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Author:   Best Player Ever
Date:   Dec 9, 08 at 5:24am (PST)
Subject:   Has 08 been a bad year for Nintendo?
I mean in means of hardcore gamers?

In the past year, I've seen only a handful of good or appealing games being released, not including WiiWare titles.

Now, I know Nintendo, like most other companies, focus on a larger audience to gain money. That audience is the casual audience, leaving the hardcore gamers to sit and wait for a good game to come out every once in a while.

Unless there are games I don't know about, I'm not too fond of the Wii's library.

Will Nintendo do any better in '09?
Will they fully deliver to both of the audiences?
Only time will tell, but I want to get some opinions or thoughts of this.

Author:   The Omega
Date:   Dec 9, 08 at 5:34am (PST)
Subject:   re: Has 08 been a bad year for Nintendo?
In terms of hardcore gaming, the Wii will never be too strong. However, SSBB did a nice job of carrying the Wii this year, and not many other strong games have come about. I don't know any big games coming out in 2009 for the Wii other than maybe Punch-Out. I'll go check the upcoming releases and edit this in a moment.

Okay, a bunch of boxing games are coming out next year, Ghostbusters, another FInal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game, 1701 A.D. (a PC RTS game), new Tom Clancy and Call of Duty games, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Resident Evil Zero, Sonic & the Black Knight, Guitar Hero: Metallica (awesome!), No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, a new Tecmo Bowl game...

... and that's that for any sort of interesting release. I saw NOTHING Mario related. Nothing Zelda or Metroid related either. For Nintendo, their main franchises are their only hardcore games for their casuals, and none seem to be coming out in 2009. Doesn't bother me much, I still need to get a bunch of Wii games already released.

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