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Author:   mettaur
Date:   May 22, 08 at 2:26am (PST)
Subject:   Forum Rules
Forum Rules

First and most of all, by participating in this forum you agree to abide the following:

  1. The Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette, and Acceptable Behavior
  2. Neoseeker 's TOS
  3. The Code of Conduct for this forum as outlined below:

.: The Do Not's :.

Please note that breaking any of the following will NOT be tolerated and may result in a ban.

  • No Spamming
      Spamming is considered to be posts that add absolutely nothing to the discussion that is going on at that time, in other words, off-topic posts. Examples: "LOL, that's awesome!", "You're stupid", "Yeah he's right", or even "Thank you." Don't forget, most one-liners and one-worded posts are considered spams. Remember, Neoseeker is NOT a personal chatroom.

  • No Flooding
      Flooding happens most of the time when you get overexcited and tend to post in every single thread in the forum. Most of the time all these posts are spam. Do not do this, unless ALL of your posts are constructive/helpful. Otherwise, flooding is against the rules.

  • No Double Posting
      Double posting occurs when you happen to post twice in a row. If you're a member, there's no excuse if you double post. There's an edit button under each post. USE IT!

  • No Flaming
      Please don't flame other members. Flaming occurs when one yells at someone else on the forum, or puts them down. Using all caps can also seen as a type of flaming once in a while. If you don't like what a person said, take it to PMs. DO NOT post your 'comment' in the corresponding thread. Please note that flaming is one of the biggest reasons of people getting banned. DON'T DO IT!

  • No Advertising
      Advertising is defined as posting a website on the forum and then tell the members of neoseker to visit it. It is against the Rules and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Advertising WILL be reported and dealt with.

  • No Memberating
      Memberating usually refers to when one acts like a moderator of a forum, when s/he isn't a moderator. Telling others what to do is considered memberating. Requesting thread closures when you're not the thread creator is also considered memberating. If you see something wrong with a post, report it. The moderators will deal with it.

  • No General Help Threads
      General help threads are not allowed in Neoseeker. Period. Please use/create specific threads if you need any help with the game.

  • Do Not Abuse the Report Feature
      Please don't abuse the report feature. If you see a thread created for the sole reason of spamming, REPORT THE FIRST POST ONLY and choose "SPAM" as the reason. The moderators will deal with it accordingly.

  • Do Not Discuss Illegal Material
      Discussing about ROMs, Emulators, and other illegal material is not allowed on Neoseeker. This is because it is illegal. If you see a post that breaks this rule, please take their post out of view and try to get a mod's attention.

  • Do Not Use Excessive Smilies
      Pretty much self-explanatory. Don't use a lot of un-needed smilies in your posts.

  • Do Not Bypass Ban(s)
      If you are banned for whatever reasons, do not bypass it, it's that simple. If you do, and I assure you, you will be caught one way or another, it will result in a longer ban or even a permanent one.

  • Regarding Friend Codes (Games with Wi-Fi only)
      ONLY post your Friend Codes in the appropriate thread. Do NOT create new threads asking for others to add you and vice versa.

    .: The Do's :.

  • Stay on Topic
      Most of the threads are created for a purpose. Do not stray from it.

  • Help Others
      If someone asks a question, answer it NICELY. If you don't know the answer, simply do not post unless you've got a suggestion on how to solve the problem.

  • Regarding Game Threads
      Game threads are all fun and they increase the forum's activity, but please ask a moderator first if it's okay to create one.

  • Regarding Spoilers
      If you think that a post you're about to make will spoil it for others, please use the spoiler box.
      [spoiler=Name of the spoiler]What the spoiler is about, etc.[/spoiler]
      which will come out like this:

  • Use the Thread Index
      To prevent duplicate threads, check the Thread Index before making new threads. It's there for a reason. Use it. (If there is one)

  • Have FUN
      Forums are created to make a tighter online community. Contradictory to what you may think after reading this post, having fun IS allowed as long as you follow the rules .

    .: Forum Moderator(s) :.



    mettaur_15 - Section Moderator

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