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Author:   Daisy
Date:   Apr 27, 07 at 4:38pm (PST)
Subject:   Devil May Cry 4 Rules / Ban List
Just to clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings about the rules....

Devil May Cry 4
Rules v0.1

Based on the GTA:SA Rules Created by Scarchelli

All of the following rules and guidelines are to be followed and abided by, by each and every member and guest that chooses to visit this forum. Daisy is currently the section moderator. If you have a question pertaining to one of the rules, feel free to PM her.

NeoPM Daisy


  • Spamming – There will be no tolerance whatsoever for spamming in this forum. Moderators will be on specific watch for anyone posting anything irrelevant or off topic messages in the forum, including idle chit-chat. (The general discussion is for that ^_~) If someone chooses to spam and a super or section moderator are not around, use the report feature to the best of your abilities. Please do not abuse the report feature.

  • Off Topic Posts - If you post something which has no relevance to the thread's original purpose or question, your post will be deleted without prior warning. If someone posts something off topic, there is no need to flame them. Simply redirect them to the proper thread and/or forum.

  • Duplicate Threads – Please check the Topic Listings floated at the top of this forum as well as taking a look through the forum, before posting new messages. ^^

  • Double/Multiple Posting - All members are expected to use the edit button feature ( edit ) when they need to add more to a post if it is before someone else has replied to the thread. If you do not, your posts will be subject to Merging by a Moderator.

  • Flaming – Types of flaming include, but are not limited to swearing, name calling, impoliteness, racism, sexism, charged outbursts, and any behavior that can be interpreted as hostile to another member of the forum. If someone asks a question, there is no need to slam them if it is a question that is asked a lot. Politely answer them and remind them to check around next time.

  • Memberating – Memberating is the act of of non moderators trying to take charge of a forum; whether it is by insisting on banning someone, or by requesting thread closures. Please do not act as a moderator and instead use the report function if you see trouble. Let the mods handle it, that's why we are here! Politely linking people to the correct thread/forum is fine, but just remember we were all new here once, so please treat everyone with respect.

  • Advertising – Advertising is not allowed on Neoseeker.
    quote Forum Wide Rules
  • Do not advertise other websites. Advertising through posts is strictly forbidden. This may only be done through your personal Profile, Custom Title or Signature. Advertising another website through NeoPM to unsolicited Visitors who you are unknown to, in an attempt to raise traffic, is also not permitted. Members who link to *snip* or any other type of referral site will lose posting rights on their account permanently.
  • Posts advertising anything outside of Neoseeker will be closed/deleted on sight.

  • Titling Threads – This is more of a proper etiquette lesson than a rule. Try not to have your thread titles be a sentence or two long. Make them short, indicating what the thread's main idea is. If you title your thread with a hard to understand title, please be aware that a moderator might edit your title.

  • Circumvention of a Ban – If you are banned from this forum, in no way are you allowed to make another account with the intent to bypass the original ban. All of your known accounts will be permanently banned from all forums on the website. If you think you can get away with it, you are wrong. Administration knows who you are, and they will go to every extent to keep you out of the forums if you have been banned. If you continually insist on bypassing the bans, your internet service provider will be contacted and you could be left with no internet.

  • Spoiler Policy -
    This is how it works:

    If you are posting something that may be considered a spoiler (a pivotal plotline point) Post it like this:


    This way, someone can skip the post if they want to.


    Or subsequently use the white text on a quote box method:

    quote Highlight to Read
    This way people can't see spoilers without highlighting.
    The code to do that is this:

    [q][originator=Highlight to Read][color=white]This way people can't see spoilers without highlighting.[/color][/q]

    Now, if your entire thread is a spoiler, please make use of the thread's title to warn people or ask the moderators to put "SPOILERS!" in the threads subtitle, warning other members before they even enter you thread.

    Thread Title:
    [SPOILER]What Should I Do After the third cut-scene?

    Spoiling the game for others is just really rude, and if you insist on constantly posting spoilers without warning, you will receive a ban.

    This is not difficult - and it is only done to try to make sure that everyone that visits this forum enjoys the game equally without some big mouth ruining it for them before they can finish the game.

    If you are unclear on how to mark a spoiler, what constitutes a spoiler, or anything else regarding this policy, please post it in the General Discussion asking for help prior to posting, or PM one of the Mods.

    Disciplinary Actions

    Members who break any of the above rules or any of the Forum Wide Rules will be dealt with on a case per case system. Obviously, repeat offenders will be handled more harshly. No one breaking any of the rules will be overlooked in any circumstance.

    Ending Note

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daisy. I will do my best to help and make the forum a fun community. These Rules and Forum Wide Rules may be updated without warning. It is your job to stay up-to-date with both rule sets.

    Other Useful Links

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    Author:   Daisy
    Date:   Apr 27, 07 at 4:38pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Devil May Cry 4 Rules / Ban List

    Username: finalblade98
    Reason for ban: Ignoring multiple warnings from section and supermoderator about behaviour and attitude.
    Post restrictions (if any?): 0
    Date of ban: 2nd May 2007
    Duration of ban: 7 days
    Other Information: If this behaviour continues, a permanent removal from the forum will be issued.

    Reason for ban:
    Post restrictions (if any?):
    Date of ban:
    Duration of ban:
    Other Information:

    Reason for ban:
    Post restrictions (if any?):
    Date of ban:
    Duration of ban:
    Other Information:

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