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Author:   PichuLover1982
Date:   Jun 1, 08 at 10:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 132
Name: Pokèmon Training
Character: Pokèmon Trainer
Opponent(s): Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Lucario
Stage: Pokèmon Stadium (Melee)
Song: Pokèmon Stadiun (Melee)
Info: Using Pokèmon Trainer, defeat all 3 other Pokèmon characters. You all have 1 life.
Description: Hopefully, you've trained your Pokèmon well enough to defeat the other Pokèmon!

Event Match 133
Name: Swimming Contest
Character: Yoshi
Opponent(s): Toon Link, Link, Ganondorf
Stage: Pirate Ship
Song: Dragoon Roost Island
Info: In this swimming contest, you must swim for the longest time in 1 minute. If you drown, you automatically fail.
Description: Anyone up for a swimming contest? Try Pirate Ship!

Author:   Delighted
Date:   Jun 2, 08 at 12:04am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 134
Demonic Souls
Character : Sonic
Allies : Shadow (Assist Trophy)
Opponents : Pit (Dark Costume), Samus (Dark Costume), Link (Dark Costume)
Stock : Sonic (1), Shadow (∞ ), Pit (1), Samus (1), Link (1)
Stage : Spear Pillar
Info : Everyone is walking in slow motion, except for you. Try to dodge every attack, as you have a 2.0 damage ratio. You may get KOed at the weakest attack. But with Shadow's aid, and with a little help from Dialga, everyone is walking at a breakneck speed of .001 MPH (Just like a seahorse.)
Description : KO all the dark enemies, but not the one on your side!

Author:   PichuLover1982
Date:   Jun 2, 08 at 2:16am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 135
Name: Princess Battle
Character: Peach, Zelda, or Peach In Daisy Costume
Opponent(s): Peach, Zelda, and Peach In Daisy Costume (Excluding the one you chose)
Stage: Battlefield
Info: The princesses want to battle to see which of the three is the best. Is it Peach? Zelda? Or Daisy? You all have 1 life.
Description: The princesses wanna fight. Maybe a battle will help them decide who's the best?

Author:   SonicFire
Date:   Jun 2, 08 at 6:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 136ikachu's ThunderStorm
Stage:Pirate Ship[infinite aerial state]
Info:Pikachu has infinite Final Smash aura,but only 2 stocks,you and your allies have 3.
Description:Pikachu's angry!He goes Volt Tackle every 10 seconds!Can you KO him twice with this occurring?Allies will help,but will it be enough?

Event Match 137:Luigi's Last Stand
Stage:Luigi=s Mansion
Info:Luigi has decided to protect his mansion with his life,3 live actually,all the opponents have 1 but its a 3-on-1,will Luigi be stomped on or will he rise to succession?
Description:Luigi is tired of being scared by scary things.He has decided to make a stand for himself and fight off 3 behemoths of evil.Will he scare them off,or will he be running home?

Author:   Onikokoro
Date:   Jun 2, 08 at 6:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event match 138: The Falcon brothers

Character: Pikachu
Enemies: C Falcon, Falco, and Takamaru, Trans. Falcon Boy
Stage: Battlefeild
Info: You're an alone rodent in a land of falcons. good thing you have the high flyers biggest weakness...Electricity
description: You have 5 lives they each have 2 they work as a team to take you out watch yourself

Damn you sakurai for not making this possible

Author:   luckyman77777
Date:   Jun 2, 08 at 9:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 139: Old-School Mafia
Character: Any
Enemies: Mario(black), G&W, ROB(grey)
Stage: MGS stage
Info: Three old-time characters have joined the Smash Mafia. Show them the error of their ways by pounding them.
Stock: you=3, enemies=1, level 5


Event Match 140: Mayday! Mayday!
Character: Fox
Ally: Krystal
Enemies: Samus, Captain Falcon, both Lv.4
Stage: Space Armada
Info: Krystal's Arwing is down and two bounty hunters are after her! Keep her alive for 5 minutes so she can escape!
Stock: You-5, Krystal-1, enemies-5, 5-minute time limit
Prize: Krystal(new character)

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Author:   majician
Date:   Jun 5, 08 at 3:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 141: Sudden Death Show Down
Basically you're Mario and you got to beat bowser even though he's got normal health and you start on 300%.

Author:   Super Shaolin
Date:   Jun 18, 08 at 3:30pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 142: Union of Rivals

Character: Sonic

Allies: Mario, Kirby

Enemies: King Dedede (Lv. 9), Meta Knight (Lv. 9), Bowser (Lv. 9)

Time Limit: 4 Minutes

Stock: Sonic, Mario, and Kirby have two, Bowser and Dedede have 4, and Meta Knight has three.

"This fast hedgehog meets up with his Nintendo rivals to help them deal with THEIR rivals as well...."

The stage takes place in the subspace emissary, the EXACT stage in which you have fought Petey Piranha. Use all the Sonic tactics you have and keep away from them while using hit and run repeatedly.

Author:   Slepten
Date:   Jun 18, 08 at 4:39pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 142:

Character: Wario Man (No superarmor, as heavy as melee giga boozer)

Allies: None

Enemies: 3 Giga Boozer (No superarmor, as heavy as melee giga boozer)

Stock: Wario Man has 3, each boozer has 2

Stage is Bridge of Eldin

Author:   Super Shaolin
Date:   Jun 23, 08 at 4:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 143: The plant is always meaner

Character: Mario

Allies: Link

Time Limit: None, elapsed.

Stock: Mario and Link both have one shot.

Opponent: Petey Piranha (Boss) *he captively has Peach and Zelda*

Stage: Subspace Emissary Stage One

"This large plant doesn't give up. One cage destroyed normally takes him down, but, with the swordsman by your side, it's going to take both to bring down this bad boy."

This is a standard bossfight with Petey in this event match. Normally, he gets KO'ed if one or the other cage is destroyed, but, with the help of Link, you're going to need to wreck both to free the princesses. Use whatever Mario tactics you can to stay alive.

Author:   Dirge of Elliot
Date:   Jun 24, 08 at 11:00am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 144: Dark Finals

Character: Your choice

Allies: none.

Time Limit: None.

Stock: 1

Opponent: Link, Ganondorf, Ike, Marth, Bowser.

Stage: Stadium (where Mario fights Kirby in the beginning)

These five contenders are your last obstacle to victory. The only catch: each of them have been overtaken by the darkness, meaning each of their power is doubled. Is one stock enough to defeat these dark foes? Only skill will lead you to victory.

Author:   Remino52
Date:   Jun 24, 08 at 1:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 145: The Last Trophy


Stock 1


Stage:(Where you fight tabuu in SSE)

No time limit:

Info:Tabuu has turned everyone except sonic into trophies.But now you need to stop him.

Author:   Super Shaolin
Date:   Jun 24, 08 at 4:16pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event 146: The Great F-Zero Marathon

Character: C. Falcon

Opponent: Sonic (Lv. 7, in combat)

Stock: You and Sonic have one life each

Stages: This one adventure stage in Melee where you have to race to the end to avoid speeding cars before facing C. Falcon... if you get to the end first before Sonic does, then you'll be taken to the Big Blue Stage to face Sonic

Description: Sonic is the fastest hedgehog all across the world, but is Captain Falcon faster than him in this F-Zero Marathon?

This is NOT a KO match; the game redirects you back to the stage in Melee, the one where you race to the end while avoiding the cars before facing C. Falcon.... the goal is to race to the end while avoiding the cars and be the first one before Sonic gets his prize. After that, you'll be taken to the "Big Blue" stage in which you'll face Sonic the hedgehog... if you can outrun him in this race.

After getting to the end first, you'll face Sonic. He's very fast, so you have to wait patiently for him to get close, then use whatever C. Falcon tactics you have to pummel him as fast AND as hard as you can. Good luck!

Author:   PichuLover1982
Date:   Jun 24, 08 at 4:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 147
Name: Destroying the Mansion
Character: Ness, R.O.B., or Diddy Kong
Allies: Ness, R.O.B., and Diddy Kong (Excluding the one you chose)
Opponent(s): Luigi
Stage: Luigi's Mansion
Song: Castle/Boss Fortress (SMW/SMB 3)
Info: Your job is to destroy the whole mansion while Luigi tries to stop you. You all have infinite lives and you also must destroy the mansion within 30 seconds.

Author:   Brolynick
Date:   Jun 24, 08 at 4:38pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create an Event Match
Event Match 148
Name: Who is running now?
Character: Mario
Opponent: Super Sonic
Stage: Greenhill Zone
Description: The idol of Sega is pissed off. He needed someone to put off his frustration on, so why not Nintendo's biggest idol? You only have 1 stock, and 1 touch with Super Sonic will kill you. Try to stay alive for 30 seconds.

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