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Author:   lordofpokemonandff10
Date:   Sep 13, 09 at 12:12am (PST)
Subject:   Wii Trade In
Hey, i think i might trade in my wii, ive already traded in many of my games because they get boring so i was wondering what id get for the following, also please specify the currency your referring to and if at all possible, the store, thanks =)

Wii console
2 wiimotes
2 nunchucks
1 zapper

DBZ tenkaichi3
mario + sonic at the olympic games
wii sports
links crossbow training
driver parallel lines
super mario galaxy
super smash bros brawl
(i traded in more than i thought)
and one of those wiimote cover things that look like something else

all cords and game manuals, cases etc are included

thanks =)

Author:   Audioslave
Date:   Sep 13, 09 at 3:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Wii Trade In
Don't be expecting too much. =/

I'd vote for £80-120/$100-$140.

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