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Author:   Akira_EX
Date:   Jun 19, 09 at 1:53am (PST)
Subject:   The Official Prope Thread of Let's Tap and Let's Catch

The newest games from the man who brought you Sonic the Hedgehog, the esteemed Yuji Naka, courtesy of his development studio Prope, bring an eclestic mix of fun, intense, relaxing, and engaging gameplay that'll put a smile to your face.

Developer: Prope
Publisher: SEGA

It's the game that even a penguin can play! Place your Wii Remote on top of a flat surface, and just tap, tap, tap away to a host of different games found in Let's Tap! Control the rhythm and intensity of your taps to reach success! Waggling your taps will get you nowhere except failure!

Platform: Wii
Players: 1-4
MSRP: $29.99 USD
Release Dates:
JP: December 18, 2008
NA: June 16, 2009
AU: June 18, 2009
EU: June 19, 2009
Official Site: NA | JP
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Race your way through 16 different courses! Keep tapping to make your Tap Runner run, and tap with both hands to make your Tap Runner jump! Navigate through the obstacles and be the first to reach the finish line!

Keep in line with the music as you tap your way through one of the best and catchiest soundtracks this generation!

Create Alchemy by having same-colored blocks fall on top of each other, by tapping away at blocks to move them! Just make sure you don't make the tower fall over!

Navigate through a hazardous obstacle course, tapping to keep your afloat, with a hard tap to blow away obstacles! Bring in more people, and you can shoot missiles at each other!

Create a visceral experience with your tapping, creating slick images on your TV!

Nothing's like a good game of catch, and Let's Catch brings it! Story Mode has you listening to the local's problems and help them overcome them with the spirit of the game of catch. Speed Catch tests your reaction time as you try to catch balls that just get faster and faster. Nine Trial has up to four friends trying to knock out a set of nine panels with their baseballs. Bomber Catch is a game of hot potato, but with a bomb; snag some Perfect catches to reset the fuse. High Score has two friends gunning for a top score with a simple game of catch. Free Play is what it is; just throw a ball around and have fun.

Platform: WiiWare
Players: 1-4
MSRP: 1000 Wii Points
Release Dates:
JP: December 16, 2008
NA: June 15, 2009
AU: June 19, 2009
EU: June 19, 2009
Official Site
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If you own both Let's Tap and Let's Catch, you can unlock extra content!


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