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Author:   Takiro
Date:   Nov 1, 12 at 8:56pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2] [9/18]

About The Clan

We have here a cozy little clan that goes by the name of Initium Clanovum (meaning "New Beginning Clan" in our screwball language, mutiLatin). We battle, trade, and discuss topics related to the world of Pokemon, but are open to the discussion of other fandoms as well. Come on in, apply to be one of our clan members, and chat it the eff up! Chances are you'll make new friends and get your hands on some good pokemon, but, most importantly, you'll have a good time.

Clan Members' Jobs

1) Make new threads 2) Ban members if necessary 3) Promote/demote members 4) Makes and takes part in discussions.

1) Follows Founders'/Leaders' orders and takes over necessary duties if higher-ups are absent 2) Represents Members 3) Takes part in discussions and suggests new topics

1) Takes part in discussions

1) Awaits approval to join

Clan Rules

1. You must have regular access to a Gen 4 game. Having both Gen 4 and 5 is fine (many of us have and trade in Gen 5 games as well), but Gen 4 is the mainstay of our clan.
2. No flaming, spamming, and/or insulting fellow clanmates.
3. Please do not go off topic from discussions and such. If you'd like, you can wait until the discussion has concluded or you could always PM someone to chat.
4. Please refrain from double posting. Instead, if you have something else to say, please click the 'quick edit' or 'edit' buttons to the bottom right of your post.
5. To sign up, you must follow the Application Rules and Form.
6. If you are going to be absent from Neoseeker and/or the clan for some time, please inform one of the leaders, as we will take you out of the Member Roster and place you in "Idle" section if we are not previously informed of your absence.
7. Enjoy!

Application: Rules & Form

1. To emphasize, please do not apply unless you have a Gen 4 Pokemon game!
2. After applying, you must take part in clan discussions and appear in the clan regularly for a time. This proves to us that you're committed to being a part of our group.
3. If you succeed in joining the clan, you will receive a Clan Title, chosen by the Founders.
4. You must have had at least 30 posts on Neoseeker. This way, we can ensure you are responsible enough to handle the Clan. However, some exceptions can be made.

Here is the form that you need to use to apply to our clan.
[ The banners come from here: Gen 1-4 Pokemon- | Gen 5 Pokemon- ]

@Takiro @NovaBlueShinyUmbreon @Jperry87
Gen 4 FC:
Gen 5 FC: [if applicable]
Favorite PKMN Game:
Favorite Regular PKMN: [At least one, but no more than five]
Favorite Legendary: [Limited to one]
Other Interests/Fandoms:
What pokemon would you like on your banner? [No shinies and no pkmn that have already been used]
In what color font would you like your bio to be?

Member Roster

Gender: Manly
Gen. 4 FC: 0734 1428 8143 | Gen 5 FC: 3740 6688 1245
Favorite PKMN Game: SoulSilver fo sho. | Favorite Regular PKMN: Poliwrath, Scyther, Haunter, Cyndaquil evo. line, Litwick evo. line | Favorite Legendary: Shiny Rayquaza
Other Interests/Fandoms: Star Wars, post-apocalyptic media in general, music, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, electronics, creating stuff!

Gender: Female
Gen 4 FC: 1077 7204 4100
Favorite PKMN Game: Soul Silver | Favorite Regular PKMN: Shiny Umbreon and Noctowl | Favorite Legendary: Mew
Other Interests/Fandoms: Adventure Time, Anime, Manga, Call of Duty (despite the fact that I am a girl), Modern Family

Gender: Male
Gen 4 FC: 3397 1335 1837 or 0648 3524 0898
Favorite PKMN Game: Soul Silver | Favorite Regular PKMN: Riolu and Espeon | Favorite Legendary: Entei (this changes constantly)
Other Interests/Fandoms: Anime/Manga, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead/anything zombie related.

Gender: Male
Tier II | Points: 25
Platinum FC: 2495 0374 8814  |  Black 2 FC: 3740 7339 2086
Favorite PKMN Game: Pokemon Stadium  |  Favorite Regular PKMN: Arcanine, Dragonite, Gardevoir  |  Favorite Legendary: Latias
Other Interests/Fandoms: Anime Freak (I watch complete series in a matter of days), COD

Gender: Female
Tier I | Points: 5
Gen 4 FC: 0562 2737 2115
Favorite PKMN Game: Pearl | Favorite Regular PKMN: Butterfree and Pidgey | Favorite Legendary: Mew

Gender: Male
Tier 1 | Points: 5
Gen 4 FC: 4470 8732 1058  |  Gen 5 FC: 3396 9381 0526
Favorite PKMN Game: Emerald  |  Favorite Regular PKMN: Cyndaquil, Eevee, and Lapras  |  Favorite Legendary: Shiny Latias
Other Interests/Fandoms: Smallville, Code Lyoko, Star Wars, Spiderman, and Doctor Who

Gender: Male
Tier I | Points: 5
Gen. 4 FC: 0218 5852 1418
Favorite PKMN Game: Silver | Favorite Regular PKMN: Houndoom, Squirtle, and Espeon | Favorite Legendary: Mew
Other Interests/Fandoms: Harry Potter, Team Fortress 2, Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender

Gender: Female
Tier I | Points: 5
Gen 4 FC: [FC needed] | Gen 5 FC: Black: 3439-4954-4831 / White 2: 0476-5653-1491
Favorite PKMN Game: Emerald | Favorite Regular PKMN: Flygon | Favorite Legendary: Shaymin
Other Interests/Fandoms: Anime/Manga (especially Fairy Tail and Bleach), Gaming, Art/Photography

Gender: Male (I prefer females, not being one)
Tier I | Points: 5
Gen 4 FC: 0347 7399 1177
Favorite PKMN Game: Pokemon Colosseum | Favorite Regular PKMN: Charmander | Favorite Legendary: Ho-oh
Other Interests/Fandoms: Femalis, Guns, Godzilla, Limp Bizkit, Spartacus

For easier notification of the Clan.
Only use when addressing entire clan, otherwise tag single members!

Copy and paste this into your post to create the almighty Bombicus Explodicus!

[spoiler=Bombicus Explodicus!]

Tier Ranking System

Welcome to the newly-minted Tier Ranking System! There are 10 Tiers in total, ranging from Tier I to Tier X. The way this system works is that you do different things in the clan to gain (or lose) points. Each Tier is achieved by advancing 25 points. So Tier I would be from 0-24 points, Tier II would be 25 to 49 points, and so on. Your point count and current Tier will be listed under your banner in the home post. For the time being, it is your responsibility to keep track of your points and to report them to me via the "TRS Points" PM thread. Here are different ways you can gain points and the restrictions that go along with them:

Joining the clan and being initiated as a member: 5 points
Commenting in a discussion (only one post per discussion counts): 1 point
Posting a new discussion/question (one per day): 3 point
Winning a battle against a clanmate (one battle with each clanmate per week): 3 points
Winning a battle in a clan war: 10 points
Winning a battle against a leader (once per month per leader unless they decide otherwise): 5 points
Adding to Clan Art & Graphics (provided that it's acceptable): 5 points

Here are different ways you can lose points:

Blatant double posting: -3 points
Blatant triple posting: -5 points
Being inactive for three days (without due warning or explanation): -5 points
Being a dick (yes, this is a real rule): -15 points

There are other, one time only ways to gain points as well, such as in contests and tournaments, but the amount of points rewarded will vary per activity.


For people whom we have yet to decide to either let in the Clan or let go.

Members that have not been active in the clan for a week or more will be removed from the Member Roster and stripped of any rank held.
Don't let this happen to you!

We sincerely honor the veterans of our Clan here.

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Author:   Takiro
Date:   Nov 1, 12 at 8:57pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]


New thread everyone!

Author:   Jperry87
Date:   Nov 1, 12 at 9:01pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]

woohoo! thread number 2!!!! WOOOOOO WOOOOO WOOOOOO...

too much excitement?

Author:   Takiro
Date:   Nov 1, 12 at 9:10pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]
Hmmm... I'll allow it.

Have a new topic for us?

Author:   Jperry87
Date:   Nov 1, 12 at 9:33pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]

okay i got it new topic....i had a random thought while playing pokemon a few weeks ago.... do you think they should have dual type Moves?!

Author:   Flyer1228
Date:   Nov 1, 12 at 9:46pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]

Yeah! That'd be awesome! Though it'd be a bit difficult to find the weakness of the move.

Author:   MisterCookie
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 5:51am (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]
I dont want to sound like a noob or anything but what is " dual type Moves"?
i like only understand 90% english and 10% where was i? lol

Author:   Jperry87
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 7:05am (PST)
Subject:   re: ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2] [9/18]

I've got no problem explaining it . you know how there are pokemon that have two types? like houndoom is dark and fire... well what if there were moves that were two types as well?

Author:   firestyle3
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 9:09am (PST)
Subject:   re: ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2] [9/18]
I have actually wanted to try out moves like that quite a few times
and to teach a specific move to a pokemon it would have to share at least one of the types or you would have to breed the move to it

Also in my fandoms can you add Spiderman and Doctor Who please

Author:   a-rin
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 10:29am (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]
Who's your favorite Doctor?

I've never thought of that before, but it'd probably be useful.
However, I think it'd make everything a lot more complicated.
Like, what if there was a Ghost/Bug move used against a Normal type? Would it work at all, due to a Normal-type's Ghost immunity or would it just fall back on Bug-Type and how effective would it be then?

Author:   firestyle3
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 11:38am (PST)
Subject:   re: ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2] [9/18]
My favorite of the new Doctors is David Tennant
I do not have an old Doctor favorite but I am watching the old series now

also there are two ways to do
this both effectiveness 'charts' combine and calculate ghost/bug would do no damage to normal
or the attack type would match the user's type as best as possible or randomly oscillate between the two types

Author:   a-rin
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 1:57pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]
I'm a big Ninth fan. I haven't watched the older ones either, I'm too caught up in The Twilight Zone.

but then you have to add in items too. Such as Miracle Seed for grass moves. Let's say it was a Ghost/Grass move against a Normal type (not to mention if it has a secondary type...) Would it still up the grass-part effect, or would it be Ghost dominate? And if it did amplify the move, then by how much, if it did have any effect at all?

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, I don't really like battling anyways. xD it's just confusing to me. x__X

Author:   Abysmal
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 3:20pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2] [9/18]

Jperry87 Wow a-rin is right that is confusing, once you start thinking about it. At fist I thought you meant like if you're in a double battle two Pokemon would join together to use one super move or something. But if you mean Dual typing moves that sounds cool but I don't get how the concept would work. In the TV Show they've already done the combining moves thing, so that I understand a little better than the dual-typing thing.

So this is another question for everyone. What do you think Game Freak would do, dual-typing moves or combination-moves (for doubles battles)?

Author:   Jperry87
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 3:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2] [9/18]

well if you think about it they already have combo moves. think of fire pledge, water pledge, grass pledge... all those moves are weak on there own but if used together in a double battle it's pretty solid!!! and yeah dual type moves would be so weird and confusing. it was just a random thought

Author:   Abysmal
Date:   Nov 2, 12 at 3:42pm (PST)
Subject:   ///// INITIUM ||||| CLANOVUM \\\\\ [LF New Members, Thread #2]
Jperry87 Oh yeah forgot Dual types it is then. We'll see, if it happens. It would make the game really complicated for the really young ones who play the game, oh well. Pokemon would get a lot more interesting in terms of battling, I would definitely get let behind lol

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