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Author:   Sonic Flash
Date:   May 16, 06 at 4:37am (PST)
Subject:   Forum Rules & Thread Index
Hello my little forumlings <3.
For the General Wii forum several things distinguish it from other console forums. The dynamic of the Nintendo fan is different than that of the Sony or Microsoft fan. We can be, shall I say, a tad sensitive? Hopefully with a well developed set of rules and guidelines the forum can co-exist peacefully with the other consoles.

This is, after all, an exciting time for console gaming. Never before has there been such an abundance of quality system and a wide diversity amoung them. Gamers need not claim a single alliegance anymore, and in fact doing so limits you to but a fraction of what the overall gaming experience can provide. Open-mindedness is the key to getting the most out of it. With this is mind let us set some standards for a healthy round of discussion:
Truly a rule as old as humanity itself; I will not tolerate posts with no apparent use or for the soul purpose of annoying the forum or wasting their time. This include both trash posts and trash threads created by those with no better use for their time. Having fun is cool and all, but recall that the loading time on Neo is determined by how much crap has stockpiled up. Threads must be related to the Nintendo Wii or recent issues related to Nintendo, even as far as the current video game industry. If you're so far off base as to be called on it, it really shouldn't be a surprise. I'd also like to add into this that thread titles should be appropriately named, not something hideously ambiguous like "how do..." or "what is...".Let me begin this explaination/elaboration by reminding you all that we all make mistakes, and further that our opinion is our own to have. Further to this, it's one thing to be defensive and entirely another to lash back at someone. If a user exhibits an opinion that for one reason or another you don't agree with, please atleast respect their right to their opinion. In addition try to remind those that might get angry that it is, in fact, your humble opinion. Altercations grow out of control quickly and easily. Sometimes it's better to just step away. It's just a forum after all.This is a huge one folks. Flaming is making unfair lashes at other systems or this one. Just don't do it, or be more polite or discrete about it. Wish to make fun of a system? Guess what? They have dirt on your system too! Think someone stole something from your system? Like your system isn't free of faults or have their own skeletons in their closet? No system is perfect. Quite frankly it's about the games, and at some point all games are fun. Recall that for every time you lash against a system, an entire mob will lash back. It's a damn warzone out there, don't be an idiot and go around flaming stuff. I know you boys take to scrappin'.Before posting on a certain topic or news event, please check the first few pages to make sure that it doesn't exist first. Very likely some members will link you to a related thread if you didn't check or if you missed it. basically this cuts down excess waste and allows you to concentrate your discussion where others are already gathered.Here's the deal; you can't advertise or link to some other forum or review site for the purpose of general awareness or recruitment. We prefer our contributions to go towards Neoseeker.
Concerning illegal products such as romz, warez or torrents of games or mod chips, don't posting anything about them. We know they exist, but for the love of god don't post anything about it. Also, no discussion of cheats, Action Replay or otherwise. We have a dandy cheats section for each game for these.

Akira Addendum: Regarding Warez, Backups, ROMz, etc: I don't care if it's a "legal" backup or whatever. Your thread is getting deleted. - 07/29/09

Akira Addendum 2: Piracy discussion or practice is grounds for an instant ban. Don't do it. - 11/02/09 OMG WII = PENIS! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I'M GOING TO GO PLAY WITH MY WII HAHAHA OMG MOM I'M GOING TO GO PLAY WITH MY FRIEND'S WII HEY GIRL WANT TO PLAY WITH MY WII HAHAHA
Summary: KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF! You are most certainly not a clever or inventive individual; you all ruined it by exhausting the jokes in the first few weeks, and now you have to live with the bitter fruit that you've sewn. I'm not a large fan of tired jokes.


PM Akira_EX
Forum Moderator

PM Sonic Flash
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Author:   Twisted
Date:   May 11, 08 at 5:22pm (PST)
Subject:   Thread Index and Related Forums [Next Update on 06/22/10]
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    Author:   Sonic Flash
    Date:   May 16, 08 at 3:17pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Forum Rules & Thread Index
    With the addition of the Wii Profile functionality added to our Neoseeker profiles there is no longer a need for a mass listing. All users will have their Wii number displayed in their profile. A rundown on the functionality added can be found here: In essence the steps one must take to get going with the new Wii Profile system are very simple:
    • Add your Wii number to your profile through the standard Edit Profile steps
    • Register as a friend in your Wii. This allows you to receive other's friendcodes.
    • When you want to add a user as a friend, go to their Neo profile and click on their Wii number and send it to your Wii.

    How To Find Your Wii FriendCode:
    • From the Wii main menu, go to the message board (icon in the lower right)
    • Once there, go to Create a Message
    • On this page, click on the Address Book
    • Your Wii Code will be on the first page
    How To Add An Email Friend:
    • From the Wii main menu, go to the message board (icon in the lower left)
    • Once there, go to Create a Message
    • On this page, click on the Address Book
    • Click "Register A Friend"
    • Given the option of inputting a Wii or an Email, choose Email
    • Add as a friend

    Author:   Akira_EX
    Date:   Jul 6, 08 at 5:05am (PST)
    Subject:   Hype Threads and General Game Discussions/Official Threads
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