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Author:   Super Shaolin
Date:   Jun 26, 08 at 5:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 149

Luigi: Brave or Cowardly?

Description: Luigi wants to prove to Mario that he's not afraid of anything....

Stage: Luigi's Mansion

Character: Luigi

Opponents: There will be four random ones, all Level 6 (Peach and Mario will not serve as Luigi's opponents and neither will the other colors of Luigi)

Time Limit: 4 Minutes

Stock: Luigi has one, his opponents all have two. Mario has five.

This is a random one-versus-four match. As Luigi, you will fight four randomly-chosen opponents. Since they each have two lives, you have to knock them all out two times each within four minutes due to having a wimpy one live. If you fail to do so, Mario will appear and give you backup in the stage.

If you managed to KO all of them before Mario appears to help you out, then you won't need to fight the secret boss, which is King Boo. However, if you defeat them all with Mario present, you and him will face King Boo as this event match's boss battle. Use whatever Luigi tactics you can to stay alive.

If you're lucky, two heart containers will appear if one or two opponents are left standing.

Defeating King Boo:

King Boo's transparent ghost body resists physical attacks, so his crown is the weak point. But despite that, his body is still vulnerable to certain projectile attacks.

When King Boo initiates a rollout, be prepared to dodge consecutively because he's so large, it's hard to jump. Should he hit you with rollout, it'll be instant death for you.

King Boo will occasionally send his own "bad breath of boos" to deal with you. In that case, you can't block or ground dodge... or jump in the air for long... it'll last 8-10 seconds, so you have to outlast this attack with some damage on your own.

If King Boo starts shaking, that means he's wanting to capture you in his mouth. The moment he yells his Boo cry, prepare to sidestep or roll. If he gets you, then he'll chomp you repeatedly to build up massive damage, then body slam the stage and spit you out, causing instant death. Mash all the buttons to break loose.

Sometimes, King Boo will unleash a tornado. In that case, keep running away from him despite being sucked in little by little. If you get caught in his tornado, say goodbye to one life.

At certain times, King Boo will attempt to make repeated body slams on the stage. In that case, sidestep or roll repeatedly to avoid this attack; it'll deal up to 55-60 percent damage.

Author:   PichuLover1982
Date:   Jul 7, 08 at 12:38am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 150
Name: More Visitors to Flat Zone
Character: Mr. Game & Watch
Opponent(s): Link, Luigi, Lucario
Stage: Flat Zone 2
Song: Flat Zone 2
Info: As Mr. Game & Watch you must defeat the visitors. This time you get two lives while the opponents get 1. Also: Link took Toon Link's place, Luigi took Peach's place, and Lucario took Jigglypuff's place from the previous event match.
Description: More visitors! Teach them who's boss at Flat Zone!

Author:   Kanon_fan
Date:   Jul 7, 08 at 12:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 300
Character: Ganondorf
Opponent(s): Every character but Ganon, 3 at a time, New one comes in after each death
Stage: Bridge of Eldin(Always has middle missing)
Song: Some Zelda music
Time: 3 mins
Info: The opponents aimlessly wonder around, you have to F-tilt them into the pit, no f-tilt kills = lose
Description: Reinact 300. F-tilts away.

Author:   PichuLover1982
Date:   Jul 7, 08 at 1:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 152
Name: Wario? Waluigi?
Character: Wario (In his yellow/purple outfit)
Opponent(s): Luigi (In his purple outfit)
Stage: Mario Circuit
Song: Waluigi Pinball
Info: Waluigi challenged Wario to a battle. Who will win? You each have 2 lives.
Description: Wario may be Waluigi's friend, but sometimes friends can get in a fight.

Author:   pichu10
Date:   Jul 7, 08 at 6:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Heroes Vs. Rivals

You play as: Mario (Partner Computer Link)Stock for both: 2
Enemies: Bowser & Ganandorf Stock for both: 2
Stage: Final Destination
Rules: Knock out Ganon and Bowser and don't let you or Link lose both lives.
Description: The Two Baddies are here! Destroy them!
Song: Any song on that stage.
No time Limit

Author:   Super Shaolin
Date:   Jul 9, 08 at 4:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 154: Lucas' Revenge

Character: Lucas

Opponent: Wario (Lv. 6)

Stage: WarioWare Inc.

Time Limit: 2 Minutes

The Pokemon Trainer and Ness have been trophified by Wario, now Lucas must get even!

In this event match, you must get as many KO's as you can within two minutes. Wario's not going to be easy for this event match, so you should think of other Lucas tactics to dish him out little by little. Notice in the background that there are trophies of Pokemon Trainer and Ness, but you can't do anything about them now. All u have to do to complete this event is to get more KO points than Wario.

Author:   mrcool
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 7:33pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 1A (Advanced)
Name: Palutena's NEW Army
Description: Looks like she's got a NEW army!
Your Stock: 1
Opponents: Pit/99 (1 giant) 3 at a time
Difficulty: ****
Character: Choose
Stage: Skyworld
Info: A 99 man brawl against pits! If you do it in 3 minutes you will not have to face a giant one at the end. Defeat the enemies to clear.
Reward: Skyworld Trophy

Author:   Low Rider
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 8:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 150-The Final Smash battle

charecter- any charecter
opponent- the entire smash roster except the 1 u choose (all level 10)

description- the cast wants a taste of the legendary (insert the charecter u use here) power

objective- um ust fight the entire cast 3 charecters at a time with Smash balls everywhere, use yours to defeat them but careful u dont get killed urself

lives 4 u- 3
lives per opponent- 1

Author:   mrcool
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 8:38pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 2A
Name: Come back Falcon Flyer
Description: The Falcon Flyer is your ticket some. Survive until it comes back!
Your stock:1
Opponent(s): Ganondorf/2
Difficulty: ***
Your Character: Captain Falcon
Stage: Big Blue
Info: You can't get rid of your opponents permanently, so survive until the Falcon Flyer (The big ship) comes around a second time. It is several minutes, but at least your opponents are slow. Survive and board the Flyer to win!

Author:   Jameson user
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 8:49pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match ???: Tabuu Torture!
Description: Survive for 5 minutes while Tabuu unleashes his greatest power!

Character: Any
Your Stock: 1
Stage: Tabuu's stage
Info: You have 999% handicap at the start, and no items will fall down. Tabuu will unleash his Red Rings of Death consecutively, no pause, for 5 minutes straight, so keep dodging. Rolling will not work.

Author:   mrcool
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 9:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 3A
Name: Arwing Assault
Description: Arwings! I need backup! I don't like doing everything myself.
Stock: 1
Opponents Fox 3 stock.
Difficulty: ****
Your character: Wolf
Stage: Corneria
Info: Although you probably won't, if you kill Fox twince in 1 minute, it will be a normal fight. At the one minute mark, the Andross assist trophy wil help you out, while DOZENS of Arwings flood the stage shooting only at you, resulting in an epic battle. Defeat fox to win.
Reward: Arwing: Assist trophy

Author:   Meta Cris
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 10:04pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Pokemon rain: is about fighting over 120 pokemons but it dies whit one touch and a specific time.
Character: choose anyone

Author:   mrcool
Date:   Aug 18, 08 at 10:20pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 4A
Name: Pikmin Extinction.
Description: A captain is nothing without his men.
Stock: 1
Opponents: Olimar/3
Difficulty: ****
Character: Ganondorf
Stage: Distant planet
Info: The Olimars are invincible. So kill off all 6 of their Pikmin to stop their invincibility, then rack up damage. If you can KO them, great. Otherwise, they will soon repluck their six pikmin. They will not repluck while invincible. They are pretty high level. Defeat the opponents to win.
Reward: All of the Pikmin-related Stickers and Trophies

Event 5A (Beat events 1A-4A
Name:All-Star Match Special
Description: The classified characters removed from brawl that debuted in Melee!
Stock: 2
Oponnents (2 at a time) Pichu, young link, Dr Mario, Mewtwo, Roy
Difficulty **1/2
Character: Choose
Stage: Final Destination
Info: Battle the classified Characters! Defeat them to win.

Author:   spyro_57
Date:   Aug 19, 08 at 2:15am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Name:Super Smashing Bros.
Info:The game isn't the only thing smashing
Description:Just Kill The other Mario and Luigi.Your ally is trying to kill you too, but you are not supposed to kill him or you lose.

Stage:Mushroomy Kingdom

Author:   mrcool
Date:   Aug 19, 08 at 2:35am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 1B (Beastly) (Complete 10A
Name: Crazy 8's
Description: Bringing a Classic into Brawl, one of the toughest events of them all!
Stock: 2
Opponents: Mr Game and Watch/2 (One is an octopus that comes in when he has 4 stock left.) The one you need to kill has 8 stock.
Difficulty: *****
Handicap: 8% damage for you
Character: Choose
Ally: Mario 1 stock (If you go over 4 minutes)
Stage: Flat Zone 2 (Always 1st tier)
Info. A totally unfair battle it seems. 2 lives Vs. 8 lives and a FS octopus attacking you after he loses half of his stock. If you stay alive for 4 minutes, Mario will help. But don't wait for him and not go after the other G&W. Mario only has 1 stock, so don't completely rely on him. Oce G&W hits 2 stock left. Mario will get most likely get killed, since him and you health will go to 88% but so will G&W's. Clear this CRAZY battle to win.
Reward: Flat Zone 2 Trophy.

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