleon that loves to toxic stall things, this Empoleon can increase the HP it heals each turn or increase it's defense with Iron Defense. Stealth Rock is useful when your team is in need of it, for toxic'd pokemon would switch a lot and SR would hurt. Scald is the main STAB move and the chance of burn is extremely useful. Toxic is there just to toxic everything, since it is obviously the most important part in toxic stalling. Protect can be used over Steal Rock is it is provided by another pokemon, for Empoleon would heal itself furthermore, scout, and stalk up toxic damage.

I'll edit this with the explanation sometime soon!

Author:   Hearts
Date:   Dec 16, 11 at 4:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets

"Well, excuse me, princess"

Know your meme

YouseiTekoku (Gothorita) (F) @ Eviolite
Trait: Shadow Tag
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Toxic
- Calm Mind
- Psyshock
- Rest

Set Description
Ok, let's start with the ability. Shadow Tag to trap enemies that can't check you. Like, ones with no super effective STAB attacks, no boosting moves or a choiced Pokemon. The second condition is that the Pokemon must not be a Steel type or have Poison Heal, Immunity and Magic Guard. Guts, Quick feet and Poison boost are also better of avoided, but if you feel that you can manage it, go ahead. Toxic is Toxic, no matter how many times you ask.. Calm Mind for powering up Psyshock and increasing Sp.Def, which is very helpful in Stalling. Psyshock is there so you don't get walled by Chansey, it is your only STAB move and to hit poison types. Rest is for longevity and stopping status abusers from harming your little princess.. EV's and nature for as much bulk as possible. Eviolite to boost it even more. Let's see. I guess that's all for the set description.

Checks, counters and Team mates
As mentioned before, anything immune to poison, especially Gliscor and Steel Types. Gothorita also has a very hard time to deal with all those Psychic Magic Guard users, especially Siglyph. Sharpedo comes to mind. Ice fang lands a 4x super effective on Glisor, STAB Crunch for Reuniclus, Siglyph and Alakazam and EQ for steel types, although a STAB Waterfall is good enough. Slowbro is really great. It resists steel type moves. Gyro Ball will do nothing and Iron Head becomes laughable. Ice Fang and EQ from Gliscor is pathetic. 4x Ice Beam and STAB Scald really hurt Gliscor and Fire Blast to take care of Steel types. Basically any Pokemon with a powerful water type attack. Clefable is still a bit of a problem.. Hit is with a fighting attack before it sets up. Bisharp works better as a friend than foe, since it has the power to send any Clefable packing, but Gothorita should never ever ever switch into it. Bulky Steel types works well in resisting bug, dark and ghost types which Gothorita doesn't like.

There's not many things to harm her in the NU tier. Dragonair, Klinklank and Skuntank... don't ever switch into those.. Haunter can be pretty fearful before Goth sets up. Clefairy. That too. Last but not least, the ever so annoying Altaria which can stall you to death with Natural Cure and Roarwind. Sadly, Magneton doesn't have enough power to take down Gothorita, but you can't deal much damage to it either.

Being a trap staller, Goth doesn't need much defensive support. She can heal HP and status on her own with Rest.

Other Options
Not really much, to be honest. She isn't a very good sweeper with not so good Sp.Atk and movepool(Unlike her Hoenn cousin Kirlia). The best is probably late game. Goth is usually one-use like most of other Shadow Tag users.

Theme Connection
Ok, Gothorita fits a few memes.
  • Well, excuse me, princess Someone please tell me that she doesn't look like a cute, levitating, gothic, lolita princess with an odd sense of fashion..
  • My little sister can't be this cute In the Gothitelle line, Gothita is the baby, Gothitelle is the mom(Not to mention about an even more electric design) and Gothorita is the little sister. Going deeper, she looks almost exactly like Ayana Taketatsu and dresses in black like Kuroneko..

Author:   MagnetBoy
Date:   Dec 16, 11 at 9:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ♞Moveset Competition V♞ Theme-Pets
Zeezow I was soooo close to using that, but I have no experience with Empoleon so that wouldn't have quite worked

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