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Author:   elflaco4910
Date:   Oct 9, 12 at 6:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name:Ryo Nakata


Gender: Male

Secret Technique: Lift the oponent jump, and thorws him hard to the ground

Jutsu/s: Fire and Lightning justsus

Attacks: Fast punches, clones, Expert with all kind of weapons

Bio (opt.): His fathers died in his own house by another ninja and he kill him. now he has that memory for the rest of his life. he is alone but he wants friends

Personality: serious, he doesn't smile a lot, he does anything to protect all who he cares.

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Chunin

Village: Konoha

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words): black hair, black eyes, light skin, tall, thin.

Catchphrase (opt.): "the darkness is my power"

Best Friend (opt.): none. he wants to have friends

Crush (opt.): Orochimaru

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Gaara

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'):

Pet(opt.): a black spider called: darky

Author:   FantasieFan^^
Date:   Oct 24, 12 at 12:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Leyasu Sakai

Age: 18

Gender: female

Secret Technique: Dragogan

Jutsu/s: Disappear jutsu (being invisible) Tiny-Mega-Me (being mega huge, or uber tiny) Shadowclone,

Attacks: She has a sord withoud an kling, when she attack by your shoulder, it feels like your arm is cut off, you can't use your arm until you eat an Rainbowflower, wich are almost imposible to find, they are extreemly rare. If she uses her jutsu 'mega sword' her unfinished sword changes into a huge and extreemly sharp sword, everything is real on it.

Bio (opt.): Her father is a fared criminal in the sound-village, he hides in the Leafs where he married and got three children, a boy named Jesse, an unfared boy with an incredible strengt, his little sister, Leyasu (me), father hated this child, he is searching for a way to drop his demon in her body, thats the only reason why he kept her alive, and their little brother Levi,
When Leyasu was little, Jesse always protected her for father, one day father had enough of it, he sended Jesse away, he didn't want to kill him, cause he got lots of big plans with the boy, a few years later, he killed his wife in front of Leyasu and Levi, just to let them know how strong he is, he also sended them away, he said: 'if i ever see you again, i'll kill you, and when the time is right, i will come to you, little girl.'
Leyasu took Levi to a house on the edge of the village, there they stay until now, Levi is old enough to stay alone, and Leyasu is going to find her brother, who always protected her en who she loved so much.

Personality: Sweet, kind, loving, caring, a little misterious, has always the last word, funny, always joking, she likes to make boys nervous thanks to her striking comments

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): jonin

Job (opt.): to earn money on her trip, she sometimes sing in café's or play on her flute.

Village: first in the hidden Leaf village, but later on she don't really lives anywhere, she always saids: 'the world is my home. the sun is my lamp.'

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words): 'She has got long blonde hair with an part of it is bonded in a ponytail ontop of it. She has got a fishnet T-shirt, covered with an burgundy shirt with an collar. She has got short black pants with an fishnet legging underneath. She has got long black boots. She has light-blue eyes and a really sweet smile.

Catchphrase (opt.): 'Nobody changes my mind' if somebody says: 'my dream is to...' she says: 'my dream is to see you laying on the ground, crying and screeming for me to save your butt.' 'you better ask for forgiveness, then ask for permission.'

Best Friend (opt.): TenTen, she doesn't like Sakura or Ino, because they are jalous at her, Sasuke is always looking at her, even though she doesn't even like Sasuke. She also likes Tamari and Hinata, but Hinata doesn't say that much.

Crush (opt.): KIBAAA

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Tamari, we used to fight each other, because she tought she could get any guy, and Leyasu tought she could. Now we don't fight anymore, but we still like to joke around and bet on things, like: who of us could get Sasuke scared.
Leyasu doesn't see Ino or Sakura as rivals, even thought they do, about the Sasuke thing, but she already told them she doesn't like Sasuke, but they still don't believe her.

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Deidara, Orochimaru & Charèl (you don't know her, she is my cousin in real, but if i was a character, she would play in it, too. But she want to be a bad-girl.

Pet(opt.): Leyasu got a cat, but Leya hates Chibi, becouse she is so noble.

Author:   ice_shadow
Date:   Nov 9, 12 at 6:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Hono Doragon.



Secret Technique: doragon no jutsu(dragon release) Shade release.

Jutsu/s: Doragon release: force of the dragon jutsu.---Doragon release:molecule incineration jutsu.---Doragon release: dragon scale barrier jutsu.---Doragon release: Extremity alteration, scaled beast grip.-Summoning jutsu: Tarquin, dragon of death.--- Shade release:shadow transportation technique.---Shade release: stealthy death jutsu.---Shade release: incarceration of darkness.----Shade release: demons advocate, searing digestion.

Kekkei genkai: Hebigan.(eyes of the serpent) In which his sceleera is all black with a red serpent pupil in the center. It greatly enhances his perception in taijutsu attacks providing him with excellent defense and legendary counterattacking abilities. It also greatly improves his accuracy and field of vision.

Attacks: His own form of special taijutsu he uses as a last resort. Wild style taijutsu.

Bio (opt.): Hono was a victim of an attack by the akatsuki. His mother was killed and his father arrived just in time to save him and take him to the village hidden in rice ppatties, where his father trained him a little bit in their clan( the doragon clans) secret techiques. He stayed their till the age of seven, and then he and his father moved to the rain village. There hono doragon befriended his fathers best friends son, Fayashi Hyuga. The two gre up from their together just as their fathers did. Soon the akatsuki made another large scale attack. Hono and fayashi's fathers went out and revieled their legendary power to defend the village. The akatsuki fled only after killing both men. Leaving hono an orphan, and fayashi a fatherless child. This caused Hono and fayashi to train harder than others believed possible, every day through out their entire ninja careers to be strong enough to fight the akatsuki or one final showdown of revenge.

Personality: Very quiet, cocky, angry, and speaks his mind and doesnt care who hears. Is only nice to fayashi.

Rank. He is currently a jonin.

Author:   097325629
Date:   Nov 17, 12 at 6:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Oh hi, I haven't been here forever.. Forgot my password, too lazy to recover it. This is the thread maker.. BUT WTF THIS THREAD IS STILL ALIVE??? LOL.

Author:   TheHenchPanda
Date:   Nov 27, 12 at 1:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Aluray Gashuna
Gender: Female
Village: Mist
Powers: See through worlds and ice stuff... (i couldn't think of the word)
Individual Ability: She is able to fight with out seeing since her senses are very capable on there own, she would only blind herself when her enemy has Sharingun.
Appearance: Long blue hair that she has down and with a side fringe, she wears bandages around her neck and a purple sleeveless top, she wears black shorts with a blue skirt over it.
Aluray is originally from the hidden mist and is part of the Gashuna clan (The Gashuna clan is famous for there ability to see through worlds knowing what is about to happen and what has happened, there founder got this power by making a deal with a god the deal was that they would see but not change and to make sure every thing happened right, however they can not see there timeline that well. The deal was for the hole clan). Aluray disobeyed the deal since when she was at a young age in the hidden mist her clan was murdered of course they had to deal with it but Aluray didn't want to dis so she had help from Suigetsu and Kisame to leave the village (Kisame had been teaching Aluray sword skills since she had formed her own sword with ice). Aluray left the village and was starving on her travels and ended up collapsing some where near the hidden stone where a shinobi found her and took her to the hospital. When she woke up she saw Deidara leaning over she had thought that it was him who saved her but she had no idea who actually did it. She hanged around with Deidara while he was still in the stone but when he left she went with him since she didn't really get along with the rest of the stone since she was from the mist. Deidara joined the Akatsuki before Aluray, but Aluray was still able to hang around with him without the other members knowing. After a while Kisame and Itachi found out about her and Kisame insisted that she join. Itachi was very interested in her power since she knew the secret of Itachi. Itachi made a deal that with her to make sure she would never tell, but Aluray knew that Itachi didn't have to die and she even tried helping him to live. After Deidara died she decided that she would no longer try to help Itachi since she knew that it would be a sad moment for Sasuke. When Sasuke's crew joined the Akatsuki Aluray wasn't very happy with the decision but she did enjoy Suigetsu being there(Suigetsu and Aluray where friends in the mist). Aluray and Suigetsu would have multiple conversations insulting Karin and Sasuke which got them two feeling close to each other. Aluray started to like Suigetsu but couldn't stand the fact she did since she truly loved Deidara and didn't want anything to get in the way of how she felt. Orichimaru's reanimation jutsu was another problem for the Gushuna's power since it was using dead bodies. However Aluray found out by accessing Madara's thoughts that Deidara would be there, she was hanging around where Deidara would be watch him fight Kunkuro. After seing him captured she had tried to get him out but could never herself to do it, she watched Zetsu escape with Deidara and decided that she would just watched what would happen after Deidara got caught... again she jumped up on the puppet and started teasing the group who had captured Deidara. Deidara didn't seem to know it was her so was just thinking of his ultimate art. Aluray was trying to convince the others that she had no part in this war but she would insist that they wouldn't make fun of Deidara's art since she thought art was something to be valued and not insulted.

Author:   Zack G
Date:   Dec 11, 12 at 5:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Zaku Yuki

Age: part 1: 13 part 2: 15 part 3: 16

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals he expanded more on this jutsu modifying it. He can now weild powerful Genjutsu with it.(this jutsu has been passed down through the Yuki clan, Haku used this jutsu)

Jutsu/s: water style, wind style, and lightning style. Has two Kekkei Genkai: ice style and storm/gale style.

Attacks: Uses Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. possesses one of the 7 ninja swords the kiba's. Knows how to use all 7 ninja swords also uses hidden in mist technique along with silent killing.

Bio (opt.): Haku and Zaku were both cousins but when Zaku's parents were killed in a war haku's mom had to take him in. Later on Zabuza Momochi found the two and raised them. Zaku trained to become one of the 7 ninja swordsmen of the mist and eventually became one. After Zabuza and Haku's death's Zaku went lived in

Personality: Very wise, clever, and has a passion for reading, writing, and drawing. Has quick reflexes and loves to argue!

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Jonin

Job (opt.): sometimes sold artwork and weaponry on the streets when in need of money but never had an official job.

Village: Village hidden in mist

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words): resembles Zabuza in lots of way's wears his headband the same way and has the same exact mouth cover but occasionally has mouth cover off. wears a long brown trench coat with lots of pouches for scrolls and weapons. wears his two kiba's on his back.

Catchphrase (opt.): When life gives you crap give it back.

Best Friend (opt.): Chōjūrō

Crush (opt.): Temari

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Was Haku but currently is either the fifth Mizukage or Darui

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Kisame Hoshigaki

Pet(opt.): Has a female dog named Zoe that he often summons and lots of other summons but Zoe is summoned the most frequently.

wow this is great I can finally get my ideas out there.

Author:   Enzeru
Date:   Dec 29, 12 at 3:42am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Enzeru Zetsumei (Later Uchiha)

Age: 23

Gender: m

Secret Technique: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Amaterasu

Jutsu/s: Mangekyo Sharingan- shows enemy there worst fear in a genjutsu inside the victims mind. Amaterasu Grand Dragon- a blacked flamed dragon fires out of his mouth. Master ability over the Amaterasu- can manipulate it in many ways. Amaterasu Eclipse- turns the sun black, firing off one million Amaterasu Grand Dragons at the target (If he uses this move he will die)

Attacks:Good swordsmen, uses the Amaterasu Blade- a blade forged from the black flames of the Amaterasu.

Bio (opt.): Graduated from the Mist Village academy at age 13. Mitsuki, Enzerus uncle is his Jonin sensei along with his team, Regetsu and Ritsuzen. The Mizukage returns from a mission and is celebrated in the village. A assassin tries to kill her, and Mitsuki defends her by throwing himself infront of the attack, which would kill him. Enraged, Enzeru follows the masked assassin to a cave. The assassin has a kekkei genkai known as Metal Release. he can manipulate metal in any way he wants. Enzeru is on the verge of dying, and his true power is realeased. Enzeru uses the Amaterasu. Without having a Sharingan, it is unheard of. The mask assassin known as Senbon retreats. Enzeru, depressed about the death of Mitsuki lashes out at his new Jonin team leader, Tenchi. Tenchi tells him she knows someone who can help him master Amaterasu. They leave the village and go to The Land of Fire. On the coastline, there is a cave. As the two enter the cake, a man is sitting in a chair. Tenchi tells Enzeru, this man is Itachi Uchiha. tenchi tells Enzeru that she was hired to assassin Itachi, but was never able to and actually became a spy for Itachi. Tenchi leaves, prepared to tell the Mist about Enzeru's death. Enzeru trained for ten years with Itachi, taking on the name, Ookami. He now wore a wolf mask, a long black cloak similar to the Akatsuki cloak, and The amaterasu blade at his side. He finally masters the Amaterasu, but there is one more thing he needs to do. During there training, Itachi learned the Enzeru's mother was part of the Uchiha Clan. Her father, Madara Uchiha who came to the Mist Village long ago. If Enzeru wanted to kill Senbon to avenge his sensei, he would need her Mangekyo Sharingan eyes. Enzeru went back to the Mist and dug up her body, and with the help of Itachi, transplanted her eyes into his. Enzeru returned to the hidden Mist, to everyone's joy. Enzeru told everyone a fake story to cover up the truth. A month later, Senbon returned. Senbon turned the Mist village to ruins, transforming all the metal foundations of the buildings, into metal samurai. The entire village fought the Samurai. Enzeru met up with Senbon on the battlefield. There fight had begun. Senbon taking metal scraps and forging them down to liquid metal with his own chakra, then turning them into weapons, became a challenge for Enzeru. Enzeru used his strongest technique, the Immortal Grand Dragon of the Amaterasu. Clouds filled the sky, raining down was black rain from the sky, a grand dragon created from the Amaterasu appeared and struck down Senbon. Senbon was badly hurt with cuts all over his entire body. His blood was unusual, a grey color. Senbon revealed that his eyes, the Metigan not only effected his chakra, but his blood as well. Senbon drained his own blood out of himself and created weapons with his liquid metal blood. Senbon quickly took scrap metal and turned it to liquid. Then the liquid went inside Senbon and his wounds had healed. Senbon revealed the Metigan was not like the Sharigan, but a demon with immense power gifted him with this ability. Enzeru now being attacked by Senbon was on the verge of death. Senbon revealed his true face. Senbon was actually Mitzuki, Enzeru's uncle and sensei. He also revealed he wasn't Enzeru's uncle, but his father. In his quest for power, he learned from an ancient scroll how to summon a demon that would grant him the greatest power the world has ever known. He had to sacrifice his wife, Enzeru's mother. The scroll was incomplete and said that you must kill your first born son to activate all of the Metigan's power. It the true power was activated, he could not only control metal, but he could control the earth itself, he could control the core of the world. Enzeru, now knowing the truth was enrage and sad. His Mangekyo Sharigan activated, it was a black pentagram with a red pupil, and red outlining. Mitzuki looked into Enzeru's eyes and fell into his fear genjutsu. Now having time, Enzeru would use his greatest, fatal, and suicidal technique, The Amaterasu Eclipse. He grabbed onto Mitzuki's back and used it. The sun was turned into a giant black flaming sun. One million Grand Dragons of the Amaterasu came crashing down on both Enzeru, and Mitzuki. Both Enzeru, and Mitzuki were dead. Mitzuki's body was melted away by the flames. Enzeru's body was entirely gone. But, the truth was, Enzeru did grab hold of Mitzuki's back, but he also removed Mitzuki's right eye. He stole the eye and right before the Amaterasu Eclipse took effect, he replaced himself using the Sharingan. Enzeru removed his own right eye and replaced it with the Metigan. Now having both, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and the Metigan, Enzeru set out on a new quest, to kill the demon of the Metigan

Personality: Dark, very serious

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Genin, since he never went back to the Mist

Job (opt.): none

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Description (of looks as in in words): Long black hair, very similar to his grandfather, Madara.

Best Friend (opt.): Itachi

Crush (opt.): none

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): none.

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Mitzuki, the Demon of the Metigan

Pet(opt.): none

Author:   QuickSliver
Date:   Jan 1, 13 at 7:54am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name : Yukino Uchiha
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Secret Technique : Dance of the a Hundred Dragons( Several water dragons appear ..funny thing the technique is called a hundred dragons but there only 99!! ...with scales made of lightening which attack by her command) and also posses the sharingan
Jutsu/s : Water and Lightening style
Attacks : Water prison , Lightening scatter storm , Liquid flare , Lightening massacre
Bio : During her childhood she was never once defeated by her twin brother Yuuki , often praised by her parents and considered a child prodigy while her twin was given almost no attention grew jealous of her and as a result formed a hatred towards his sister . He freed a great evil which was sealed deep in the hidden mountains believing it will give him power , consumed by evil Yuuki was no longer his old self with only the emotions hate and vengeance he returned home and with a single blow the killed both his parents realizing what he had done he gave an evil grin . As he cornered Yukino ready to kill her ,their older brother Shigure arrived in the nick of time and saved Yukino he realised that the person trying to kill his sister was no longer the brother he knew so he sealed Yuuki . He trained Yukino to be prepared for any thing knowing the seal would break only in a matter of a few years ....
Personality : Kind Sweet A little greedy Humble Quite Truthful Understanding sort of an air head lacks common sense even though really intelligent
Rank : Jounin(Special ANBU)
Job : Works in the office of the Kazekage who is Gaara!!
Village : Lives in a small house in between the Leaf and the Sand
Description : Long Black hair Blue eyes Pale skin 5ft Wears a short Kimono type clothes
Catchphrase : To Enemies or opponents - " Good Luck! Hope you win!"
Best friend(s) ; Naruto And Shigure
Crush : Gaara !!!!
Rival : NON nan
Enemy : For some strange reason even though she doesn't hate even her enemies, even Yuuki ( who killed her parents!!) HATES !!! Sasuke with all her might and Yuuki ( even though she doesn't consider him his enemy)
Pet : Shiro a white cat size of a big dog who is good at Tai and Gen Jutsu

Author:   Azazelknight
Date:   Jan 21, 13 at 4:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name:Kai Senju



Secret Technique:Ancestral Style: Hidden Potential

Jutsu/s:Water Style Kenjutsu(swordplay)

Attacks:uses water blade

Bio (opt.):he is the great-grandson of the 2nd raised secretly by Zabuza Momochi

Personality:he is always joking except when a fight gets serious

Rank (anything but Hokage, please):Genin he is like Naruto never advanced Samurai(during war)
Job (opt.):

Village:Hidden Mist

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words):He has hair like the 2nd but black and he is Brown skin because of his father
Catchphrase (opt.)on't mess with a Senju

Best Friend (opt.):Haku
Crush (opt.):

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals):

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'):


Author:   Azazelknight
Date:   Jan 21, 13 at 4:44pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
At first Kai hates the Leaf ninja for killing his mentor and best friend but during the 4th Ninja World he realized the bad Haku and Zabuza done. Ancestral Style:Hidden Potential is a special jutsu only for Kai. It unlocks some of the power passed down from the sage of six paths. He is the jinchuriki of the sub three tails hawk, a new beast created from the roaming chakra of the original two tails.Madara captures it during war.His enemy is Kisame and Shuigetsu.

Author:   magicplayer
Date:   Jan 24, 13 at 12:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Sõdo Hyūga

Age: 15 (born 1 year before Naruto(but found short after the attack of the ninetales))

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: May use weapons(only melee weapons) when using gentle fist

Chakra Nature/s: Lightning + Wind

Jutsu/s: Lightning Blade, Lightning web jutsu(lighting connection between multiple kunais), Flying Thunder(sends some lightning flying by using his wind chakra), Whistle strike (cuts "through" air), Eight trigram( up to 32 palms + Rotation). Can infuse lighting OR wind into his weapons.

Signiture Move: Ultiamte Lightning bladr Blade (infuses his chakra blade with so much lightning it becomes something close to a lightsaber)

Attacks: Mainly uses his chakra blades(like those in "The lost tower), has a high speed and an average+ level on physical/unarmed combat

Bio (opt.): With unknown parents and the byakugan, he was given the last name Hyūga. He has always haven a certain "love" to sharp weapons in form of Knifes, swords etc. He was found a short distance from Konohagakura, with the Leaf sympol cut into his chest. Made it to genin at the age of 10 and Chunin in the age of 14. He first mastered the Lighting web jutsu at the age of 11 by accident.

Personality: a little mysteries, but very loyal to his friends. Has a small love for Tenten. Wants to be a Anbu shinobie. And he loves meat (in any way)

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Chunin

Team: Team Hosheshi = Hosheshi-sensei + Lily Achui + Kono Kamizuki

Job (opt.): in his free time from missions he works at Iō place (the guy who makes ninja tool(know for making Jidanda))

Village: Konohagakura / village hidden in the leaf

Picture (as in image or graphic): sorry

Description (of looks as in in words): Light Brown hair in a short pony tail (about 2/3 of a feet). Light skin color (little like kabuto at the chunin exams). Just about 5.75 feets tall, like shikamaru. His eyes lookes like Yamato's. His face has the same shape a Kotetsu's.

Catchphrase; in battle - "I can cut you down from 50ft away." in village - "MEAT, i need more MEAT!"

Best Friend: Tenten(shares the love about weapons) and Shikamaru Nara (plays alot of shōgi)

Crush: anyone who tries to destroy Kanohagakure) he sometimes just leaves to hunt them down, because they took him to them as a baby, and he thinks that since the third hokage died he must protect Kanohagakure

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Tenten(whos best at weapons) and Hinata (whos best a gentle fist)

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Neji(he dont thick Sõdo should be using weapons with the Gentle fist.

Goal: Become and ANBU member and protect the hokage. (also wants to be a master swordsman)

Author:   magicplayer
Date:   Jan 25, 13 at 4:01am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Kono Kamizuki

Age: 16 (born 1 year before Naruto=

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: Fire Beast XXX jutsu (Changes the user into a fireshaped beast(avearge size, increase some physical powers)(XXX = Tigers, Hawk or Bear))

Chakra Nature/s: Fire

Jutsu/s: Fireball jutsu, Phoenix flower jutsu, Dragon flame jutsu, Tigers Barrage*(Throws the target into the ground and puts it on fire), Hawks Dive*(Charges with 500/miles per hour, and only in straight line), Bears Roar(Sends a pulse of fire in all directions, Tigers Charge*(Spins while jumping for maximum power), Hawks Inferno(sends a bird shaped flame towards target location)*, Bears Crush*(clashes fire over target area). Burning fist Jutsu(puts his hands on fire)
*=Can only be used when in specfic fire beast form.

Attacks: He has a quick movement and good evasion, but his not good at hiding but when he hits, it hurts alot. Able to take a lot of hits before going down. Also uses using taijutsu

Bio (opt.): He has grown up in konoha like most regular ninjas, but he has a speciel friend, his pet: Trickster. trickster is a tiger, who is a trained ninja dog. In his speare time he hangs out at the village gate together with Kotetsu Hagane and his uncel Izumo Kamizuki

Personality: Heart form and friendly, and hes quick reflaxes makes him good at protecting his teamades. And if you hurt his friends, you better watch out because he can go into a rage and then his powers are about the same level as tailed beast!

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Chunin

Team: Team Hosheshi = Hosheshi-sensei + Lily Achui + Sõdo Hyūga

Job (opt.): Dont have any work, except being a ninja.

Village: Konohagakura / village hidden in the leaf

Picture (as in image or graphic): sorry

Description (of looks as in in words): Looks like Izumo (they are family related) when he was disguised as genin. But with black hair and a red skin (like the Raikage)

Catchphrase (opt.):"Fighting like a beast, looking like a man"

Best Friend (opt.): Kotetsu Hagane (was a good friend to Asuma Sarutobi)

Crush (opt.): Hidan (i know hes defeated, but his not dead)

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Rock lee (and Guy, but that isent fair )

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Sõdo (he hates long tactic meatings)

Pet(opt.): Trickster (male)

In the Rank you say "anything but Hokage, please" and that mate me think, do you mean Hokage or -Kage in general???

Author:   magicplayer
Date:   Jan 26, 13 at 7:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Lily Achui

Age: 15 (born 1 year before Naruto)

Gender: Feamle

Secret Technique: Healing bouble jutsu (consumes the target in a bouble, healing them(transportable)).

Chakra Nature: Water

Jutsu/s: Water Dragon Jutsu, Grudge rain jutsu, Hidden Mist, Waterclone, Water realese: gunshot. Standard Healing Jutsu

Attacks: Great Speed and Evasion. other "stats" are on the average.

Bio (opt.): She was born by a father from the hidden mist, and a mother from the hidden leaf. They could not agree for where she would belong. so one day her father tried to kill her mother, but he failed and died. She was 4 years old. Since that day she has been trying to learn a great deal of healing jutsus. so one ever has to die in her company again. She has never killed a person.

Personality: Very heartwarm, she rarely gets mad, but sometimes she can sit down and put a sad face on. she dont like hurting other feelings, even if she must hurt her own.

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Genin

Team: Hosheshi-sensei + Kono Kamizuki + Sõdo Hyūga

Job (opt.): Assistent at the leaf village hospital

Village: Konohagakure / village hidden in the leafs

Picture (as in image or graphic): sorry

Description (of looks as in in words): Long brown hair (like sakura at the beginning), and shes a little under the average size

Catchphrase (opt.): "you alright?"

Best Friend (opt.): Ino and Sakura (they are all training to be medical ninjas)

Crush (opt.): Anyone who kills a defensless person near her

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Ino and Sakura (who is the best medical ninja)

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Rock Lee (for training so hard, that it sometimes hurt himself)

Pet(opt.): non


Author:   bryanrivas97
Date:   Feb 1, 13 at 3:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name: Bryan Uchiha
Secret Techinque: Kirin, Chidori Blade,Lion Barrage,Sharingan,Mangekyo Sharingan,Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
Jutsus: Chidori,Kirin,Amatarsu,Susanoo,Chidori Stream,Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu,Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu,Fire Style: Pheonix Flower Jutsu,Mind Transfer Jutsu,Chidori Razor Spear,Chidori Sharp Spear,Chidori Blade, Inferno Style: Flame Control
Descreption: *Looks Exactly Like Sasuke*
Personality: Outgoing,Smooth, Hyperactive,Smart
Rank: Anbu Black Ops
Job: Works At The Yamanaka Flower Shop
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Family: Brother: Sasuke Uchiha
Brother: Itachi Uchiha
Wife: Ino Yamanaka
Sister (In Law): Sakura Haruno
Best Friend: Naruto Uzumaki
Crush: (In Part 1) Ino Yamanaka
Rival: Naruto Uzumaki

Author:   lalalalala
Date:   Feb 1, 13 at 7:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Naruto character
Name:kara uzimaki



Secret Technique: Shiragan

Jutsu/s: fire ball jutsu, chidori, puppet jutsu, water dragon jutsu, lighting armor jutsu, and black chidori


Bio (opt.): Parents died in great ninja war 3, lives in village hidden in the leaf,

Personality:mean,shy,serious, and lazy

Rank (anything but hokage please) genin(does not care about his rank

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