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Author:   harrypotter55
Date:   Aug 1, 06 at 5:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 50:Replacement of the Hands.

Description:The hands have been replaced, but by who?

Boss:Bongo Bongo(2 hands+head in the background)

Stage:A giant drum


Objective: Depleat Bongo Bongo's life to zero.

Lives:You:2.Left Hand:500.Right hand:500.Head:150

Author:   Crzy Aztek
Date:   Aug 1, 06 at 9:00pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 51: The Cheater
Destcription: Mario cheated on Peach with Daisy get revenge!
You: Peach
CPU:Mario lvl 9

Stamina battle: each 250hp
prizes: Peach's Castle

Author:   luroberto
Date:   Aug 3, 06 at 3:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Mario cheated on Peach with Daisy get revenge!

Author:   Dark Mind 007
Date:   Aug 3, 06 at 5:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 52: Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Brother

Description: Defeat the AFHB before time runs out!

Stage: Yoshi's Island

Character: Mario

Opponents: AFHB, ???


AFHB Phase 1: 50 HP
AFHB Phase 2: 250 HP
Mario: 5
???: 1

When you start the AFHB should be flying around the stage. Just keep hitting him until he falls of his Flyin' Blocks. He should now have 250 HP. Yeowch. Keep hitting him with your best moves, dodging the hammers and fireballs he throws. When you finish him off, ??? will appear. If you have played PM: TTYD, you should know who ??? is. ??? will clone Mario, becoming him. Be warned, if you hit him, you will get damaged. An easy way to beat ??? is falling of the stage. ??? should follow you.

Author:   Murray3
Date:   Aug 4, 06 at 9:50am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
event match 23: cucoo calamity
character: Link
stage: kakariko village(if its in if not hyrule)
objective: keep away from the cucoos there attacks do 10% each and you only have one life survive for 90 seconds to win
enemies: 8 cucoos that when destroyed call 2 more not advised
prizes:cucoo trophy

Author:   luroberto
Date:   Aug 6, 06 at 3:24am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match

name:attack of the chozos!

comment:samus got them mad and are out for revenge!

point: kill the chozos

character: samus stock:3

enemy: chozo stock:5

prize: chozo

Author:   Shadow net583x s
Date:   Aug 6, 06 at 3:49am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 38
Title: Turned alliance
You: Metaknight
Opponent: King DeDeDe
Description: Help Metaknight turn to the good side by defeating King DeDeDe.
Stage: The Halberd
Prize: King DeDeDe

Author:   Glotnot
Date:   Aug 6, 06 at 2:00pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 41
Title: Tourist Trouble

You: Mario
Opponent: Snake, Sonic, Megaman (if Sonic(likely) and Megaman(unlikely) are in it)

Description: The tourist's are becomeing to powerful! Take em' down a peg!

Stage: Mushroom Kingdom

Stock: You - 3
Sonic - 3
Snake - 2
Megaman - 1

Prize: Snake/Sonic/Megaman, Tourist Trophy

Author:   Star Fox
Date:   Jan 24, 07 at 4:59pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
My event match is called THREE NIL

You:Whatever character you want

Opponent: Snake

You:1 Snake:3
Items:None(items were fun before but they distract from the battle)
Objective:Beat Snake 3 times before he beats you. He will be difficult, and pull off some flashy moves to get rid of you as soon as possible so he can go back to smoking cigs

After you win, you have the right to brag about pwning the legendary solid snake Three Nil.

Author:   ConkerASkyJockey
Date:   Jan 24, 07 at 5:13pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match #61

Name: Saving I

Description: MetaKnight creates the clones of GG Bowser,Bowser,Mewtwo,Gnnondorf, to get rid of Kirby

You: Kirby

Opponements: Giga Bowser,MetaKnight,Bowser,Mewtwo and Gannondorf (Of course Giga Bowser is alone, while the other four team up)


You: 1

Giga Bowser: 4

Bowser: 3

MetaKnight: 3

Gannondorf: 3

Mewtwo: 2

Stage: Green Greens

Author:   skittz
Date:   Jan 24, 07 at 7:00pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
sounds hard your event match does but probs not for you pros lol

Author:   Kokoro
Date:   Jan 25, 07 at 2:52am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 36: Battle of the Swordsmen

Description: You are Mario and you have to defeat everyone who weilds a sword to prove you're the best, even without a sword.

Young Link
Meta Knight

Author:   Xandersilk
Date:   Jan 25, 07 at 5:53am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match #47: Ultimate Trophy Tussel

Description: The Ultimate Battle for the Nintendo Logo Trophy!

Info: You battle 3 Random Computer Players. Everyone has 5 lives.

Character: Your choice.

Stage: A giant Nintendo Logo

Time: Unlimited.

Lives: 5 for everyone.

Items: None

Difficulty: Hard

Prize: Nintendo Logo Trophy


Event Match: #34: Sibling Rivalry

Description: These two brothers cannot stop fighting! Time for Big Bro to end this once and for all!

Info: You battle Luigi as Mario.

Character: Mario

Stage: Rainbow Ride

Time: Unlimited

Lives: 3 Lives each.

Items: Hammer, Bob-Omb, Heart Container.

Difficulty: Hard

(MS Edit: I Have more.)

Event Match: #64: Guardians of Hyrule

Description: Hyrule is under attack! Link, save us!

Info: You are Link and you Have to defend Hyrule by KOing all the infiltrators.

Characters: Link (you), Ganondorf, Meta-Knight, Mewtwo.

Stage: Hyrule

Time: 4:00 Minutes

Lives: Link: 4 Ganondorf: 2 Meta-Knight: 2 Mewtwo: 2

Items: None.

Difficulty: Hard to Insane.


Event Match: #52: Disobeyed Orders

Description: Some of Halberd's soldiers are disobeying your orders!

Info: You battle a team of 30 Level 1 Meta-Knights as Meta-Knight. Then Kirby jumps out and starts attacking.

Characters: Meta-Knight(s) and Kirby

Stage: Halberd

Time: 3:00

Lives: You: 2 Kirby: 2

Items: Warpstars and Beam Swords.

Difficulty: Medium
~ MS

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Author:   areo blaster
Date:   Mar 4, 07 at 12:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
name:event match100(fight for glory.)
discription:mewtwo is unbeatable! can u defeat him?
characters:any character(you, 1 handicap) mewtwo(with a dark silouette and 9 handicap)
info: mewtwo has turbo shadow ball(like a machine gun)and his glare attack reaches across the whole stage also his teleport can go any were on the stage and confusion flips you up into the air with a one hit ko
stage: every stage(one after the other)
lives:you 3, mewtwo 99
enemy level:9

its probobly to hard to do but if you do it you unlock:
giga bowser
meta knight
dark mewtwo
fighting wire frame
nintendo trophy(not logo but the game cube one)
200% game completion

note:all of this is made up

Author:   Adam Hill (guest)
Date:   Mar 4, 07 at 7:18pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
event match #10: the new guys
description:Show the newbies the ropes!
you:any All-Star (except Ness, random, 1 stock)
opponents: Zero Suit Samus, Wario, Metaknight, Pit, Snake (all 1 stock)
info: no items or Super Smash Attacks.
stage: Mushroom Kingdom
difficulty: easy, all enemies level 4
unlocks:Mushroom Kingdom II (stage from SSBM)

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