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Author:   xIIxStaTiiCxIIx
Date:   Feb 4, 13 at 5:47pm (PST)
Subject:   Looking to be recruited!
Im looking to be recruited on the US servers, Horde, and preferably the realm frostwolf. My skype is sidk07. I can play mon-wed-5-1130 and tues-thur 9-1130. fri-all night sat-9am-3 sunday all day till 1130 Only requirements are that you are a very friendly person, and have to pay for my battlechest.

Author:   ChiroVette
Date:   Feb 8, 13 at 5:58pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Looking to be recruited!
Not sure what this is all about, but I am closing it at least for now.

Thread Closed

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