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Author:   Amano Murokumo
Date:   Oct 24, 08 at 12:05am (PST)
Subject:   ~<3~ Adore: The Final Chapter ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.
It'll never end.

But for those who would like to read, allow B~Smith and myself to describe to you the details of the tales of Adore.


Amano + Adore

My inspiration for Adore has been based from the following song.

Ava Adore

As I had mentioned in my interview, both the words and tone of the song etched a vague idea in my head which I shortly farmed and created into a story. This is often how I create most of my Roleplays, however Adore was different. It was a world of mentally vexed individuals playing with the idea of love in every possible way. What intrigued me about this, is that this wasn't 'fantasy'. The story itself is clearly based on a fantasy world, but the emotions that were being dealt with are all too real. They are things that all of us feel whether we like it or not. These people were dealing with the extremes of situations that if we expierenced even once in our life, we feel as though someone above hates us.


The mind is powerful, yes, but is it strong enough to deal with certain things? And what happens when it does give away to the weight of so many burdens? Do you pitifully end your life with a blade, or do you forcefully attempt to push what's causing your pain into hell itself? Mental downfall and strain was what Adore was about more than anything else. An interesting little story about guilds against each other stood as an attractive front man, but once you got in, you realized it was so much more.


Opal/Arachnid (who I'll refer to only as 'Opal' from now on) is the main character of Adore. When I went through the creation process, I wanted to have a very basic character to play as. He wore a black coat and had long black hair. Nothing really original about that. His mind, though. Well, his mind was generally a decent depiction of my own. The way he thought, responded, acted and sympathized was usually on par with my own ways. I think this fact easily drew me further into Adore as well. I didn't feel like I created something that was gonna become something I couldn't control, since I felt as if I was in it myself. Opal also wasn't a very extreme character. His true thoughts on things were often hidden - again like myself - and he took care of situations in the best ways he felt he could. His own selfish emotions usually took the back burner on low heat.


This is also a project where I didn't have an initial muse. The dark themes and the gothic art style of Adore was what I felt from that song, and sparked an interest in the style. From there, I ran with it until slowing down so B~Smith could catch up. Just as he joined most of mine, Brian Smith joined Adore as well. It didn't take long for him and myself to begin collaborating ideas via AIM and phone. Actually, with a nudge by a character named 'Ava', he was well on his way on creating the gods section of Adore. To this day, those ideas are his own. I have helped him with a few things here and there, but when you read about the gods, you're reading the works of Brian Smith himself.


Adore, the Role Play, has had three different Role Plays. The order in which the story is place chronologically goes as follows,

Adore: Shades of Black (Created third.)

Adore (Created first. Takes place about one-two years after SOB.)

Adore and Admire (Created second and takes place about half a year after 'Adore'.)

Shades of Black shows us how Geist came about, and how the guild Adore acted in it's earlier days. 'Adore' in it's own sense is the climax of the series. It's the middle child, yet the most drastic plot changes happen here. Adore and Admire was almost a sort of fan-fiction for myself. In a nutshell, it's Opal vs. Love.


All three are different in purpose while having the same vivid malevolent theme. And all of these stories will be summed up, and given the endings they never received.

Content rated 'M'
Blood and Suggestive themes present

Skip ahead to read. I'd like to use this spot for credits.

Billy Corgan- Thank you for making such a song to inspire such a story. Among other things.

B~Smith- Thank you for joining and helping me make the heights of Adore.

Andrea Driscoll- For allowing me the expierence of capturing her as the character of Junebug.

Broken Alleluia- Thank you for loving Mercury.

Aulis Vaara- By God, thank you for creating such an interesting character.

Keiichi/Lei14- Thank you for letting me post such a Role Play.

Following - in no particular order - is a list of people who I'd like to thank for initially joining said Role Plays

-Servent of the god
-Norad 2

Adore and Admire
-Warrior of Chains
-Broken Alleluia
-Servent of the god

Adore: Shades of Black
-The Shadow Sun
-Aulis Vaara
-Warrior of Chains
-Broken Alleluia
-Tyto 72

Author:   Amano Murokumo
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 5:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore: The Final Chapter ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.
Pixel's of Art appearing in Adore

The map of Adore and Adore: Shades of Black

Geist's guild tree appearing in 'Adore'.

Opal's hand on the black book.

Ander, the man behind the scenes.

*will edit*

Junebug, the girl who knew Opal as Arachnid.

The last time Junebug waited for Arachnid.

A vivid premonition, or fear?


Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:09pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore: The Final Chapter ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.
quote Amano Murokumo
From there, I ran with it until slowing down so B~Smith could catch up.
HEY! I take offense to that. XP


Anyway, on with the Adore-ness! It's gonna be my responsibility to wade through all the details and summarize both the characters and the story for your information and enjoyment. So, without further ado, I bring you the first installment, all about our heroes:

Aesanii - Credit: tyto72
Aesanii's past is as mysterious as her present. Shunned by her village, she was condemned to live among the Dematru, secretly kept alive by her determined parents. She befriended Desmond, Jill, and Vixxy when they were teleported into her end of the Rift Forest. ...Well, if "befriended" means threatening to slice their throats open, that is. Though she and Desmond are constantly at each others' throats, Aesanii is a powerful, if unwitting, ally in the fight against Adore.

Aevru - Credit: tyto72
To compliment Aesanii's razor-sharp tongue, she is joined by her somewhat dull Thayli companion, Aevru. Furry and the size of a fox, Aevru was a wild Thayli before Aesanii befriended him and taught him human speech. Though his mind may be slow, no one doubts his heart. He would defend Aesanii and her pet raptors with his life.

Cliff - Credit: Tancuras
An aspiring marksman who joined Geist because he had nowhere else to go, but wound up witness to Opal's murder. Now he, along with his companion Wendy, holds the key to the whole conflict: the Black Book Vol.3, Opal's book of spells. Why Adore wants the Black Book is unclear, but Cliff is determined to stop them at every turn.

Condor - Credit: Amano + Myself
No one really knows who Condor is; he joined Geist shortly after its inception and has been a staple ever since. He served as Voide's right-hand man until an an accident involving a flash bomb all but destroyed his eyesight. He was, however, able to stay on as a mission-man, as the accident also gave him extraordinary night vision. He wields a large, double-edged spear.

Desmond - Credit: ME!! YAY!!!! I <3 DEZZY!!!111!!1 >_>
The pale white skin and piercing red eyes of an albino hide under Desmond's cloak. Ashamed of his visage since childhood, he joined Geist to make him feel "above" anyone, even the scum he would apprehend. A pair of chained daggers are grafted painfully to his wrists, for reasons he refuses to reveal. But he couldn't keep his biggest secret hidden for long: at times of high emotion, he transforms. Into what, even he cannot predict, though he is coming closer to understanding it.

Five-C - Credit: Mario_1
No one really knows who Five is, or where he came from, or why he's being trailed by mysterious detectives, or how he came to join Geist, or… well, it's better not to even ask. Though he may not always act it, Five-C does feel for his companions in Geist, and would do anything to protect them - as long as he can make a sarcastic comment or two along the way.**

Jill - Credit: Amano + Myself
A feisty brunette, one of Geist's higher ranking members, and the love interest of Desmond. The latter detail has created a rift between Desmond and Lydia, Dezzy's childhood crush. She brandishes a Claymore with surprising ability and is fiercely loyal to those she loves, especially the motley crew of Desmond, Aesanii, and Vixxy.

Julia - Credit: FlippyX
One of Zeio's two subordinates, Julia is frail in appearance, but very strong-willed. Her magical staff has come in handy quite a few times, though she is in no shape to fight after an injury suffered as she and Lybill stood their ground against a pack of Kezerds. His bravery in rescuing her seemed to ignite a dormant emotion inside of her - a relationship her master Zeio hopes won't break the team apart.

Kolya - Credit: Norad 2
By outer appearances, Kolya is a normal member of Geist… though, "normal" is an operative word. But behind the scenes, a strange being is pulling the strings. Known only to Kolya as the "Other", the being has granted him strange powers in return for a parasitic relationship with Kolya's mind. Just who or what the Other is, even Kolya doesn't know. But betraying it doesn't seem like a good idea.**

Lybill - Credit: FlippyX
A faithful aide to Zeio Arcai, Lybill would follow his mentor to the ends of the earth. Though he is rather troubled by the fact that Zeio seems to know more than he lets on - much more. When he's not swinging his dual maces around with reckless abandon, his arms are typically around Julia, his "partner" in more ways than one.

Lydia - Credit: Myself
Desmond's childhood crush, Lydia grew up on the outskirts of Plume while Desmond made his own way in the Rift Forest. To this day, she holds a candle for her albino friend, though she also finds herself strangely attracted to one Vermillion Mason. Though she tries, she is woefully inept in combat and usually requires the protection of one of her two suitors. She was accidentally dragged into the whole conflict, though the mysterious presence guiding the party seems to have a plan for her.

Mint - Credit: Gornisht + Myself
Mint, or by his given name, Mynal Ignacious Nathaniel Tremorton, is a no-nonsense hard worker who prefers to keep his head down and his nose clean. As such, he has yet to do anything noticeable, yet his presence as a supporter is undeniable. The stiletto knife he carries with him is stained with blood that won't come off no matter how hard he tries. Whose blood it is, only Mint knows.**

Opal - Credit: Amano Murokumo
The hero of Geist, the 19-year-old Opal had quickly made a name for himself as one of the most gifted fighters on the planet. It could be luck, it could be raw talent, it could be the mysterious Black Book he carries. Whatever the reason, Opal was idolized by his guildmates in Geist. …Save, perhaps, for Lutious, who murdered him in cold blood. What Opal was all about, the rest of Geist may never know, but one thing is for certain - Adore is afraid of him.

Rue - Credit: Amano + FlippyX
Rue is the strong, silent type who wields a spear like his mentor, Condor. No one aside from Condor knows too much about him, as he seems to distance himself from those who try to get close to him. Rue loved Opal with all his heart and hasn't been the same since his death.

Salem - Credit: Amano + Myself
Salem was a leader in Geist, not just in rank, but in stature as well. His cheerful nature was belied by his skill with a sword. Even as an aide to Opal, Salem never got closer than anyone else to figuring out what made the young mage so special. He was killed by Vetoes in a battle outside the city of Saturnine.**

Vermillion - Credit: Amano Murokumo
The heir to the guild of Adore seems an unlikely ally in the fight against it, but nonetheless, Vermillion has assumed control of the party after a little prodding from the mysterious voice calling herself "Ava". Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, that detail has shaken Million. He is an easy-going individual, but an unwilling leader who seems relieved whenever Zeio steps in to direct things. He's taken an interest in Lydia, the girl who fell from the sky that fateful day in the city of Saturnine.

Wendy - Credit: Amano Murokumo
Cliff's partner in crime is a buxom blonde by the name of Wendy. Her fierce demeanor tends to put some people off, but Cliff has stuck by her side since they were thrown together as witnesses to Opal's murder. She wields a hatchet in battle - a strange weapon to be sure, but then again, Wendy's not your normal girl.

Vixxy - Credit: Nissadex
The newest recruit of the Geist guild, Vixxy joined at quite an inopportune time. Thrown into the wilderness with Desmond and Jill, she began to find herself. And not just herself, either - she found three other souls living within her. Though these entities worry her sometimes, there's no doubt that they make her very special indeed:
Alex - When Vixxy's green eyes turn a deep, navy blue, she's become the mysterious Alexandra - but don't ever call her that. Able to conjure flame at will, she is a fiery individual with a temperament to match.
Kid - "Kid" is the name Jill gave to Vixxy's pink-eyed, out-of-control alter ego. Though her antics very often get on the nerves of everyone around her, she is able to sense danger before it arrives.
Mr.Evil - Vixxy's sinister side, this red-eyed demon always seems to manifest at the worst possible times. Neither Vixxy nor her other personalities have any control over him, nor can Vixxy predict when he will show himself.

Zeio - Credit: FlippyX
The veteran of the team, a close friend of Opal's, and the assumed leader of Geist with Opal dead. Flowing white hair hangs down to the hilt of his sword - a giant four-foot katana he wields with an inhuman precision. While he is respected and adored by the rest of Geist, they know something isn't right - Zeio's mind may be in the moment, but his heart is somewhere else. He seems to have his own agenda… as well as a secret he's not letting on.

**These characters are not included in this ending, for one reason or another.

Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore: The Final Chapter ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.
Update Numero Dos: Teh Vilians!

Alaster - Credit: Myself
The leader of Adore and Vermillion's father, Alaster is the man behind the whole conflict. After Lutious dealt with Geist, he took over Canopie as his base of operations. He wants Opal's Black Book for reasons unknown, and will go to any length to get his hands on it.

Lutious - Credit: Amano Murokumo
A former pastor and Opal's mentor, Lutious was the head of Geist until he was ensnared by Alaster and turned against the guild. He masterminded the rebellion and was the one who killed Opal, only to have the Black Book slip out of his grasp. He'll do anything to get it back and prove his competence to Alaster.

Mr.Evil - Credit: Nissadex
One of Vixxy's alter egos, a demon beyond all imagining. He wants little more than the domination of the human world, or the "World of Light" as he calls it. With a Salamandrae - a Fire Drake - at his beck and call, he is a scarily powerful opponent. And because he inhabits Vixxy's body, Geist is hesitant to strike when he manifests.

Vetoes - Credit: Amano Murokumo
One of a pair with Voide, he's Lutious's right-hand man. Commanding six magic, levitating lances (it's original, I swear!! -_- ) he's a force to be reckoned with. Vetoes and his partner, Voide, do the dirty work for Lutious, mainly tracking down and trying to stay a step ahead of the survivors of Geist.

Voide - Credit: Amano Murokumo
If Vetoes is Lutious's right hand, Voide is his left. He controls the four elements with ease, bending them to his will. He was Opal's partner in Adore for quite a while, before Opal surpassed him in skill and began taking missions on his own, leaving him to partner with Vetoes. Voide, however, is not complaining about that.


And now, a quick overview of the main conflict in the RP:

Geist and Adore - two rival guilds constantly sparring with one another. The Adore members are considered the lowest of the low, while the Geist members are held on a pedestal by those who know their work. Led by a young warrior named Opal, Geist began hunting down and capturing Adore members. Just when Geist seemed in control of the situation, the unthinkable happened - the leader of Geist, Lutious, led a rebellion against his own guild. The guild members escaped though, teleported out of the guild hall by an unseen force.

Little did the members of Geist know, the rebellion was not about Adore gaining control of Geist - that was just a ploy. Alaster, the leader of Adore, wanted a book. A very special book indeed. The book that gave Opal his powers. When both it and Opal vanished from under his nose, he sent Lutious to find it. And find it he did.

Opal, Cliff, and Wendy awoke under a starry sky. Before they could wonder what the hell happened, they were set upon by a horde of creatures. To save them, Opal let loose a scarily powerful spell that drained him of all his energy - and revealed his location to Lutious. It happened in an instant. Opal stood... and then found two katanas through his chest. A shocked Cliff and Wendy watched as he dropped dead revealing Lutious, who spoke of "killing a god". As Lutious picked up the Black Book and mentioned bringing it back to his master, the two Geist members acted, jumping an unwary Lutious and stealing the Book. They took off into the night before Lutious knew what hit him.

Alaster was left with one clue as to the whereabouts of the Book: a Geist member has it. And so, he dispatched Vetoes and Voide to track down the surviving Geist members and bring him back the Book.

Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:10pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore: The Final Chapter ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.
Hey there, Adorians! BSmith here to bring you another action-packed installment of... Of... Of whatever the hell we're doing here. This time 'round, it's time to summarize what happened in the original RP. I've painstakingly looked back through each and every post (yes, all 14 pages) and come up with this little number for ya. So whether you were in the original or not, I think you'll find this enjoyable and informational. And heeeeeeere we go!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against...

Whoops, wrong story. >_> *ahem*

In the land of Ralesmare, a guild known as "Adore" has been terrorizing townsfolk, and what few nobility there are turn a blind eye. To counter the malevolent Adore, a group of well-meaning warriors have secretly formed a new guild, called "Geist". Operating from a secret location (a treetop HQ called Canopie), Geist's mission is to take down any and all Adore members and make the land safe once more. Led by a 19-year-old wizard named Opal and his mentor Lutious, Geist quickly and quietly gained the upper hand over Adore.

(The first three pages of the RP cover individual "marks" and the introduction of characters, I'm not covering that here because first of all, it doesn't affect the story at all, and secondly, most of the characters have by now changed dramatically from their original concepts)

As Adore members fell one after the other, it looked like Geist had the situation under control. Then, the unthinkable happened. Under ruse of a Guild Meeting, Lutious, along with two high-ranking members of the guild, Vetoes and Voide, trapped the entire guild and attempted to kill them all. Just as all seemed lost, the Geist members vanished into thin air. They woke up (in various places around the continent) to a voice:

"I'm sending this message to all of you: go to Saturnine. . .it will take a while, but there you all will meet up. Be careful... but I'll keep good watch."

(Here, the story diverges, as there were four sets of characters teleported to four different locations. I'll cover each story individually)


Group #1 consisted of Opal, Cliff, and Wendy.

(Kolya was originally part of this group, but Norad dropped out. Shame, Kolya had the most intriguing backstory I've ever seen.)

The three Geist members awoke to find themselves on a hilltop slightly south of Saturnine. But before they could even orient themselves, they were set upon by a large group of grotesque monsters. They were severely outnumbered, especially as Cliff had no weapon. In desperation, Opal pulled out his book of spells, the Black Book Vol.3. Letting loose a scarily powerful spell, Opal wiped the creatures off the face of the planet as a pillar of red light engulfed the hillside, visible from miles and miles away.

When all was said and done, Opal collapsed, exhausted. Cliff and Wendy ran to help him, only to stop short as another figure appeared behind Opal. Opal stood... and found a pair of katanas protruding from his chest. As he collapsed, Lutious smiled and remarked, "It's odd... Killing a god, I mean." Before Cliff and Wendy could react, he had repositioned his blades in front of their throats.

(And their story ends here. Tancuras also dropped out at this point, and Amano's part as Opal was obviously over. So we do not hear from Cliff or Wendy again for quite some time, and the cliffhanger here was never resolved. Until now. Stay tuned.)


Group #2 was Mint, Five-C, Salem, and Condor.

(This group contains two unimportant characters, one who dies later on, and one who doesn't come into play in the story until much later on. And since the story of this group had no bearing at all on the overall plot, I'm skipping this section. No offense meant to Gornisht or Mario_1, whose characters were in this group.)


Group #3 was Desmond, Vixxy, and Jill.

The three Geist members awoke atop the Gorn Mountain Range, southeast of Saturnine. They located a shack not too far from their location and stayed there for the night. Or rather, attempted to. They were awakened not too much later by a wild-looking woman threatening to cut open their throats. Upon realizing the Geist members were not a threat, the woman introduced herself as Aesanii. As she did so, however, there was a commotion outside - Dematru, the lyre-raptors. A fierce battle ensued, and the Geist members prevailed with plenty of help from Aesanii. The next morning, the four set off into the forest, Aesanii acting as their guide to Saturnine.

Along the way, the group ran into a Thayli, a small furry creature that Aesanii introduced as Aevru. He looked and acted like any animal would… save for the fact that he spoke. As Aesanii explained, she'd befriended him years ago and taught him human speech. Slightly bewildered, the three Geist members carried on. It wasn't long before they learned that their victory the night before had earned them nothing but the rage of the rest of the Dematru pack. They knew they'd have another battle ahead of them at some point.

Something about Aesanii rubbed Desmond the wrong way - it could be the fact that she woke him up with a dagger to the throat, or it could be that she was just as stubborn and egotistical as he was. Either way, the two never really got along, especially after Desmond set off on his own and Aesanii angered his superiority complex by saving him from the Dematru. Desmond also began having other types of feelings for Jill, which surprised him, as he had never felt passion for anyone other than his childhood crush, Lydia.

In the midst of a battle with the raptors, Vixxy hit her head and woke up an entirely different person - and a slightly insane one at that. Another whack to the head and she became a flamethrowing emo-girl named Alex. Unable to figure out what was going on, the others just shook their heads and moved on. The conflict between Desmond and Aesanii came to a head when a severely pissed-off Desmond, unable to control his mysterious power, transformed before their eyes into a giant demon creature. With no control over his actions, he proceeded to mercilessly attack the others. When he came to his senses, Aesanii was badly beaten, Vixxy was unconscious, and Jill was dying of wounds to the chest and stomach. In a panic, Desmond scooped up Jill in his arms and took off down the path to Saturnine. As a relentless Dematru pack poured out of the forest after him, Aesanii and Vixxy turned and fought them off. The three barely made it through the gates with their lives.


Group #4 consisted of Zeio, Lybill, Julia, and Rue.

The group of four awoke in a dense forest to the north of Saturnine. Though the rest of his team were completely bewildered by the preceding events, Zeio was strangely calm. They proceeded to make their way through the woods but soon encountered a couple of Kezerds, strange, dinosaur-like creatures. After slaying them, the party trudged onwards... and onwards... and onwards. It seemed like the forest would never end. Then, suddenly, a noise from behind them.

Smashing through the trees came a Higher Kezerd, enraged by its fallen comrades. As they fled, Julia fell, injuring her leg. As the giant lizard drew near, Lybill turned to stand his ground in front of her, only to find himself facing an impossible fight. At the last possible moment, Zeio arrived, brandishing his giant sword against the beast.

Telling the others to run, Zeio faced off against the Higher Kezerd. As soon as the other three were out of sight, he began the fight, and slayed the beast in under a minute. Wiping the blood off his blade, he quickly caught up to his fleeing allies, who were nearing the forest's edge. Julia, being carried by Lybill, looked into her rescuer's eyes and felt a surge of unspoken passion, which he returned with a wink.

As they broke out of the trees into the open air, they were suddenly blinded by a brilliant red light that lit up the sky. Without explaining how or why he knew, Zeio immediately informed the others that Opal was in danger. They turned away from Saturnine and ran instead towards the pillar of light.


While all this was going on, a young man named Vermillion had a strange encounter with a lady in the city of Saturnine. Specifically, she fell out of the sky, landed on him, then he offered to buy her lunch. The lady was Lydia, Desmond's childhood crush, who was also in Canopie at the time of the mass teleportation. Something about Lydia intrigued and attracted Vermillion, and he shared with her a secret: he was the heir to the guild of Adore.

Inside the city walls, Desmond woke up in the hospital to find Jill unconscious but recovering. Hovering over her still form, Desmond cried for the first time since his childhood. An adventure's worth of pent-up emotions were released as he bent down and kissed her - and found her kissing him back. Nothing could ruin this moment for Desmond... well, except for Lydia appearing in the doorway. As surprised as she was to see Desmond, she was even more surprised to see him kissing a strange girl. She quickly left the room, barely able to hide her tears.


By this time, the rest of the guild was arriving in Saturnine. Aesanii and Vixxy, who'd met Lydia and Vermillion in the hospital, organized a meeting inside Vermillion's shack. As more and more surviving Geist members filed in, Zeio appeared, a body in his hands. Opal. Dead. And no sign of Cliff or Wendy. Before anyone could ask any questions though, the mysterious voice from before popped into all of their heads at once.

"I see most of you have made it safely to Saturnine. That is good. But here is where your journey is about to truly begin. . .All of you have some connection to the guild of Geist. It should therefore come as no surprise that we are going to ask you to take down the guild of Adore. . .It may appear to your eyes that Adore is simply out for blood; this is untrue. There is a method and a plan to everything they do. They are attempting to bring down the Gods, and if they succeed, they will without doubt rule the planet. This may not make much sense to you now, but it will in due time. . .The town of Rhys, to the south, holds the answers you seek. . .Remember, no man is invincible; not even gods are invincible. A tower can be built to withstand any attack launched against it... and yet, remove a single stone from its base, and the whole structure will come crumbling down."

And just like that, the voice was gone.


That's part 1 of 3 of the summary! I'm sorry it took so long but I had other things distracting me. I'd like to promise the other parts will be up quicker, but I can't guarantee anything, as (*gasp*) I have a life outside of Teh Internetz.

Until next time Adorians, this is BSmith, signing off.


Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:11pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added

Am I gonna catch hell for a quintuple post? >_>

Author:   Amano Murokumo
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore: TFC ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.

Guild of Adore in Adore and Admire

Name: Peter 'Pete' White
Rank: Rose
Age: 37
Blade: Helvetica and Defense pistols x2

Pete is a man bearing the weight of the Southern Adore guild. He leads - and is respected by - all of his subordinates. For about only a year has this Southern expanse of Adore existed, and yet Pete has managed to find all who fit the strange and asking qualifications of Adore. Of late, however, his motivation has plummeted and his personality maliced. No longer does it seem his heart or mind is in the 'good' of the guild, but rather in realizing what is actually happening. Pete spends the majority of his days by 'Bridgett's' gravestone.

Name: Bridgett
Rank: Petal
Age: 36 @TOD
Blade: None

Bridgett is deceased.

Name: Crow
Rank: Leaf
Age: 21
Blade: Butterfly daggers

Crow is often referred to as 'simply messed up'. His past is full of the sights of death, and the loss of attachment due to death. His family was murdered, his early crushes were murdered, and his friends were murdered. Being without proper guidance to bring him back to the middle, Crow has learned to love the dead. Necrophilia is the best word to describe the dabblings of Crow. It's said that on one night while making love with his teenage girlfriend, he decided that he should be the one to kill her since he figured she'd die anyway. Since then, Crow finds his love six feet under the ground, or still warm if he's lucky.

Name: Wendy Shultz
Age: 35
Rank: Triad 1st
Blade: 2x tantos

Wendy seems to be one of the clearer minds in the guild of Adore. Really, her main concern is the defeat of Kelli Helica. This doesn't mean a death even, but just a victory over her. Aside from that, she loves Gunner Baxter and does what she can to ensure Adore's safety as one of their quickest members. Her skill with throwing knifes is nearly unmatched and equal with Kelli's. This fact alone helps fuel her obsession. It's also known that Wendy chronically uses bird metaphors for her tantos.

Name: Ander Quill
Age: N.A.
Rank: Triad 2nd
Blade: Quill Katana

Ander has recently up-and-left Adore.

Name: Gunner Baxter
Age: 41
Rank: Triad 3rd
Blade: Straight Blade

Gunner is the best sword fighter in Adore, and for this reason he often seeks a decent challange. His signature custom white poncho and long kilt are known to virtually anyone across the land of Sheath and otherwise. A white headband is strapped across his left eye, which was lost during his only losing battle. The opponent who took his eye has yet to be named by himself, and he claims once said person is defeated, only then he'll speak openly about it. Gunner carries about him a calm and stoic visage which serves well in placing confidence in others of Adore.

Name: Graffe Gates
Age: 18
Rank: Coats Flower
Blade: Steel Katana

Graffe is the leader of the multi-skilled portion of Adore called 'Coats'. He's young, but known to be skilled with a blade and mind. His speciality is cutting fights or battles short with quick critical stabs. Graffe also bears a very intelligent and thinking personality. It's for these reasons that Pete trust Graffe to lead the Coats, and to put up with such a responsibility. One of the sole attributes of Graffe that causes him to stand out (and solidify his age) is his strange hairstyle.

Name: Mercury
Age: 22
Rank: Coat 1
Blade: N.A.

"He could kill Pete, but die by Blade." This quote is often spoken about Mercury. 'Blade' is the lowest rank in Adore, while 'Pete' is obviously the highest. It's asked 'why does that make sense?', but to explain it is to explain Mercury's fighting ability. The fact is, Mercury doesn't fight at all. It's not even known if he has training with a blade of any type. He does, however, use his opponents mind against them. He makes them see the worst memory they've ever seen, or perhaps something that's still to come. A common occurence in fights with Mercury is 'a trip to Mercury'. People who lost to him claimed to have been taken to a massive tree with black bark. It's at this place that the worst and most scaring memories are relived.

Name: Rita Weeci
Age: 23
Rank: Coat 2
Blade: Running Spear

Rita is generally a left alone woman. She wears simple home-sewn skirts and ponchos and prepares her hair with a simple 'backwoods' decor. Her spear skills specialize in the field of fighting multiple opponents at once. A slightly curved black rests at the end of an eight-foot pole made from decently strong metals. Rita has the persona of being a reliable Adore member with reliable skills.

Name: Jotenheim
Age: 36
Rank: Coat 3
Blade: Amy's Bow

Jotenheim is a strange man garbed in remnants of black cloth sewn together with metal stitching. His scalp is bald and his skin is pale, which when mixed with the clothes, give him a dark appearance. Jotenheim has openly claimed of dying once, but was reborn in the Forest of Hills. How this happened is uncertain and is mostly ignored due to it's relation to a possible lie. The archery skills Jotenheim has are admired by all who see them, and greatly appreciated by Graffe Gates. Other than being a worthy guild member, Jotenheim mostly takes the back seat.

More to come~

Author:   Amano Murokumo
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added
*Reserved for another*

Author:   Amano Murokumo
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added

Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Oct 25, 08 at 7:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added
And with all those reservations out of the way, I shall now open the floor to anyone who would like to put in their two cents. ....Or more, we'd kinda appreciate donations. >_>

But seriously, it'd be nice to know people are actually reading this thing and are actually into the Adore story. So speak up, let us know you're out there!

We'll be working on the summaries and stuff for a while but once we're done, we're giving Adore the epic 20-page ending it deserves! ....Okay, that's the adrenaline talking. But stay tuned, kids.

Author:   servent of the god
Date:   Oct 26, 08 at 2:51am (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added
yeah I've always liked this one and when I didn't join I'd read up on it. Although I would like to ask if this is the end of the series or?

Author:   Amano Murokumo
Date:   Oct 26, 08 at 3:09am (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added
Since none of the three Role Plays we had finished, Smith and Myself are summing everything up that was said, and filling in what was never given a chance to be said. All three Role plays had ideas till the end, but we just didn't get to execute them.

I really did like what you brought to the table, Servent. As I credited you up there, thank you again.

Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Nov 3, 08 at 8:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added

Part 1 of the summary is up! Check it out!

Author:   Aulis Vaara
Date:   Nov 5, 08 at 8:44pm (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore: The Final Chapter ~<3~ Updated: 11-5-08 AandA info posted.
quote BSmith3
In the land of [wait a sec, we're never told the name! 0_o],...
quote Amano Murokumo (in Shades of Black)
Raithe is the leader in technological advancements throughout Ralesmare
I just figured I'd give you a head's up before Amano kills you.

Author:   BSmith3
Date:   Nov 6, 08 at 3:18am (PST)
Subject:   re: ~<3~ Adore ~<3~ Updated: 10-25-08 Art section added
quote Aulis Vaara
quote BSmith3
In the land of [wait a sec, we're never told the name! 0_o],...
quote Amano Murokumo (in Shades of Black)
Raithe is the leader in technological advancements throughout Ralesmare
I just figured I'd give you a head's up before Amano kills you.
Oh................. shuttup.

*Hangs head and goes off to edit*

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