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Author:   nfingers
Date:   May 31, 07 at 12:30pm (PST)
Subject:   EDF part 4?
Not saying I heard of new one being released, just wondering what you would change for the 2nd installment and would you buy it w/ a $50 price tag.

I would buy it, I'm sure ppl who do play want LIVE co-op and system link, as stated in another thread.

You should be able to choose to carry up to 4 weapons, half the game was trying to figure out what weapons best suited the mission. Some options for ZE series guns, i.e. only attack enemies in range and a self destruct. You won't have to wait for your guns to run out to reload them.

Obviously updated graphics, voices-overs, and scenery-which isn't that bad. And the 2nd player gets achievements along w/ the 1st player.

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Author:   dark_heart82
Date:   Jun 1, 07 at 10:00am (PST)
Subject:   re: EDF part 4?
Yeah I'll buy it for $50, but if I was gonna change things...

1.) no more random unlockables (use a point system)
2.) make the main character have unlockable variations:

change his rank
change his suit colors
lets put MEGA MAN in here (hey it worked for DEAD RISING)

I got it!!!!!
unlock a super power suit (run faster, super jump/fly, built in laser/ missile blasters I'm proud of this idea

3.) for single player, have a CAMMAND option to order troops around (that way they don't stand around and wait on you to walk near them--had to backtrack in a tunnel for 2 troopers)
4.) make the rifle a permanet weapon choice with upgrades and then 2 secondary weapons
spend 100 points = increase rifles accuracy
spend 200 points = increase rifles ammo
spend 250 points = increase rifles range
spend 1000 points = increase rifles damage
spend 10000 points add effect to rifles bullets EX:acid, explosive, bounder, Electric shock, Armor piercing, Incindiary shells

weapon 2: sniper rifle
weapon 3: rocket launcher

5.) better vehicles

*more manuverable mech suit->lets capture and rebuild a Walking Hector

*make the motorcyle durable (I'm sorry but it sucks)

*give the helicopter some better control

God i need to take those Devry classes and make "The next great Video Game"

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Author:   nfingers
Date:   Jun 1, 07 at 1:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: EDF part 4?
I agree w/ just about everything, except that COMMAND option, the troops do nothing and get in the way most of the time.
They wouldn't really be effective as a squad taking commands, seeing they would get slaughtered shortly after the given command.

Also different skins for the main characters, not so much unlocking a power suit but upgrading your current armor just like you would w/ your weapons. Definitly able to run faster, since that's what it'll come down to.

Mega Man is fine where he is, no need for cameos.

Complete and total agreement on the vehicles, horrible horrible controls.

Author:   FleaJr
Date:   Aug 7, 07 at 12:25am (PST)
Subject:   re: EDF part 4?
the troops on EDF are only really good for taking bullets for you, and slowing down that nasty horde of red ants

Author:   nfingers
Date:   Aug 16, 07 at 7:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: EDF part 4?
Couldn't say it any better myself.
If it was a linear map I wouldn't mind having 2 squads w/ laser rifles.

Author:   Link 20
Date:   Sep 20, 07 at 3:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: EDF part 4?
Jesus christ i'm tired of you people, you have no clue how goddamn hard it is to have xbox live co-op (Halo 3 Spioler ahead) [/color]bungie was just barely able to pull it off, and they have some of the best game desigeners[color=black](end Spoiler) The immense amount of code needed to transport just the game settings of an xbox live match of co-op is unimagineable so just stop being idiots:moony:

Author:   PN01
Date:   Oct 5, 07 at 12:05am (PST)
Subject:   re: EDF part 4?
Pssshh, part of what made this game good is it's sheer simplicity. Sure there can be improvements in some aspects, but I wouldn't change any of the stuff that makes it good already.

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