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Author:   xaigof
Date:   Nov 2, 08 at 7:38pm (PST)
Subject:   How do u use the focus move
i have trouble using the focus move in the water tribe village there are a couple of places that it pops up onthe screen and evrytime i press triangle he keeps saying airbending wont do anything i cant help with this.

i have been able to do it a couple of times but other times i cant

then i thought i have to wear clothes that had it so i bought the clothes

that has +5 focus and i go to the firenation part and wen i passing teh beach the question mark appears over my head and and the focus move appears over my head and i keep pressing it and nothing happens same for wen i go to the barracks to find teh disguises the box in the corner the focus move appears over my head again and i cant seem to do it

can some body help

Author:   elyk drallop
Date:   Dec 26, 09 at 10:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: How do u use the focus move
------------------------------------------- an old lady get some lamp oil and something else(get the lamp oil by using airbending and the outher item at the shop)then prince zuco will attack so you need to help sokka out after that they capture katter =( so sokka joins the team then prees the right arrow key(->)and you're play as sokka the go to the focs place and sokka will open the chest.HOPE I HELPED!

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