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Author:   DDorrell86
Date:   Mar 4, 08 at 9:38pm (PST)
Subject:   Subspace Emissary
I was looking at the new game mode called Subspace Emissary and it looks absolutely incredible. I loved the first 2 smash bros and still play both of them almost daily but I really thing that the subspace emissary is going to add a lot to the game and make it appealing to those that don't even like the multiplayer and game style of the first 2. I do have 2 questions about it though. I'm curious is the subspace emissary is going to be different for each character. It does say that it is a way to build a understanding of the life of your character. For example I'm wondering if for Mario there will be a fight with Bowser that wont be there for say Kirby. Maybe a possible fight with King Dedede. My other question would be if there is a possible 2 player mode. I know that it was made primarily to add more to the single player gameplay but since I still believe smash bros is a multiplayer game, I was curious if there would be an option to play cooperatively with a friend. Either way these are just some curious questions I had if anyone could shed some light on these subjects. Either way the game still looks great and....... ZOMG I CANT WAIT FOR MARCH 9TH!!!!! =)

Author:   Raikou376
Date:   Mar 4, 08 at 9:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Subspace Emissary
Yes, there is Subspace Co-op and, no characters aren't restricted to their own series. For example, Pit could team up with Mario and they fight Wario and Zelda.

Author:   PrincessPeach12
Date:   Mar 4, 08 at 10:34pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Subspace Emissary
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